Jackie has on May 16th given birth to:
Dan-L´s Put on Side
Dan-L´s Upside Down
Dan-L´s Inside Out

Dan-L´s Side Effect - stays so far with us
Dan-L´s Sidewalk
Dan-L´s Side By Side
Dan-L´s Sidewalk 15.30 black boy Lene Richelsen
Dan-L´s Upside Down 16.10 black girl fam.Witt,D
Dan-L´s Inside Out 17.20 black/tan boy fam.Jacob,D
Dan-L´s Side Effect 17.30 black/tan boy Stays so far with us
Dan-L´s Put On Side 18.40 black boy Stays so far with us
Dan-L´s Side By Side 19.10 red girl Maybritt Larsen

The babies having their first meal - (bath??)

Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex
Eyes Clear HDB2,
Northworth Madman` s Return
HDA,Eyes Clear OptiGen A1
CH.Spinneyhill Sadler
Eyes Clear HDA
CH.Northworth Vulgar Taste
Eyes Clear HDB1
Dan-L´s Dannefer Nefer Nefer
HDA Eyes Clear
DanL´s Danfedder
Eyes Clear,HDA
CH.Hermonia v.d.Hohnhorst
Eyes Clear HDC
Paisley´s Outsider
Eyes Clear, HDA
Ch.Claramand B´Serious
Eyes Clear HDA
Claramand Caruso
Lujesa Lullaby For Claramand
Winline Out Of This World
Eyes Clear HDA
CH.Northworth Infernal Fire
Paisley´s Killer Queen