Hvalpe er født 2. April/ litter born 2nd April 2013

EJCH As De Colucan - DKUCH SUUCH Dan-L´s Dollar Diva
PRA/FN clear - HDA - Eyetested clear
See more about Dani here and Diva here

Boy - girl - boy - girl - girl
Less than 24 hours old
Diva gave birth to 5 fat trunks - 2 boys and 3 girls - all blue roan.
Unfortunately one little babygirl didnt make it.

Dan-L´s Spanish Reales de Vellon Blue boy sold
Dan-L´s Spanish Alfonsod'or Blue boy sold
Dan-L´s Spanish Mela Peseta Blue girl sold
Dan-L´s Spanish Doblon de Isabel Blue girl sold

2 boys - 2 weeks and eyes about to open

the 2 girls

the 2 girls

the boys - "where is the milkbar?"