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PRA DNA-test by OptiGen more info Date Result Kennel/Owner
A Charming Chap vom Schloß Hellenstein(Germany)(Northworth Fly N´Destroy/Creme de la Creme vom Schloss Hellenstein) red 01/04 A1 Jakaro
Alec vom Borkenfeld(Germany)(Pedro vom Damm/Arancha vom Tannenkamp)black 05/04 A1 Fam. Mandewirth
Amador Des Terres Froides(France)(Ch.Cornbow Limited Edition/tr Siloe Des terres Froides) black and tan 06/06 A1 Terres Froides
Amigo v.d.Heidebucht(Germany)(Maxim v.d.Dollardhoeve C1/Tivoli`s Ellis)Black/tan 03/04 B1 Fam.Hett
Aro`s Star Aliance(Germany)(Aro`s Billy The Kid/Aro`s Sweet Talk)red 05/04 A1 Abbadons Spaniels
Asquanne´s Grainger(Sweden)(Queatade Copper Glow/Asquanne´s Glenda) red 01/06 A1 Tårpilens
Athina´s Product Danger Zone(Hungary)(Sheerclever Out Of Reach/Julius and Nike´s Chocolate Athina) 06/06 A1 Athina´s Product
Athina´s Product Ela Incognito(Hungary)Los Ombues Forever Incognito/Julius and Nike´s Chocolate Athina) 06/06 A1 Athina´s Product
Athina´s Product Sweet Dream Choice´s(Hungary)(Sheerclever Out Of Reach/Julius and Nike´s Chocolate Athina) 04/06 A1 Athina´s Product
Athos Black Petrs(Finland)(Charbonnel Star Wars/ Olivia In Black Petrs) black 05/04 A1 Shavian
Auld Sod's Bark'N An'Sum (USA) (Charbonnel High'N Dry (bl/roan)/ Auld Sod's Promenade (bl/tan)) black 01/03 B1 Auld Sod`s
Auld Sod's Bird'N O'Proof (USA)(Charbonnel High'N Dry (bl/roan)/Auld Sod's Promenade)(b/tan) black 12/00 A Auld Sod`s

Auld Sod´s Dual Image (USA) (Auld Sod's Bark'N An'Sum (B1)/ Eaglecove Sunrise Reflection) black

03/03 B1 Auld Sod`s

Auld Sod's Idealist (USA) (Raccoon's Oh Boy At Nohea (A1) (liver) /Auld Sod's Candle In The Dark) (bl/tan) red

02/04 A1 Auld Sod`s
Auld Sod's Incognito (USA) (Raccoon's Oh Boy At Nohea (A1) (liver) /Auld Sod's Candle In The Dark (bl/tan)) bl/tan 02/04 B1 Auld Sod`s
Auld Sod's Inquisition (USA)( Raccoon's Oh Boy At Nohea (A1)(liver)/Auld Sod's Candle In The Dark (bl/tan)) bl/tan 02/04 B1 Auld Sod`s
Auld Sod's The Paragon(USA)(Auld Sod-Wyncrest Jaguar (black) Auld Sod's Promenade (bl/tan)) black 03/03 B1 Auld Sod`s
Barecho Exotic Spice(Denmark)(Ch.Travis Able and Willing/Usemade Hat Trick) red 01/05 A1 Tears Of Joy
Barney v.d.Heidebucht(Germany)(Maxim v.d.Dollardhoeve C1/Tivoli`s Ellis) Black/tan 03/04 C1 Fam.Hett
Birchen Belshirash(Germany)(Birchen Bugatti/Birchen Ballet Shoes) red 11/03 B1 Abbadons Spaniels
BrightMorning´s Right Colour(Sweden)(Paisley´s Red Rooster/Ch.BrightMorning´s Kiss Me Quick) black and tan 08/06 A1 Familular´s
Candrash v.Roohan(Germany)(Cara´s Charmer A1/Maro´s Tonja B1) black 10/06 A1 Maria Heldenstein
Cara´s Charmer(Germany)(Z´Billy Boy du Domaine d´Haisha/ Rübe vom Schloß Hellenstein) black 03/04 A1 Cara´s
Cara´s Charming Joe (Germany)(Z´Billy Boy du Domaine d´Haisha/Rübe vom Schloß Hellenstein) red 03/04 A1 Herter&Hertnagel/Cara´s
Chopin v.AltenBerg(Germany)(Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex Normal/Clear/Wickie a.dGerberstadt) black 05/04 B1 AltenBerg
Claramand Again and Again(Sweden)(Glenbrows Never Say Never At Claramands/Linsloc Maid Marian With Claramand) black 11/06 B1 Madeleines Cockers
Cockerqueen´s Karl Lejonhjärta(Sweden)(Cardamine Date With Destiny/ Bergkällans Malia) red 11/06 C1 Cockerqueens
Craigdean Franks A Million(England)(Kyna By Design/Craigdean Job Well Done)? 02/06 A1 Jane Smith
Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex ...and he is MINE(Denmark)(Ch.Northworth Madman´s Return/Ch.Dan-L´s Dannefer Nefer Nefer) black 07/05 A1 Dan-L
Dan-L´s Piece Of Pie(Denmark)(Ch.Dan-L´s Danfedder/Dan-L´s Marked In Black Ink)red 03/06 A1 Muscha
Donald v.Schlossberg(Germany)(Jakaro´s Jasper/Dorina v.d.Margaretenhöh) black 06/04 B1 v.Schlossberg
Efendig v.AltenHallig(Ch.Paisley´s Rumour B1/Fraülin Wunderbar v. Eidelertalweisse) black 01/05 C1 Tears Of Joy
Elfmeter vom Schloß Hellenstein( Germany) ( Northworth Fly N´Destroy/ Mirabelle vom Schloß Hellenstein) black 03/04 A1
Fancy Paws Nice Special Guy(Germany)(Travis Gossip Starts Here/Fancy Paws Evening Dazzle) black 03/06 A1 v.d Dollardhoeve
Grandseigneur vom Schloss Hellenstein(Austria) (Manaca`s Yours Sincerely /Mercedes vom Schloss Hellenstein) black 03/06 A1 Midwinter
Hahn´s Usty(Germany)(Allrounds Tan Sadler/Hahn´s Kandy)black and tan 03/06 A1 Regina Mogwitz
Häljans Let´s Talk About Gossip(Denmark)(Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex A1/Paisley´s Kiss n`Tell) red 01/06 B1 Dan-L
Häljans Let´s Talk About Nonsens(Finland)(Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex A1/Paisley Kiss N´Tell) red 01/06 B1 Northworth
Häljans Let´s Talk About Revanche(Sweden)(Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex A1/Paisley Kiss N´Tell) red 01/06 A1 Bright Morning
Häljans Let´s Talk About Rumours(Norway)(Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex A1/Paisley Kiss N´Tell) red 01/06 A1 Xitement
Ivanhoe vom Schlossberg (Germany )(Donald vom Schloßberg/Eve vom Schloßberg) black dog 03/04 B1 v.Schlossberg

