Wonderful babies have been born October 1st.
out of
Top winning Dkuch Nuch NorwW06 & Cocker of the Year 2006
Cockergold Cool N´Vital,
OptiGen A1 - HDA
and beautiful, classic Dan-L´s Ever So Sad,
OptiGen A1 and HDA

The Musketeers and Milady
10.25 Blue roan boy Dan-L´s Aramis Benjamin Hilbert
10.45 Blue roan boy Dan-L´s Athos Fam.Koch
12.10 Blue roan boy Dan-L´s Porthos Claus Beyer
12.35 Blue roan boy Dan-L´s D´Artagnan Anne&Michael Nielsen
13.45 Blue roan girl Dan-L´s Lady de Winther - "Lilli" Vibeke Lumholdt

Cockergold Cool N`Vital
OptiGen A1 - HDA
NUCH DKUCH Travis Vital Spark Ch. Tomboys Tailor Made
Travis Neon Light
Carillo Cover Design
Nch Carillo Cover Print
Nch Carillo Cover Up
Dan-L´s Ever So Sad
OptiGen A1 - HDA
Littersister DKUCH SU(U)CH NORDJW04 
Dan-L´s Sad - No Way
Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober
GBshch Palacegraig Go West
Lennoxgrove Victoria At Palacegraig
DKUCH Baba Yaga v. AltenHallig Benchmark Casablanca
Dan-L´s Blue Rain

Dan-L´s Lady de Winther
was not cooperative about the session!!
and the 4 well-behaving boys - at 5 weeks

Dan-L´s Athos
Dan-L´s D´Artagnan

Dan-L´s Aramis

Dan-L´s Porthos

These puppies are OptiGen A1 by parentage
Breed same way as:
Cockergold Cool Cowboy and Cockergold Cool Blue Night
Both unbeaten in Puppy class so far.