Born May 19th 2004
All gone!

Dan-L´s Power Point going to Laura Loeve, Kennel Sierra Blanca, Holland

18.10 Light blue roan
Dan-L´s Power Point - "Omar"
Boy Laura Loeve´s, Kennel Sierra Blanca,Holland
19.00 Light blue roan
Dan-L´s What Girls Do In May
Girl Helle Dan Pålsson, Kennel Dan-L
19.40 Medium blue roan
Dan-L´s Power Ball -"Ludvig"
Boy Morten Levysohn, Luxemburg
20.20 Steel blue roan
Dan-L´s Mayflower - Lucca"
Girl Karl&Marianne Isbosethsen
Kennel Iskama
20.30 Blue roan
Dan-L´s Flower Gift
Girl Carsten Jürs, DK
20.55 Light blue roan
Dan-L´s Little Sunflower - "Panda"
Girl Fam.Klitgård,DK
Unfortunately we´ve lost one of the girls.
The boys 6½ weeks The Girls 6½ weeks
The boys 5 weeks old The boys were very cooperative
Dan-L´s Power Ball, , Fam.Levysohn Dan-L´s Power Point,Laura Loeve
The girls The girls HATED it

Now 2 weeks old and have opened the Eyes.

The boys
The girls

They are big, fat and gorgeous looking..we are thrilled!!!

Backhills Hidden Flower has on the 23rd of March been mated to:
"PRESS STOP"now NLCH JWW02 LUXJCH Cocker of the Year 2002 Caefardre Tick Tock - a wonderful blue roan dog import from England and living in Holland at the Kennel Nickel and Dimes.

Caefardre Tick Tock - Backhills Hidden Flower

Caefardre Tick Tock
HDA Eyes clear. CC+ BOB-winner
Floroyal Daylami Sh.Ch Bitcon Troubadour
Floroyal Bosra Sham
Caefardre Cariad Castanea Sonneteer
Caefardre Senag-Hati
Backhill´s Hidden Flower
HDA-Eyes clear. 2 VDHCC
Optigen A1
VDHCH TYSKCH SuCH NuCH FINuCH Midnight Train Vom Rauchen Holz LUXCH PORTCH Stocdale Dragon´s Sonata
VDHCH DTCH LUXCH DT BSG 93 94 EU SG 94 Blue Pearl Vom Rauhen Holz
Backhill´s Tribute To Amaretto NUCH NV92 Travis Smile A While
Stora Barnviks Blue Nun