Babies born on August 21st 2013 - 2 boys and 4 girls all blue...
Dani - DKUCH CPHW13 As De Colucan and Hari - DECH(vdh) BISS Dan-L´s Hari Hari
Dani - Hari

Dan-L´s Shahjahan blue boy Sold
Dan-L´s Samir Blue boy Sold
Dan-L´s Harissa Blue girl Sold
Dan-L´s Jamila Blue girl Sold
Dan-L`s Aisha Blue girl Sold
Dan-L´s Jumaana Blue girl Sold

The babies here at 6 weeks

Dan-L´s Shajahan

Dan-L´s Samir

Dan-L´s Harissa - til salg

Dan-L´s Jamila

Dan-L´s Aisha

Dan-L´s Jumaana - 5 weeks