Jaspis vom Odenwald ( Germany)(Aro´s Black Dream/Neewa vom Odenwald) red

03/04 A1 vom Odenwald
Marcato z Vejminku(Germany)(Chabonnel Gold Dust/Etna z Vejmonku)red 04/04 A1 Cockers of Great Mountain
Maxim v.d.Dollardhoeve(Germany)(Andamooka's Contino/Tivoli's Andra) Black/tan. Result published in Jagd Spaniel Zuchtbuch 2003 01/04 C1 v.d Dollardhoeve
Maxi  Mates Secret Police(Germany)(Cardamine Top Brass/Maxi Mates Premiere Garb)black/tan 10/04 B1 Abbadons Spaniels
Murbräckans Maradona(Sweden)(Quettadene Lancelot A1/Merry Cocktails Eternat Flame) 10/06 A1 Murbräckans
Murbräckans Paparazzi(Sweden)(Ch.Quilmhair Highland Fling /Murbräckans Annie Get Your Gun) black 04/06 A1 Murbräckans
Muscha´s New Centery(Denmark)(Claramand Xtra Special/Muscha´s Julia Roberts A1) red 03/06 A1 Muscha
Northworth´s King´s Command(Finland)(Northworth Hot Stepper/Northworth May I Taste) red 04/06 A1 Fenbrook
Northworth Madman´s Return (Finland)(Spinneyhill Sadler/Northworth Vulgar Taste) black 03/03 A1 Northworth
Northworth Obvious Pearl(Finland)(Carrier Really Pearl/Northworth May I Taste) black 10/03 B1 Finemoon
Northworth Top Priority(Germany)(Weewaddle Hot Hottentot/Northworth May I Taste) red 03/04 A1 v.Schloss hellestein
Noble Sable Star vom Eschenweg(Germany)(Peppermint vom Eschenweg/Skarres´s Back Again With Sofie) Sable 03/06 A1 v. d.Dollardhoeve
Oktavio vom Odenwald(Germany)(Jaspis vom Odenwald A1/Venezia vom Odenwald) liver/tan 03/04 A1 vom Odenwald
Pacha Des Terres Froides(France)(Ch.Itachi Des Terres Froides/tr.Lou Gaou Des Terres Froides)red 06/06 B1 Terres Froides
Paisley´s Fit For Fight(Sweden)(Woodmans Black Petrs/Paisley´s Eleanor Rigby) red 08/06 A1 Paisley`s
Paisley´s Let Me B´The One(Sweden)(Ch.Claramand B´Serious/Paisley´s Tearsdrops From Heaven)) black 06/06 A1 Paisley`s
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour(Claramand Shockwave/Paisley´s Killer Queen) red 08/03 B1 Dan-L
Paisley´s Shockeffect(Sweden)(Claramand Shockwave/Paisley´s Kiss For A Rose)red 02/06 B1 Häljans
Paisley´s Way of Life(Germany )(Claramand B´Serious/Paisley´s Kiss for the Rose) black 11/05 A1 Saint Pauls
Quettadene Lancelot(Sweden)(Perrytree Sun Dreamer/Quettadene High Society) black 04/06 A1 Yvette Widenor
QuilMhair Cairn O'Mohr (UK)(Tipperlin Stuntman / Charbonnel Wardance at QuilMhair) Black 01/06 B1 QuilMhair
QuilMhair Diggin For Gold(UK)(SH CH /SP CH Helenwood Technique/ QuilMhair Piob Mhor) Red
01/06 A1 QuilMhair
Quilmhair Highland Fling (Sweden)(Gleentree Pageboy / Quilmhair Auchtermucthy) black 12/05 B1 Murbäckans
09/05 A1 QuilMhair
QuilMhair Hootenanny (Scotland)(Quettadene Connextion with QuilMhair/ QuilMhair Hoochtr Teuchter) black - Thank You Mary, for sharing Your results!
09/05 B1 QuilMhair
Raccoon´s Oh Boy at Nohea (USA)(Pilula´s Nonus Neinar Chokolademand/Raccoon´s Xtra Pretty)chocolate A Nohea
Rattenfänger vom Schloß Hellenstein (Germany)(Snoopy´s Louis C1/ Herzblatt vom Schloß Hellenstein) red 03/04 B1 Beyersdorf
Samwise Gamdschie z Vejminku(Germany)(Quettadene Once More/Etna z Vejminku) black`n tan dog 01/04 A1 Abbadons Spaniels
Secoran Dinamara Winds Of Change(Australia)(??/??) 09/05 A1 Julia Brown
Sheerclever Playing For Keeps(Denmark)(Athos Black Petrs/Sheerclever Gamekeeper) red 06/06 A1 Sheerclever
Snoopy's Louis (Germany)(Xéryus a One du Domaine d'Haïsha/ Snoopy's Hannah)black Has a optical diagnose of PRA 03/06 01/04 C1 Snoopy
Snoopy´s Romeo( Germany)(Snoopy´s Louis black C1/ Miss Jamie Lee vom Rauhen Holz orange roan A1) red 03/04 B1 Fam. Fein

Snoopy´s Soldier Boy(Germany)(Z´Easylover du Domaine d´Haisha/Snoopy´s Luna) red

03/04 B1 Snoopy´s
Ch Sofus Coq d'or to Carrier(Finland)(Quettadene Intution/Merrybeck Melodymaker Of Spinneyhill) red. Has a optical diagnose of PRA 09/03 C1 Carrier
Tears Of Joy Rainman (Ch.Line Sam Hotdog/Sheerclever Star Wars) red 05/03 C1 Tears of Joy
Titus v.Bussardhorst(Germany)(Allrounds Tan Sadler/Locki v.Bussardhorst) 10/06 A1 Maria Heldenstein
Travis Double Ache (USA)(Travis Touch Mark /Travis Double Up) red A
Tripols Hanky Panky(Sweden)(Z`Billy Boy Du D´Haisha/Tripols Pivit) black) 07/06 A1 Tårpilen
Tårpilens Nobleman(Sweden)(Ch.Spinneyhill Sadler/Northworth Easter Dust) 06/06 A1 Tårpilen
Utto Le Renard Du Vallon De LÓriol(France)(Pancho Villa de Laris De Leon/ Oriola des Terres Froides) red 04/06 A1 des Sous Bois Bécassiers

Vamos a la playa des Sous Bois Bécassiers(France)( Plum la Poule des Terres Froides A1/Saké des Terres Froides)Black/Tan

02/06 A1 des Sous Bois Bécassiers
Walking Shadow´s As You Like It(Finland)(Sirkiss Red Velvet/Sheerclever Wicked Game A1) 10/06 A1 Walking Shadow´s
Waterwood the Diplomat (Finland)(Lujesa Happy Too/ Quettadene Alicia At Amberway) Red 01/06 C1
Vignett´s Masterpiece(Germany)(Vignett´s Up And Down/Vignetts Love Me Tender)red 10/05 A1 Räuberlein´s
Vitahotellets Aragon(Finland)( Lynwater Blackcap/Vitahotellets Karusell) black 01/04 B1 Merazure
Yago Aus Dem Immenreich(France)(Ch.Lurex V.Karwnedenstein/Xarina Aus Dem Immenreich) re 02/06 C1 Terres Froides
Aro´s Farmers Maid(Germany)( Aro´s Billy The Kid/Aro´s Bronze Girl) black 05/04 A1 Young Spirit´s
Aro´s Mirabell(Germany)(Aro´s Jesse jemes/Aro´s River Girl) red 03/04 A1 Young Spirit´s
Aro´s Red Surprise(Germany)(Aro´s Billy The Kid/Falo´s Indiana Dance Girl) red 05/04 B1 fam.Rajf

Auld Sod's Indulgence (USA )( Raccoon's Oh Boy At Nohea (A1) (liver)/Auld Sod's Candle In The Dark (bl/tan)) bl/tan

02/04 A1 Auld Sod`s

Auld Sod's Lov'N Spoonful (USA) (Auld Sod's Bark'N An'Sum (B1)/Auld Sod's Claire All Blonde (red)) bl/tan

02/04 B1 Auld Sod`s
Auld Sod's Mak'N Woopie (USA) (Charbonnel High'N Dry (bl/roan)/Auld Sod's Promenade (bl/tan)) black 01/03 B1 Auld Sod`s

Auld Sod's The Sorceress (USA)( Auld Sod-Wyncrest Jaguar (black) /Auld Sod's Promenade (bl/tan)) black

