Francini´s Italian Chocolate Chip

born November 4th 2012
PRA/FN Normal by parentage
Eye tested CLEAR
BOB junior JunCC (club&vdh)
BOB puppy - BIS plac.

Marvin BIS JUNIOR and Best in Show 2. October 2013

Marvin on the red carpet....

Mille Grazie, Angela for letting me have this great boy!!!
Hehe...Marvin barking at me, when I was taking pics from the window
I hope, I will be able to make better photos of my chocolate chip later....
In the meanwhile you can have a closer look at his pedigree.

Longville Chocolate Rocher


Longville Theo Light Chocolate Longville Tell
Longville Gipsy
Ana Valentina of Lunatel
Arcanos Br Dreams In Memphis
Nicoli Joy Happy Live
Almaleo Cioccolina
Francini´s Blu
ECH. Sprogmore Saracen´s Serender
Olympia Aan De Ligne
Francini´s Kinder Delice Secor Can Antes-Muerto-Que-Sencillo
Francini´s Liquirizia

Marvins father 7 weeks old - Longville Chocolate Rocher

...and as adult at owner Kennel Francini, Italy