Cocker of the Year 2003

Eigil... I was not present at the last show, but I´ll "thank you" for a gorgeus and exciting showyear and particularly for your sportsmanship!

Name Points
CH.Paisley´s Rumour COCKER OF THE YEAR 2003 21
CH.Bridgew02 Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong BEST BITCH OF THE YEAR 2003 19
Cést Si Bon Mirifique Maurice CLUBW 03?? 19
Travis Vital Importance 11
Carillo Cover Design 9
Sheerclever Game Over 9
C´est Si Bon Florence Fleurissante 7
Travis Hybrid Theory 4
CH.Tears Of Joy Pure Line 4
C´est Si Bon La Leste Louise 4
Ch.Travis Gossip Starts Here 3
Silver Blues Kiss-Hands Nicolas 3
Stardew Heart Of Mine 2
Stardew Why Don´t You Try Me 1
CH.Travis Vital Spark 1
Sheerclever Out Of Reach 1
Ch.Natisja Adonis 1
Ch. Midnight Train v. RauhenHolz 1
Travis Cast No Shadow 1
Ch.Blue Satin´s For Ever A Ones 1

BOB= 4 - Best dog/bitch =3 - Best dog/bitch no 2= 1