03/03 A1 Auld Sod`s
Bella von der Heideducht(Germany)(Maxim von der Dollardhoeve C1/Tivoli's Ellis) black´n tan 11/03 C1 Abbadons Spaniels
Cara´s Bethany (Germany)( Xéryus a One du Domaine d´Haisha(red)/Rübe vomSchloss Hellenstein Optigen A1(red))red 01/04 B1 Cara
Birchen Bishdariel(Germany)(Birchen Belshirash B1/Birchen Bonny Lass) black`n Tan 01/04 B1 Abbadons Spaniels
Cara's Bronze Beryll(Germany)(Xéryus A One du Domaine d'Haisha/Rübe vom Schloss Hellenstein A1) red 11/03 A1 Abbadons Spaniels
Ceres-Charimsa v. Roohan(Germany)(Cara´s Charmer A1/Maro´s Tonja(B1) black 10/06 A1 Maria Heldenstein
Cockhill Young and Proud(Finland) ( Maxi Mates Lord Essex/Cockhill Only You ). black and tan 7/06 C1 Demakin
Cosima von der Alten Hallig(Germany)(Camillo`s Playmate/ Fraulein Wunderbar von der Eidertalwiese)Black/tan 12/04 B1 AltenHallig
Charbonnel Magical (USA)(Charbonnel Warlord/Charbonnel Amorette) black A1 Cyndi Burica
Dan-L´s Something To Talk About(Denmark)(Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex A1/Northworth Hush Hush)red 03/06 A1 Muscha
Dicksche von der Heideducht (Germany)(A Charming Chap vom Schloß Hellenstein Tivol´s Ellis) black 03/04 B1 v.d Heidebucht
Djamila-Elbereth v.Roohan(Germany)(Jack v. Steinbrink/Aros´Starshine A) red 10/06 A1 Maria Heldenstein
Ebony vom Alten Berg(Germany)(Northworth Fly N'Destroy/Clara Vom Alten Berg) black 01/04 A1 AltenBerg
Fenbrook Brianna(Finland)(Margate Be For Real/Margate Up For Sure) black 04/06 A1 Fenbrook
Fenbrook Corinna(Finland)(Margate Be For real/Margate Up For Sure) black 04/06 A1 Fenbrook
Gennin´s Nugget Of Chocolate(Germany)(Norton Sable Star v.Eschenweg A1/Gennin´s Ginny Gentle´s Girl) liver 03/06 B1 v.d.Dollardhoeve
Gessa d´Aran Sugar Sintra (Germany)(Charbonnel Glenlarry/Charbonnel Sugar Free) black 03/04 A1 vom Odenwald
Gladys vom Odenwald(Germany)(Enzo of Great Mountain/Oktavia vom Odenwald) liver 05/04 B1 Snoopy´s
Gigy vom Alten Berg(Germany)(Zeasylover du Domaine de Haisha (red)/Ebony vom Alten Berg (schwarz) A1) black/tan 02/04 B1 AltenBerg
Great Escape Made By Mistake(Finland)(Great Escape Watch Me Out/Margate Could Be Yours) red 03/05 A1 Great Escape
Häljans Let´s Talk About Me(Sweden)(Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex A1/Paisley Kiss N´Tell) black 01/06 B1 Paisley´s
Häljan´s Zamba(Sweden)(Paisley´s Shockeffect B1/Ch.Lordlike Judy B1)black bitch 03/06 C1 Häljan
Kim vom Schlossberg(Germany ) (Snoopy´s Louis (C1)/ Eve vom Schlossberg) black 03/04 C1 v.Schlossberg
Line Sam Poetry In Motion(Germany)(Line Sam Unbelievable/Line Sam Private Memory) black 03/06 B1 v.d. Dollardhoeve
Los Ombues Athina's Belle(Hungary)(Shavian Hey Presto x Helenwood Forest Belle )black 03/06 C1 Athina´s
Lorette vom Odenwald(Germany)(Xantos vom Odenwald /Fair Lady vom Odenwald)black 05/04 A1 vom Odenwald
Lucky Tamina´s Alina(Germany)(Lucky Star v.Heidebusch/Tamina v.Odenwald)liver/tan 03/04 B1 Lucky Tamina`s
Lucky Tamina`s Celina(Germany)(Talomeo Caterra/Tamina v.Odenwald) black/tan 03/04 A1 Lucky Tamina`s
Lucky Tamina´s Dark Chocolate Girl (Germany)(Camillo´s Playmate/ Lucky Tamina´s Alina) liver 03/04 A1 Fam. Lorenz
Manaca´s Xcuse My Conduct(Finland)(Northworth´s Madmans Return/Manaca´s Alice In Chains) red 04/06 A1 Fenbrook
Maro´s Tonja(Germany)(??/??) B1 v.Roohan
Merazure Ocean Ans Sky(Finland)( Sofus Coq d'or to Carrier C1/Merazure Great Future) red 08/03 B1 Ladysplit's
Moosjäger´s Gundi( Germany)(Palomino aus dem Immenreich x Moosjäger´s Cleo)black 05/04 A1 aus dem Regental
Muscha´s Black Opal (Claudette Heavy Metal/Muscha´s Julia Roberts A1) black 03/06 A1 Muscha
Muscha´s Julia Roberts(Dan-L´s Danfedder/Dan-L´s Something To Talk About A1) red 03/06 A1 Muscha
Muscha´s New Dawn(Claramand Xtra Special/Muscha´s Julia Roberts A1) red 03/06 B1 Muscha
Muscha´s Vinterjasmin(Ronaldo Du Domaine De Makno/Dan-L´s Something To Talk About A1) 03/06 A1 Muscha
Nefertiti de Porolissum(Romania)(Quettadene Wild Oats/Pearly Pearl de Porolissum) 06/06 A1 Porolissum
Nike vom Hohentann (Germany ) (Aro´s Love Me Tender/Katie vom Hohentann) black 03/04 A1 v.Hohentann
Nikita v.d.Dollardhoeve(Germany)(Floris v.h.Landgoed de Nevelhorst/Cardamine Choclate Option) Liver/tan 03/06 C1 v.d Dollardhoeve
Paisley´s Outsider(Denmark)(Claramand B´Serious/Winline´s Out Of This World A1) Black and tan 12/06 A1 Dan-L
Queen of G Fantasies z Vejminku(Germany)(Charbonnel Gold Dust/Darling z Vejminku) red 11/03 A1 Abbadons Spaniels
Queen of G Spirit z Vejminku(Germany)(Charbonnel Gold Dust/Darling z Vejminku) red 11/03 A1 Abbadons Spaniels
QuilMhair Magie Noire(UK)(Tipperlin Stuntman / Charbonnel Wardance at QuilMhair) Black 01/06 B1 QuilMhair
QuilMhair Maighread Ros(UK)(SH CH /SP CH Helenwood Technique/ QuilMhair Piob Mhor) Red 01/06 A1 QuilMhair
QuilMhair Red Hot (Scotland)(Quettadene Connextion with QuilMhair/QuilMhair Aonach Mor) red 01/06 A1 QuilMhair
Rube v SchlossHellenstein (Germany)(Northworth Fly N´Destroy/Creme de la Creme v SchlossHellenstein) red 04/03 A1 Cara
Rösti v.SchlossHellenstein(Germany)(Snoopy`s Louis C1/Herzblatt v.Schloss Hellestein)red 03/04 B1 von Ester´s Castle
