April 28th 2006
Wonderful and gentle Dan-L´s Mad About Blue(HDA -OptiGen A1)
has given birth to 6 babies blue roan - 3 boys and 3 girls -
out of SU(U)CH DKUCH NORDJW04 A One´s Troubadour
(HDA - OptiGen A1)
According to OptiGen these puppies cannot be but A1.

A perfect cocker puppyhead

All 6 waiting for the dinner to come
The 3 boys

The 3 girls

The babygirls were NOT cooperative at all!!

The babies 1 day old

Dan-L´s Mad About You Girl blue roan Holland
Dan-L´s Pure Madness Girl blue roan AnneMarie Mathiesen
Dan-L´s Mad In The Heat "Silas" Boy blue roan Jette Nielsen
Dan-L´s Mad About Boys Girl blue roan Monna Nielsen
Dan-L´s Midnight Madness Boy blue roan Helle Tang
Dan-L´s Driving Me Mad Boy blue roan For sale

Dan-L´s Driving Me Mad