July 28th 1988 - January 31st 2002

Benchmark Kickshaw Knob
Lynwater Scotsman - Multich. Breeze Sleeping Beauty
Breeder: Mariann and Markku Korpi, Finland

Early in the morning on January the 31st Knoby past peacefully away - 13 ½ years old - full of days and good experiences.
He is now the first of us to return to Rørmosevej - he is resting in the garden covered with nice roses.
He came to Denmark 3 years old and in the following years he put his mark on the breed here as he already had done in Finland. He became one of the most important sires, producing quality offspring of which many,many have gained their CHAMPION - titles and he is to be found in lots of importants pedigrees today. With Knoby I had the pleasure to win BEST STUDDOG OF THE YEAR 1994 (Danish Kennel Club all breeds) and same year I gained the Crown title BEST BREEDER OF THE YEAR (DKK all breeders) with some of Knobys offspring in my group.
Knoby was an extremely gentle dog - getting very well along with all two-and four legged friends and he has passed on this gentle nature to his children.
We feel extremely lucky to have had Knoby for the past 10½ years and are thankful to his breeders for letting us have him.
We miss him so much but are happy for having his Gr-daughter DK.FIN.KLBCH Dan-L´s Time Out, Gr.-daughter BabaYaga v.d. Alten Hallig and son Benchmark Casablanca to carry on the true "Knoby-line".

Knoby is deeply and sadly missed.

Born 1988 July 28th. HD B1. Eye clear.
"Knoby" came to Denmark in 1991 took his 3 CC`s in a row and his Germantitles very quick including BIS´sBIG´s and BIS 2 The highlight of his carrier was in 1994 where he won BEST STUDDOG (all breeds). He became one of the most important sires with int.-and nat.champions and CC-winners in many countries. He is to be found in many studbooks in Europa.
"Knoby" winning BIG Berlin 1993
Lynwater Scotsman Harris of Lynwater Lynwater Lewis of Quasar
Kathand Rowena
Quasar Minnie the Moocha Quasar Zodiac
Quasar Sirocco
INT.FIN.NDKch NV87 Sfv88
Breeze Sleeping Beauty
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