Senioritta Betti vom Habichtsstein (Germany)(Maxim v.d. Dollardhoeve C1/Nancy vom Habichtsstein) black and tan 03/04 C1
Shavian Black Velvet( Finland)(Amberway Expectation/Shavian Don´t Deny Me)black 05/04 A1 Shavian
Sheerclever Wicked Game(Finland)(Hamilton du Domaine de Makno/Charbonnel Clever) 10/06 A1 Walking Shadows
Snoopy´s Leslie-Ann(Germany)(Xeryus A One du Domaine d´Haisha x Snoopy´s Hannah)red 05/04 B1 Snoopy´s
Snoopy´s Roxanne(Germany)(Snoopy´s Louis black C1/Miss Jamie Lee vom Rauhen Holz orange roan A1) black 03/04 B1 Snoopy´s
Tears Of Joy Purpel Rain(Ch.Line Sam Hotdog/Sheerclever Star Wars) black 06/03 B1 Tears Of Joy
Tiemke v.d.Dollardhoeve(Germanay)(Norton Sable Star v.Eschenweg A1/Xantia Levana) Sable 03/06 A1 v.d Dollardhoeve
Tårpilens Lira Da Braccio(Sweden)(Tårpilens Big Bang/Northworth Easter Dust)red 04/06 A1 Tårpilen
Tårpilens Tango Noir(Sweden) (Fonesse Fillipe/ Sofus Yahoo)black 04/06 A1 Tårpilen
Watje v.d.Dollardhoeve(Germany)(Norton Sable Star v.Eschenweg A1/Xantia Levana) red 03/06 B1 v.d Dollardhoeve
Winline´s Out Of This World(Sweden)(Northworth Infernal Fire/Paisley´s Killer Queen) red 10/06 A1 Paisley´s
Volverine Des Terres Froides(France)(Lancelot Des Terres Froides/Samba Des Terres Froides) red 06/06 B1 Terres Froides(by mistake listed C1 earlier)
Tested dog, but no permission to publish name:
Swedish Bred(Sweden) black dog Has now an Optical diagnose of PRA, at the age of 8 years 2003 C1 Well known kennel
More Solids Tested With Optigen here . Thanks, Sandy Platt
Notice: 49,99 %!! of the tested solids are carries or affected, 50,01 are free! Surprising (alarming!) large number of affected dogs and carriers in solids. 90 46 17
Unknown colour, breeding and sex - but THANK YOU for sharing
Craigdean William Wallace(England) 02/06 C1 Clare Nicholls
Aladin aus dem Morbachgrund(Germany )(Elko vom Neuburger Hochwald/Sanna aus dem Immenreich)black/white tan 03/04 A1 Morbachgrund
Almanza Hit The Road Jack(Finland)(Manaca´s On The Road/Whoop´s A Daisy) blueroan 07/05 A1 Carrier,Northworth,Manacas
A One´s Of Course(Germany)(Fools Alibaba/Blue Satin Forever A One A1) blue roan 10/05 A1 V.RauhenHolz
A One's Parzival (USA)(A Ones Borkum Riff/A Ones Rapunzel v.RauhenHolz A1)blue roan 08/04 A1 Lynann
A One's Toreador (Sweden)(Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober/ Blue Satin Forever A One's A1) blue roan 04/06 A1 Frostwork
A One´s Troubadour(Ch.Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober/Ch.Blue Satin Forever A One A1) blue roan ....and he is MINE!!! 02/04 A1 Dan-L
Anatol v.d.AltenHallig (Germany)(Sprogmore Samuel/Dan-L´s Blue Rain A1) blue roan 06/03 A1 AltenHallig
Backhills Garibaldi (Sweden)(Midnight Train v.Rauhenholz A1/Backhills Tribute To Amaretto) blue roan/tan 07/03 A1 Backhills
Backhills Just For You(Finland)(Ch.Powercourt Pied Piper/CH.Backhills Farah Diba) 01/06 A1 Leading-Light
Beach Boy v.RauhenHolz(Germany)(Ingrids Claudio v. Classicline/A One´s Spark Another Pearl) orange roan 10/05 A1 V.RauhenHolz
Beach-Cock's Marco Polo(Switzerland)(Backhill's Fabulous Night and Day/C'est Si bon Mie Mona-Lisa) blue roan 02/06 A1 Evelyne Mauthner
CH.Benchmark Hard Rock Cafe(Finland)(Ch.Benchmark Ultima Thule/Benchmark Twisted Sister) orange roan 08/03 A1 Benchmark
Ch.Benchmark Oliver Twist(Finland)(Ch.Benchmark Otcopussy/Ch.Benchmark Michelle Melody)blue roan 08/03 A1 Benchmark
Blue Satin Finest Creation (Norway)(Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz A1/ Blue Satin Dazzling Diamonds) blue roan dog ...and he has a daughter diagnosed PRA?? How can that be, OptiGen or Vet? 03/04 A1 Blue Satin
Brown Handsome Man v.Pulvermacherei(Denmark)(Vesuvio v.d.Pulvermacherei/Splash Headline v.d.Pulvermacherrei)chocolate roan 10/06 A1 Tears Of Joy
Carrier Wheel Of Fortune(Finland)(Finemoon Unlimited/Carrier Water Song) blue roan 02/06 A1 Carrier
Carillo Crime O´Passion (Norway)( Catachism Crimson Cavalier/Carillo Cover Girl) Blue roan ? A1 Carillo
Carrier Troubador(Finland)(Finemoon Second Sight/ Carrier Water Song) bl/white 02/04 A1 Carrier
Cockergold Cool `n Vital(Travis Vital Spark/Carillo Cover DesignB1)blue roan 12/04 A1 Christoffer Overgaard
Courtmaster Warpaint(Canada)(Courtmaster Blue Icon/Courtmaster Gypsophylia)blue roan ? A1?
Craigdean Franks A Million(England)(Kyna By Design/Craigdean Job Well Done)blue roan 02/06 A1 Jane Smith
Crawford Hot Chocolate(Finland) (Lynwater Forecaster / Crawford Tell About Love) liver roan 09/03 A1 Crawford
Dan-L´s Benjamin Britten(Denmark)(Ch.Manchela Blue Lagoon / Ch.Dan-L´s It´s About Time A1) 04/06 A1 Dan-L
Devito v.d. AltenHallig (Germany/Denmark)(CH.Ladlor Libido/Dan-L´s Blue Rain A1) blue roan 06/03 A1 Tears of Joy
Dusty vom Niendorfer Gehege(Germany) (Ulmo von Meiendorf x Brenda vom Niendorfer Gehege) blue roan 10/05 A1 Kerstin Anna Appel
Finemoon Second Sight(Finland)(Benchmark Oliver TwistA1/Finemoon Worldwide Love) blue roan 07/05 A1 Carrier
Finemoon Special Flirt(Finland)(Benchmark Oliver TwistA1/Finemoon Worldwide Love) blue roan 02/06 A1 Carmelan
Ch Finemoon Unlimited(Finland)(Windgrove Illusion - Lynwater Sailor Girl) blue roan 09/03 A1 Carrier&Finemoon
