December 26th 2009

Charming DKUCH SU(U)CH Dan-L´s Dollar Diva has successfully given birth to 4 babies -
1 boy and 3 girls - all blue
Sire of the babies is Topwinning Nordjw08 Charbonnel Yellow n`Blue owner Kennel Allerts, Sweden.
All babies will be PRA(prcd) Normal and cannot develop FN

Diva and Billy
Two top-classic and true to type cockers
Thanks to fam. Johansson for helping!

Charbonnel Yellow N´Blue
OptiGen Normal
FN Clear
Eyes Clear
6 CC and BOB etc
GBSHCH Lindridge Ticket To Ride GBSHCH Lindridge Star Turn
Lindrige Satin Doll
Charbonnel Pinny'n'pearls Terriles Tonuelo
Charbonnel Gilrs'n'Pearls
Dan-L´s Dollar Diva
OptiGen A
Eyes Clear
Cacib BOB and BIG 4
USACh Ashgrove Brisbane

OptiGen A

CH. Daisymead´s Playboy
Ahsgrove Down Under
DKUCH Dan-L´s It´s About Time
Dkch Ladlor Libido
DKCH FINCH Dan-L´s Time Out

Dan-L´s Black Money Boy Blue roan Stays here - unless....
Dan-L´s Pink Pound Girl Blue roan Barbara Tej
Dan-L´s Green Dollar Girl Blue roan Nyman
Dan-L´s White Wash Girl Blue roan Melsted

Dan-L´s Black Money
THE boy - mine!

Dan-L´s Green Dollar(?)

Dan-L´s White Wash
Dan-L´s Pink Pound

3 weeks old and having 1st meal or bath:-))
Dan-L´s Pink Pound, Dan-L´s White Wash, Dan-L´s Black Money and Dan-L´s Green Dollar

My wonderful Diva on the move