Baba Yaga v.d. AltenHallig. Born April 29th 2001
HD: A. - Optigen "B", Eyes Clear
Benchmark Casablanca.OptiGen C1 - Dan-L´s Blue Rain.Optigen A1

4 CC´s and BEST YOUNG BITCH 2002!!
"Copia" came to Denmark June 2000 - immediately she won our hearts with her extremely cockery look and personality - I have bred cockers for almost 20 years and have never had a cocker that much COCKER as her in any way and I love her. She has become my favorite of them all.

Also in the showring she has pleased me - at her very first show in Baby-class (4-6 month) she became BIS-BABY and at her very first show in Youngclass she won the CC and 3. best bitch just 9 month old - next show she took CC+ BOB and BIS 3 and again at the Gold Cup 2002 she won CC and Best Bitch - Judges: "THANK YOU for thinking so highly of her!!"

Copia taking 1.CC feb.2002 9 month old
Copia winning BIS Baby........................................Copia 14 month old

Copia winning BOB - Bos Ch. Tear Of Joy Little Sunshine
Copia feb. 2005

Copia Danish Show Champion
April 2005