Francini´s Etienne Navarre(Croatia)(Carillo Captain Blue/Francini´s Fantasia) 9/06 A1 Della Fiumana
Frostwork Avalanche(Sweden)(Midnight Train v.RauhenHolz A1/Emba´s Miss Money Penny) blue roan 10/06 A1 Frostwork
Goldstadt´s Nonplusultra(Germany) (Corralet Tango A1/ Goldstadt´s Flame of Eternity) blue roan 10/05 A1 Angela Schuemann
Great Gatsby v.RauhenHolz(Germany)(Midnight Train v.RauhenHolz/Blue Gipsy Rose v.RauhenHolz) blue roan 10/04 A1 v.RauhenHolz
Häljans Urjo(Sweden)(Courtmaster Sheer Magic/Häljans Marion)blue roan 10/03 A1 Häljan
Häljans Xtra Order (Sweden)(Häljans Urjo A1/Lordlike Judy B1) blue roan 10/03 A1 Häljan
King´s Yukatan (Germany )(Lynwater Drops of Brandy/Joy Fleming vom Schloß Hellenstein) orange roan 03/04 A1
La-Cock Søren Sømand (Denmark)(C´est Si Bon Mirifique Maurice/Catchy Magic Magie) blue roan 07/03 A1 La-Cock
Leading-Light Bang-A-Boomerang(Finland)(Crawford Tell me Rumour/Leading-Light Me Myself N´I) orange/white 01/06 A1 Leading-Light
Leading- Light Phenomenan(CZR)(Backhills Garibaldi A1/Leading-Light Some Like It Hot)orange roan 08/04 A1 Vlasta Hartmannova
Leading-Light Strikes Back(Finland)(Ch.Fools Alibaba/Breeze Nightsift)orange/white 01/06 A1 Leading-Light
Lochdene Bagpiper(Austria)(Lochdene Wise Choice/Lochdene Celebrity Girl) blue roan 05/04 A1 fam.Lukezic
Lochdene Time Keeper(Germany)(Sorbrook Bucks Fizz/Lochdene Celebrity Girl) orange roan 03/04 A1 v.Schloss Hellenstein
Lynwater Desert Lad(USA)(Lynwater Border Blue/Lynwater Working Girl)orange roan A
Midnight Train v.RauhenHolz (Sweden)(Stocdale Dragon Sonate/Blue Pearl v. RauhenHolz)blue roan 06/03 A1 A One
CH.Nickel and Dimes Upsanddowns(Holland)(Symbiosis Star Struck/ Nickel and Dimes Leave it to Me)blue roan 08/03 A1 Nickel and Dimes
Paisley´s Night-Watchman(Sweden)(Allert´s Night-Party B1/Caci´s Macy Gray)blue roan 12/06 A1 Eva Degermo Andersson
Paisley´s Time To Look Forward(Sweden)(Lynwater Look Me Up/Dan-L´s It´s About Time A1) blue roan 12/04 A1 Häljans
Passepartout vom Österreichring (Austria)(Ch.Francini's Etienne Navarre/Jun.Ch. Xcalibur vom Österreichring) blue roan 08/04 A1 v.Österreichring
Plum La Poule Des Terres Froides(France)(Vico Aus Dem Immenreich/Nando Des terres Froides A1) tricolor 06/06 A1 Terres Froides
Powercourt Higher Echelon(UK)(SorbrookPied Piper/Spendles Sparkler of Powercourt blue roan 05/04 A1 Powercourt
Raccoon's Quite A Bomb II (Finland)(Raccoon's Quite A Bomb/Sweetie-Pie Love In A Mist)bl/roan dog 04/04 A1 Raccoon
Riondel Venture To Powercourt(UK)(Spendles Spinner/Riondel Okari)blue roan 05/04 A1 Powercourt
Secorcan Dinarama Winds Of Change(Australia)(Bruce Wind of Change/ Secorcan Alexia Göhringer) blue roan tan 10/05 A1 Julia Brown
Shenmore Star Voyager (England)(CH Palacegraig Go West/ CH Shenmore Seeing Stars) blue roan The 1st in UK to be tested - BRAVO! 06/03 A1 Shenmore
Tapioka´s Charger Sixtio Nine(Sweden)(Carillo Cloud Nine/Westerner Tellin´Stories) 11/06 A1 Madeleines Cockers
Tashann Tannist(Germany)(Spinneyhill Stormy Weather over Fonesse/Tashann Timone) blue roan 03/04 A1 v.Schloss Hellenstein
Tears Of Joys Please Release Me(Tears Of Joy's Little Sunshine/Oloroso's Fair Felicity A1 ) blue roan 09/03 A1 Tears of Joy
Terriles Tysilio(Germany)(Ryallcourt Pie In The Sky/Terriles Tapestry) blue roan 03/04 A1 v.Schloss Hellenstein
Travis Fool For You (USA)(Travis Smile A While/Travis Fool´s Game)blue roan ?? A1 Essentia
Tripol´s Disquys Dalimit (USA)(Westerner´s Moon Away/Tripol´s Rose Mary) orange roan ?? A1 Tripols
Ultra Blue v.Österreichring(Austria)(Mini Cooper v.Österreichring/Leading-Light Austrian Beauty A1) blue roan 03/06 A1 v.Östereichring
Wedelta´s Year Of Sensation(Sweden)(Lovecox`s First Choice B1/Wedelta´s Upon A Star) black and white 11/06 A1 Madeleines Cocker
SU(u)Ch Westerner Aquarious (Sweden) (SU(u)Ch Westerner Hi-Flyer A1- Westerner Take A Raincheck)
12/06 A1 Evermore
SU(u)Ch Westerner Hi-Flyer (Sweden) (SU(u)Ch Westerner Blowin' Free - Samcock's Sun-E) A1 12/06 A1 Evermore
SU(u)Ch Westerner Timekeeper (Sweden) (SU(u)Ch Westerner Hi-Flyer A1 - Westerner Waylight) 12/06 A1 Westerner
Westerner Wedding Singer(Finland)(Carillo Cloud Nine/Westerner Wild At Heart) blue roan 01/04 A1 Jenlin
Wild Joker vom Beversee (Germany)( Kentucky Boy v.Rauhen Holz/ Petit Caline vom Beversee) black/white 03/04 A1 v.Beversee
A la Bonheur v.d.Spechtschmiede(Germany)(TashannTanist/Tantessa v.d.Spechtschmiede) bl/white 05/04 A1 v.d.Spechtschmiede
A One´s Rapunzel v.RauhenHolz(Sweden)(Ch.Midnight Train v.RauhenHolz A1/Louise v.RauhenHolz) blue roan 02/04 A1 A One
Alpha vom Hohenzollernblick(Germany)(Orange Flash vom Aachener Wald/Uschka vom Artenberg) blue roan/tan 03/04 A1 Hohenzollernblick
Amica v.d.AltenHallig (Germany)(Sprogmore Samuel/Dan-L´s Blue Rain A1)blue roan 01/03 A1 AltenHallig
A One´s Teodora(Finland)(Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober/Blue Satin For Ever A One A1) blue roan 03/05 A1 Great Escape
Auld Sod's Ally Oops (USA)( Auld Sod's Bark'N An'Sum (B1) /Auld Sod's Mak'N Woopie (B1)) wh/black 09/03 A1 Auld Sod

