Ocotber 18th 2007

Our sweetheart Maddie - Dan-L´s Mad About Blue
has given birth to a lovely litter of 5 boys and 1 girl - all blue roan -
proud father is Vignett´s King Of Chocolate.

Maddie - Vignett´s King Of Chocolate

Dan-L´s Half Single
June 2008
Coat in full bloom!!

Vignett´s King Of Chocolate

OPtiGen Normal
Eyes clear

SU(U)CHUpsy Daisys Aces Falk Joycock's Yours Truly
Vignett's Chocolate Pudding
Vignett's ChoColate Beam Fonesse Flap Jacket
NUCH SU(U)CHVignett's Fixed A Chocolate Mix

Dan-L´s Mad About Blue
OptiGen A1
Eyes Clear

Stocdale Mexican Bandit
OptiGen B1
Eyes Clear
Ch.Stocdale Make Dreams
Stocdale Certain Style
Angie Blue v.RauhenHolz
OptiGen B
Eyes Clear
Ch.Midnight Train v.RauhenHolz
Ch. Louisa V.RauhenHolz

These puppies cannot be but OptiGen Normal/Clear

The 5 boys - 6 weeks old

Dan-L´s Single Shot - søger adoptivfamilie

Dan-L´s Single By Chance

Dan-L´s Single Sign On - Søger adoptivfamilie

Dan-L´s Half Single

Dan-L´s Single Malt
and the girl

Dan-L´s Flirting Single

Blue roan boy Dan-L´s Single Malt Fam.Höfhner
Blue roan boy Dan-L´s Half Single Henriett
Blue roan boy Dan-L´s Single Sign On Elaine Jenny
Blue roan boy Dan-L´s Single Shot Marianne Hoffenstez
Blue roan boy Dan-L´s Single By Chance Iben Tinning
Blue roan girl Dan-L´s Flirting Single Bente Lydiken