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Born December the 25th 1994. HD:B2 Eye clear.
Cocker of the Year 1996-1997-1998-1999-2000-2001-2001-2002
Spaniel of the Year 1999-2000-2001
Studdog of the Year 1998-1999 (all breeds)

Sire: Multich. Northworth Madmans Return HD:A, Optigen A1
Dam: Multich. Dan-L´s Dannefer Nefer Nefer HD:A

"Sveinar" is siring quality puppies in the colours black, red, chocolate and with tan.
He is the proud father of champions and CC-winners in Denmark,Germany,Sweden,Norway and Finland!

Rørmosevej 8
DK-4534 Hørve
Tlf. 59269495