Auld Sod's Surprise Parti (USA)(Auld Sod's Bark'N An'Sum (B1) /Auld Sod's Mak'N Woopie (B1)) wh/black

03/03 A1 Auld Sod
Backhills Doris Day (Sweden) (Ch.Travis Fool For You A/Store Barnsvik Blue Nun) blue roan 07/03 A1 Backhills
Backhills Hidden Flower (Ch.Midnight Train v.RauhenHolz A1/Backhills Tribute to Amaretto) Bl/wh tan 05/03 A1 Dan-L
Beauty-Madonna vom Ehrhornsgrund (USA) (Quarterback John vom Ehrhornsgrund/ Woodwyn's Foreign Wind) blue roan A Woodwyn
Benchmark Pure Diva (Finland)Benchmark CorazonB1/BenchmarkVisual World A1) blue roan tan 08/04 A1
Benchmark Visual World(Finland)(Ch.Benchmark Oliver Twist A1/Benchmark Virtual Reality) blue roan 08/03 A1 Benchmark
Billsor Cloudnine(Croatia)(Bitcon Blue Bayou/Billsor Zovely Zita) 09/06 A1 Della Fiumana
CH.Blue Satin Forever A One(Sweden)(Midnight Train Vom Rauhen Holz A1/Blue Satin Dazzling Diamonds) blue roan 10/03 A1 A One
Brentpools Kiss Me Quick(Holland)(Westerner Moon Away/Sierra Blanca´s Jazzle Dazzle) black/white 12/04 A1 Sierra Blanca
Burgfräulein Lilly vom Beversee (Germany) (Castanea King´s Ransome/Xenia vom Beversee) blue roan 03/04 A1
Carrier Perfect Match(Finland)(Fieldstone Trapper McMurphy/ Carrier Water Song) black & white 10/03 A1 Carrier
Dan-L´s Blue Angel(Stocdale Mexican Bandit B1/Angie Blue v.RauhenHolz B1) blue roan 09/03 A1 fam.Hector
Dan-L´s Blue Rain (Germany)(Stocdale Let`s Talk About Rain/Dan-L´s Danup-town Ultimatine) blue roan 01/03 A1 AltenHallig
Dan-L´s Colour Me Blue(Stocdale Mexican Bandit B1/Angie Blue v.RauhenHolz B1) blue roan 09/03 A1 Tears Of Joy
Dan-L´s Ever So Sad (Ch.Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober/Baba Yaga v.d.AltenHallig B) blue roan 06/03 A1 Dan-L
Dan-L´s It´s About Time (Ladlor Libido/Dan-L´s Time Out) blue roan 02/03 A1 Dan-L
Dan-L´s Mad About Blue(Stocdale Mexican Bandit B1/Angie Blue v.RauhenHolz B1) blue roan 09/03 A1 Dan-L
Dan-L´s Sadly Not (Ch.Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober/Baba Yaga v.d.AltenHallig B) blue roan 06/03 A1 Galaksi/Cockergold
Dan-L´s Wise Portia(Holland) (Manchela Blue Lagoon FN clear - DKUCH Dan-L´s It´s About Time A1) blue roan 08/07 A1 From Luna´s Star
Della Fiumana´s Art Attack(Croatia)(Bozotligety Blue Mistique/Francini´s Precious Blumarine)The first DOG ever to be tested in Croatia - Well done Daila! 06/05 A1 Della Fiumana
Delia vom Rauhen Holz (Germany)(King of Love vom Rauhen Holz/Sweet Temptation vom Rauhen Holz) blue roan 03/04 A1 Snoopy´s
Diva v.d.AltenHallig (Germany) (Ch.Ladlor Libido/Dan-L´s Blue Rain A1) blue roan 06/03 A1 AltenHallig
Elena vom Hohenzollernblick(Germany)(Urius von der Schönow/Uschka vom Artenberg) black/white Tan 03/04 A1 Hohenzollernblick
Fee vom Hohenzollernblick(Germany)(Cardamine Cream Soda/Alpha vom Hohenzollernblick) blue roan/ tan 03/04 A1 Hohenzollernblick
Finemoon Hungry For Love(Finland)(Benchmark Oliver TwistA1/Finemoon Worldwide Love) blue roan 08/04 A1
Frostworks Templar Flame(Sweden)(A One´s Toreador A1/Embas Miss Money) blue roan 11/06 A1 Wakeful´s
Gladys Vital Beauty vom Niendorfer Gehege(Germany)(Ch.Travis Vital Spark/Debbie vom Niendorfer Gehege)blue roan 12/05 A1 Niendorfer Gehege
Gojenta`s Noble Alexandra(Norway)(Libell`s Noble Caesar/Gojenta`s Moonbeam Lotta)Orange roan  08/05 A1 Torill Rud Nilsen
Goldstadt`s Pagan Princess(Germany)(Sprogmore Skorski of Greenmead/Goldstadt`s Flame of Eternity)Blue roan 12/04 A1 AltenHallig
Häljans Xellent Copy to Artmasters(Sweden)(Häljans Urjo A1/Lordlike's Judy B1)blue roan 09/03 A1 Häljans
Haljans Yra Sofia to Skycocks(Sweden)(Crawford Hot ChocolateA1/SU(u)CH NUCH Lordlike's Judy B1)blue roan 12/04 A1 Häljans
Happy Hanja v.Bascav-Hof(Germany)(Cliff z Jamnika/Evi Baby-Girl v.Bascav-Hof B1)blue roan 08/04 A1 v.Bascav-Hof
Happy Holiday v.Bascav-Hof(Germany)(Cliff z Jamnika/Evi Baby-Girl v.Bascav-Hof B1)black/white 08/04 A1 v.Bascav-Hof
Fin Ch Jenlin Romantic Dreams(Finland)(Dan-L's Raincoat/Fin Ch Benchmark Hot Stuff)blue roan 12/03 A1 Jenlin
King´s Apple Blossom (Germany)(Lochdene Time Keeper ( A1)/Eisbombe v. SchlossHellenstein)blue roan 05/04 A1 King´s
Kolbenprinzessin Vom SchlossHellenstein(Germany)(Terriles Tysilio (A1)/Zirkusprinzessin vom SchlossHellenstein) bl/white 05/04 A1 King´s
Leading-Light Austrian Beauty(Austria)(Crawford Hot Chocolate A1/Leading Light Some Like It Hot)orange roan 05/04 A1 v.Österreichring
Lourisma Rave Review (England)(Windgrove One for the Road to Blueacre/Charasmatic Shooting Star) blue roan The 2nd in UK to be tested- Bravo - let´s have more!! 02/04 A1 Lourisma
Marie v.Habichtsstein(Germany)(Snoopy´s Icebreaker B1/Aysha v.Frankenberg)liver roan 05/04 A1 v.Habichtsstein
Micra Mouse v.Österreichring(Austria)(Lochdene Timekeeper A1/Royal Blue v.Österreichring) blue roan 05/04 A1 Millghost
Miss Jamie Lee vom Rauhen Holz ( Germany)(Booker vom Rauhen Holz/Sweet Tempatation vom Rauhen Holz) orange roan 03/04 A1 Snoopy´s
Mona von Eichendorf(Germany)(Aro´s the Second Man/ Giselle von Eichendorf ) blue roan/tan 03/04 A1 Bailey´s
Nandou Des Terres Froides(Ch.Hatstones Lord Leicester/Ch.Grenouille Des Terres Froides) lemon/white 06/06 A1 Terres Froides
Nickel and Dimes GoGo Dancer(Holland)(Nickel and Dimes Upsanddowns /Floyoral Be Dazzling) blue roan 07/05 A1 Sierra Blanca
Olipas Illuusia(Finland)( Finemoon Unlimited A1/Olipas Manteli) 08/03 A1 Olipas
Oloroso´s Fair Felicity (Ladlor Libido/C´est Si Bon Jeanne La Jouvenzelle) blue roan Niendorfer Gehege 04/03 A1 Tears of Joy
Paisley´s Dancing In The Night(Sweden)(Allert`s Night Party/Caci´s Macy Gray) blue roan 10/05 A1 Häljans
Paisley´s Time Is On My Side(Sweden)(Lynwater Look Up/Dan-L´s It´s About Time A1) blue roan 12/06 A1 Paisley´s
Pilula´s Caal Me Manifique Berta (C´est Si Bon Mirifique Maurice/Stocdale Caal Me Orange) blue roan 08/03 A1 Pilula
Powercourt Pure Magic(UK)(Riondel Venture To Powercourt A1/Powercourt Spice Of Life Sparkle PlentyA1) Blue roan 05/04 A1 Powercourt
Powercourt Spice Of Life Sparkle Plenty(UK)(Sorbrook Pied Piper/Spendles Sparkler Of Powercourt) Blue roan A1 Powercourt
Pretty Flowers´s Hot Gossip(Finland)(Backhills Just For You/Leading-Light Amazon Princess) black/white 01/06 A1 Pretty Flowers
