Maggie has left for her new home and is now living with Edel Otzen, Hørsholm. The best of luck to both of you!!!
Dan-L´s Marked In Black Ink. Born March 6th 1997 HD B1 Eye Clear.
"Maggie" is with her very kind and gentle character the perfect pet-dog. She is very calm indoors, active and obiedience outdoors. She has been a pleasure to show and among her wins is 3 CC and Cacib including BEST BITCH.
Northworth Plain Memories
3 CC
black HD:B1
Int.Fin.Dkch Kbhw94
Sheerclever French Memories black
Finch.Capitaine des Deux Camelias
Intch Eujw91 Charbonnel Sheer Cleve
Northworth May I Taste
Multi-CC black HD:A
Gb.Nch Spinneyhill Sadler
Int.Dk.Fin.Ech Northworth Vulgar Taste
Dan-L´s Watch Me Coming Wanda
red HD:B2
D.Vdhch Bejsg 93
Dan-L´s Dantan Søren Brun choc/tan HD:A
Bdsg Lochdene Golden Flower
Helleborus Merrydanella
Hermonia v.d.Hohnhorst bl/tan HD:C
Vdhch Eusg Atkia Pucky-Woogie
Herba v.d.Hohnhorst
Rørmosevej 8
DK-4534 Hørve
Tlf. 59269495

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