"Bentley" the love of my life.
You was much more than a dog, you was my compagnion when hunting, garddog when home alone, children toy and friend, Mette´s best "Buddy", doing the garden work together with Per, improving the suntan with me, going shopping, etc.etc. You was all ways the first to welcome our guests and with your extremely gentle and kind nature you was loved by everybody.
I am so thankful for the Years I got together with you and so very sorry for the years the fire took away for me.
December the 20th 1994 - August the 18th 2001

"Bentley" - You will forever stay in my heart.

Photo taken when 1 year old
Welsh of The year 1996&97.
My Welsh A Super Star Is Born
Born December th20 1994. HD B1.Eye clear
"Bentley" is a great joy to own. His very gentle nature and sense of humor (he has!!) makes him that best compagnion, he follows us allover the house and the garden.
"Bentley" has proven to been a wonderful show dog with a lot of great wins incl. Welsh of the Year 96&97. Also he has BOB,CC and Cacib in Sweden.
To pass the field-trial was very easy for him with a minimum of practise he did it in the second try with 2.prize. He is still used as gun dog with success.
He has been used very little for stud but one of the best breeders in Sweden - kennel Don - has used him with success and also one in Denmark has had success with his offspring.
"Bentley" is offered at stud!!
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