Fin Ch Raccoon's Impulsive Lady(Finland)(Stocdale Orange Call/Raccoon's All Shook Up) blue roan 10/03 A1 Birchfire
Rassel's Feel Good(Finland)(Benchmark Oliver Twist A1/ Breeze Sweet And Happy) blue roan 10/03 A1 Rassels
Samba von der Sonnenwiese(Germany)(A'Ones Of Course/Jamie vom Rauhen Holz) blue roan 09/04 A1 Ulrike-Elena Hipp
Sierra Blanca's Flojo(Holland)(Kentucky Boy vom RauhenHolz /Tripol's Angel in Disguise)orange roan 09/03 A1 Sierra Blanca
Sierra Blanca´s Noubalou (Holland)(Symbiosis Star Struck/Sierra Blanca´s Flojo A1)blue roan 03/03 A1 Sierra Blanca
Sierra Blanca's Starlight(Holland)(Stocdale Drive Me Crasy/Sierra Blanca's Flojo A1)blue roan 02/04 A1 Sierra Blanca
Snoopy´s Quirina( Germany)(Lochdene Time Keeper/Snoopy´s Inka B1) blue roan 03/04 A1 Snoopy´s
Success Story des Teres Froides(France)( Weeping Willow´s Quinquin/Nandou Des Terres Froides) Blue roan 04/06 A1 des Sous Bois Bécassiers
Tears Of Joys Quit Please(Tears Of Joy's Little Sunshine/Oloroso's Fair Felicity A1) blue roan 09/03 A1 Mette Larsen
Tiwa´s Sweet Sophy (Germany)(Blue Wonder Mio v. Fasanenhang/Tiwa´s Kira)black/white 03/04 A1 Tiwa´s
Tiwa´s Xalyssa (Germany)(Lochdene Time Keeper/Tiwa´s Sweet Sophy A1) orange roan 03/04 A1 Tiwa´s
Tomboy´s Take A Chance(Sweden)(SUCH Westerner Bar Lion/Mainel's Chocolate Cover )blue roan 05/05 A1 Tozzi
Travis Walk of Fame(USA)(Travis Smile A While/Travis Miss D Minor)blue roan ? A Val Johnson
Trompe Souris Des Terres Froides(France)(Ch.Lupin De Mendi Sola/Rominette Des Terres Froides) tricolor 06/06 A1 Terres Froides
True Romance v.RauhenHolz(Germany)(Morrisey of Draten/A One´s Spark Another Pearl) blue roan 03/04 A1 Young Spirit´s
Westerner Fairlight( Westerner Blowin Free/Samcocks Sam-E)orange roan 05/04 A1 v.Weinberger Feld
Vidalie Des Terres FroidesFrance)(Plum La Poule Des terres Des Froides A1/Oshima Des terres Froides )blue roan 06/06 A1 Terres Froides
More Parties from Kennel Charbonnel, Thanks You ,Sandi for sharing this with us. WELL DONE!!!!
Total: 60,69% 159
Amour Fou des Sous Bois Bécassiers(France)( Moustic de la Vallée du Vignon /CH ES T Success Story des Terres Froides)Orange/white 02/06 B1 des Sous Bois Bécassiers
Auld Sod's Back Street Boy (USA) Auld Sod's Bark'N An'Sum (B1)/ Auld Sod's Claire All Blonde (red) black/wh 02/04 B1 Auld Sod's
Benchmark Corazon(Finland)(Finemoon Unlimited A1/Benchmark Cher C1) orange roan 08/03 B1 Benchmark
Benchmark Matrix (Finland)(Benchmark Kickshaw Knob Jr/-Benchmark Michelle Melody) black/white 08/04 B1
Benchmark Poetry In Motion (Finland)(Benchmark Corazon B1/Benchmark Visual World)blue roan/tan 08/04 B1 Benchmark
Dan-L´s Benjamin Blue(Stocdale Mexican Bandit B1/Angie Blue v.RauhenHolz B1) blue roan d 09/03 B1 Fam.Brandhoff
Dan-L´s Blue Bandit(Stocdale Mexican Bandit B1/Angie Blue v.RauhenHolz B1) blue roan 09/03 B1 fam.Roed
Dan-L´s Classic Blue(Stocdale Mexican Bandit B1/Angie Blue v.RauhenHolz B1) blue roan 09/03 B1 fam.Boesgaard
Dan-L´s Out Of The Blue(Stocdale Mexican Bandit B1/Angie Blue v.RauhenHolz B1) blue roan 09/03 B1 fam.Jagd
Dan-L´s Power Point(CH.Caefaedre Tick Tock/Backhills Hidden Flower A1) blue roan 07/05 B1 Sierra Blanca
Dan-L´s Sober - No Way (Ch.Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober/Baba Yaga v.d.AltenHallig B) blue roan 06/03 B1 Helle&Torben Saxtorff
Dan-L´s Stop The Time (Holland) (Ladlor Libido/Dan-L´s Time Out) blue roan 06/03 B1 Sierra Blanca
Eisbär v.Schloss Hellenstein(Germany)(Brooksong Blue Suede Shoes/ Nudeldicke Deern v.SchlossHellenstein) blue roan 03/04 B1 v.SchlossHellenstein
Elvis of Woodcockforrest(Germany)Lochdene Bagipier A1/FairyTale v. Österreiching) orange roan 05/04 B1 fam.Huber
Fossy Bear v.RauhenHolz(Germany)(A Ones Of Course/Louisa v.RauhenHolz)blue roan 05/04 B1 fam.Mandewirth
Häljans Yason(Sweden)(Häljans Urjo A1/Lordlike's Judy B1)blue roan 12/03 B1 Häljans
Jelle v.d.Dollardhoeve(Germany)(Cardamine Cream Soda/Craighleith Coffee and Cream) Orange roan 05/04 B1 v.d.Dollardhoeve
Love Cox`s First Choise(Sweden)(Westerner Still Of The Night/Love Cox´s Allways Love Me) Black and white 11/06 B1 Madeleines Cockers
Music Maker v.RauhenHolz (Ch.Symbiosis Star Struck/Ch.A Ones Spark Another Pearl) blue roan 02/03 B1 Dan-L
My Funny Jerry Ricci Club (France)(Lindridge La Chance/R-Du-Temps De La Coquiniere) orange roan 0609 B1 Sophie Venard
Northworth A True Ashgrove(Finland)(Raccoon´s Quite A Bomb/Ashgrove Captivating B) black and white 08/03 B1 Olipas
Quality Boy v.Bascav-Hof(Germany)(Ugo v. Saumabach/Happy Hanja v.Bascav-Hof A1)blue roan 08/04 B1 v.Bascav-Hof
Raccoon's Rolls Royce(Finland) (Finemoon Unlimited A1/Raccoon's Jippijippijii) blue roan 08/03 B1 Raccoon
Snoopy´s Icebreaker(Germany)(Sachmo vom Frenzer Feld/Snoopy's Xira) chocolate roan 01/04 B1 Snoopy
Snoopy´s Voice and Sound (Germany)(Manaca´s On the Road/Lavinja vom Sperberhorst)or/white 05/04 B1 Snoopy
Stocdale Mexican Bandit (PCH.Stocdale Make Dreams/ Stocdale Certain Style) blue roan 05/03 B1 Dan-L
Tears of Joy Little Sunshine (Dacansi Herrow Star/Cita) blue roan 04/03 B1 Tears of Joy
Tears Of Joys Please Please(Tears Of Joy's Little Sunshine/Oloroso's Fair Felicity A1) blue roan 09/03 B1 Tears of Joy
Tears Of Joy Pure Line (Ch.Line Sam Hotdog/Dan-L´s Hope For The Best) orange roan 05/03 B1 Mette Larsen
Angie Blue v.RauhenHolz (Midnight Train v.RauhenHolz A1/Louisa v.RauhenHolz) blue roan 02/03 B1 Dan-L
Aro´s Blue Gift(Germany)(Atkie Crackerjack/AtkiaOrlanda) blue roan 05/04 B1 fam.Rajf
Baba Yaga v.d..AltenHallig (Benchmark Casablanca C1/Dan-L´s Blue Rain A1) blue roan 06/02 B1 Dan-L
Benchmark Charlotte (Finland)(Ch.Finemoon Unlimited A1/Benchmark Cher C1) orange roan 08/03 B1 Benchmark
CH.Benchmark Oh-la-La Samsara(Finland)(Ch.Benchmark Oliver Twist A1/Ch.Benchmark Champagne) blue roan 08/03 B1 Benchmark
Carillo Cover Design(Carillo Cover Print/Carillo Cover Up) blue roan 03/04 B1 Galsksi/Cockergold
Clashann Cointreau(England)(Classicway Chopin At Sorbrook - Speechouse Skylark) orange roan 02/06 B1 Clare Nicholls
Clashann Charisma(England)(Glasfryn Sergeant Pepper With Clashann - Speechouse Skylark) Liver roan 02/06 B1 Clare Nicholls
Dan-L´s Blue Bumble Bee(Stocdale Mexican Bandit B1/Angie Blue v.RauhenHolz B1) blue roan 09/03 B1 fam.Gelting
Dan-L´s Miss Sadler (Ch.Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober/Baba Yaga v.d.Alten Hallig B) blue roan 06/03 B1 fam.Flarup
Dan-L´s Sad, But Bad (Ch.Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober/Baba Yaga v.d.AltenHalligB) blue roan 06/03 B1 fam. Laursen
Dan-L´s Sad - No Way (Ch.Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober/Baba Yaga v.d.AltenHallig B) blue Roan 06/03 B1 Dan-L
Dan-L´s So Sad, So Sad (Ch.Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober/Baba Yaga v.d. AltenHallig B) blue roan 06/03 B1 fam.Knudsen
Della Fiumana`s Campari Orange(Austria)(Francini´s Spikelee/Francini´s Querida Amorosa) Orange roan 05/04 B1 v.Österreichring
Elinor of Woodcockforest(Austria )(Lochdene Bagpiper /Fairy Tale v. Oesterreichring) blue roan/tan B1 of Woodcockforest
Evi Baby-Girl v.Bascav-Hof(Germany)(Anthiny v.Bascav-Hof/Olivia v.Buchenberg)blue roan 08/04 B1 v.Bascav-Hof
Häljans Xzara (Sweden)(Haljans Urjo A1/Lordlike Judy B1) blue roan 09/03 B1 Häljans
Hälljans Yria For Keonomis(Sweden)(Crawford Hot ChocolateA1/SU(u)CH NUCH Lordlike's Judy B1)orange roan 12/03 B1 Häljans
Isbjørnhiet´s Winter Conqueror (Norway)(Blue Satin Finest Creation A1/Aurora Borealis C1)blue roan . Has now an optical diagnose of PRA;has been re-tested 11/06 and IS B1 - must have another form of PRA, than PRA(prcd) B1 Isbjørnhiet
Kalliope(Denmark)(CH.A One´s Troubadour A1/Tears Of Joy Blue Creme Light) blue roan 08/05 B1 fam. Schroll
Kiss Me Kate v. Österreichring(Austria)Midwinter Benedict/Dream of Love v. Österreichring)blue roan 05/04 B1 v.Österreichring
Lady Alice of Millghost(Austria)(Snoopy´s Icebreaker B1/Micra Maouse v.Österreichring A1) blue roan 05/04 B1 Millghost
Lordlike's Judy(Sweden)(Midnight Train v.RauhenHolz A1/Carillo Cool Girl)blue roan 09/03 B1 Häljans
Melponeme(Denmark)((CH.A One´s Troubadour A1/Tears Of Joy Blue Creme Light) blue roan 08/05 B1 fam. Schroll
Mercedes v. Osterreichring(Austria)(Lochdene TimekeeperA1/Royal Blue v.Österreichring) blue roan 05/04 B1 v.Österreichring
Mona Lisa v.Habitchsstein(Germany)(Snoopy´s Icebreaker B1(Aysha v. Frankenberg)liver/white 05/04 B1 v.Habichtsstein
Quendy v.Bascav-Hof(Germany)(Ugo v. Saumabach/Happy Hanja v.Bascav-Hof A1)blue roan 08/04 B1 v.Bascav-Hof
Snoopy´s Inka( Germany)(Sachmo vom Frenzer Feld/Snoopy´s Xira) liver roan 03/04 B1 Snoopy´s
Snoopy´s Toy Story(Snoopy´s Napoleon/Snoopy´s Inka B1)liver/white 05/04 B1 Young Spirit
Snoopy´s Vision of Delight(Germany)(Manaca´s On The Road/Lavinja vom Sperberhorst)or/white 05/04 B1 v.d.Wasserburg
Sunshine v. Österreichring(Austria)(Mini Cooper vom Österreichring B1/Dream of Love vom Österreichring) orange roan 08/04 B1 Franziska Marecek
Tears of Joy She Becomes a Rose (Benchmark Kickshaw Knob/Dan-L´s Hope For The Best) blue roan 04/03 B1 Tears Of Joy
Tears Of Joy Blind Date(Denmark)(Ch.Tears Of Joy Little SunshineB1/)blue roan 01/05 B1 Tears Of Joy
Carrier Piece Of Cake(Finland)(Wedelta´s Vincent Van Gogh/Carrier Perfect MatchA1) Blue roan 07/05 B1 Carrier
Wonny vom Asbach (Germany)(Huckleberry Finn v. Simonhof /Prisca v. Asbach)liver roan/tan 05/04 B1 Katrieli´s
Tested dogs, but no permission to publish names:
Danish bred (Denmark)blue roan dog 2003 B1 Well known kennel
Danish bred (Denmark)blue roan bitch 2003 B1 Well known kennel
Swedish bred (Denmark)blue roan dog 2003 B1 Well known kennel
Swedish bred (Denmark)blue roan bitch 2003 B1 Well known kennel
Norwegian bred (Norway)blue roan dog 2003 B1 Well known kennel
Norwegian bred (Norway)blue roan bitch 2003 B1 Well known kennel
Total: 35,86% 68
Atlas von Ester´s Castle(Germany )(Eisbär v. Schloss Hellenstein B1/Wildgans v. Schloss Hellenstein) blue roan (Thank You for the result!!) C1 of Ester´s Castle
Aurora Borealis(Norway)(Blue Satin Blue Champagne/Casein's Blue Velvet) blue roan bitch Still full sight at 9 years. 02/04 C1 Isbjørnhiet
Benchmark Casablanca (Benchmark Kickshaw Knob/Benchmark Champagne)dog blue roan. Has an optical diagnose of PRA 06/02 C1 Dan-L/House of Skovsbøl
Benchmark Cher(Finland)(Ch.Benchmark Kickshaw Knob/Ch.Benchmark Champagne) blue roan bitch 08/03 C1 Benchmark
Daquiri vom Schloss Hellenstein (Germany)(Hänschenklein vom Schloss Hellenstein B1/ Kolbenkönigin vom Schloss Hellenstein)blue roan 03/06 C1 von Achener Wald
Fairy Tale vom Österreichring(Austria)(Snowstorm vom Österreichring /Xcalibur vom Österreichring) bitch liver roan/tan 08/04 C1
Obstler vom Schloss Hellenstein(Germany)(Eisbär vom Schloss Hellenstein B1/ Wundertüte vom Schloss Hellenstein) dog blue roan 08/04 C1 vom Schloss Hellenstein
Sternschnuppe vom Aachener Wald (Germany)(Line Sam Flipper/Madita vom Aachener Wald) blue roan bitch 05/04 C1
Total:3,45% 8
Total Solids and Particolour:
A 56,95%, B 36,77%, C 6,28%
225 116 26
Total of tested dogs: 371
Just curious..Who are the other 141!! C1-dogs...??? Hopefully noone has mated to these dogs without knowing.
Kennel Dan-L has tested 29 dogs!
A/A1 can be bred to any dog
B/B1 should be bred only to A/A1
C/C1 should be bred only to A/A1


Dogs obtained on this list have either been published on other lists or I have the owners/breeders permission.

Thanks to the Finnish Cocker Club for recognition of the OptiGen Lab. as the 2nd Club in the World. Now also the Jagd-Spaniel Klub in Germany and Austria with test-result published in Jagd Spaniel magazine and having breeding programs for tested dogs. Well done!!


English Cocker Spaniels tested by OptiGen the 1st quarter of 2006
Total ECS tested - 354
Normal/Clear - 159
Carrier - 161
Affected - 34
Countries testing this quarter....Austria, Australia, Belgium,
Canada,Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany,Gibraltar,Hungary, Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Uruguay and USA.

sept.30 2003
number % Dec.31 2003 %
A/A1 386 42 416 42
B1 410 45 443 45
C1 123 13 130 13
Total 919 100 989 100

Have YOU tested YOUR dogs????

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