News 2005

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7 x Danish Show Champions
2 x Nordic Champions
2 x Finnish Winner 2005
2 x Nordic Winner 2005
Veteran of The Year 2005 (DKK ranking)
Veteran of The Year (Spaniel Club ranking)
Best Cocker Bitch of the Year 2005 (runner up Best Cocker)
Runner Up Best Cocker Dog
Best in Group
Best In Show
BIS and Group- placements
Large number of BOB´s - BOS´s - Cacib´s and CC´s won with 4 different dogs


December 31st
The Year 2005 is running out and time has come to make status over the Year.
We are proud of our dogs achievements both at home and abroad,
but what touches our heart is all the owners of Dan-L´s cockers,
who care and love them to pieces for being their lovely compagnion during the day.
From the bottom of our hearts we thank you for carring, trimming, cuddling, feeding, walking, playing, training and loving "our babies".
Lots of warm thoughts go to our very good friends for all the time we have spend together.
Thank You for all your unselfies help and support.

Best wishes for 2006 to all of you!


What a Christmas present!!!

Häljan´s Let´s Talk About Gossip -
8 weeks - see Sveinar at 10 weeks
Sveinar and Stefanie´s handsom and wonderful son.
A huge Thank You to Jane and Gilbert for bringing up this extraordinary puppy !
And a speciel warm thanks to Gilbert for all the driving.

We are at the same time whising Jane and Gilbert the best of luck with Melissa - Dan-L´s White Tail - daughter out of Paisley´s Time To Look Forward and DKUCH NORDJW04 Dan-L´s Sad-No Way
We are missing her terrible!
Wonderful, wonderful Melker has now returned to Sweden - and yet again we want to thank Jane and Gilbert for trusting us this little gentleman.
We are keeping our fingers crossed for futher success in the rings and as studdog.
He has proven to be a top-sire!

Melissa´s brother - Dan-L´s Witchfinder - Adam is available


December 19th
No better way to end Sveinars fantastic showcarrier!!!

My darling boy took yet 2 more titles
Finnish Winner 2005 -BOB and Nordic Winner2005 - BOS
at his final shows and qualified for Crufts 2006&2007.
(I am tempted to go to Crufts with him and I am sure, you will forgive me that, if I am going)
his gr-daughter - Per´s favourite girl Jenny took the titles for the bitches
Finnish Winner 2005 - BOS and NordicWinner 2005 - BOB incl.
Qualified for Crufts 2006&2007

We have had the most wonderful weekend with all our very good friends, Lisbeth and Karsten, Per and Sandra, Lotte and Michael, Lars Højdam and Mette Maj and lots of congratulations to all your winnertitles and CC´s - especially to Sveinars gr.daughter Kraglunds Go On Little Return My Tan with the CC.
A huge thank you to Lotte, Lars and Mette for driving the dogs all the way to Finland and taking so good care of them and a speciel Thank You to Helle for letting them have your brandnew (Really - it was delievered the same morning as they took off) horsevan.

Thank you ever so much for sharing our joy over Sveinars wins - it was an emotional weekend for me, as it was his farewell to the showground - and we could not think of a better way of doing this.

A breeder from Finland said to me a couple of years ago:
"We are having the best cockers in the world in Finland -
and they are just getting better and better
Sorry, my dear - where were these world best cockers?
Only 1 title out of 8 went to a Finnish bred dog
(Junior Bitch Sunday, congratulation to her owner and breeder) -
no CC´s or Cacibs went to finnish bred and most classwinners went to foreign bred cockers.

Sveinars reports:
Carlos Saevich wrote:
"Excellent type, size and balance. Excellent head. Well laid shoulders. Excellent Topline. Short back. Excellent hindquaters. Excellent temperament."

Gitte Finnich Pedersen wrote:
"Stor og maskulin. Stilligt huved. Prima hals og overlinie. Perfekt i vinkler frem og bag. Acceptabel muskler bag. En fantastisk silhuet. En fantastisk cocker."
"Large and masculin. Stylish head. 1.class neck and toplini. Perfect angulateted front and quaters. Acceptabel muscles behind. Fantastic silhuet. Fantastic Cocker"

Jennys reports:
Carlos Saevich wrote:
"Bitch of excellent type and size and balance. Fem.head.Excellent reach of neck. Well laid shoulders. Excellent topline, hindquaters and tailcarriage. Moves and shows to advantage"

Gitte Finnich Pedersen wrote:
"Fantastisk tik, meget feminin og underbart huved. Bra uttryck, vacker hals och overlinie. Härlig benstamme. Prima bröstkorg. Perfekte rörelser båda främ och bak. Underbart rörelsesmönster."
"Fantastic bitch. very feminin and wonderful head. good expression. beautiful neck and topline. excellent bone. 1.class chest. Perfect movement in coming and going. Wonderful movement"


Finnish Winner 2005
Cocker Spaniel (94)
Judge: Carlos Saevich

Dan-L's Let's Talk About Sex (Helle Dan Pålsson, Hørve)
Muscha's Play My Ding Dong (Helle & Per Dan Pålsson, Hørve)
Junior Winner - dog
Almanza Hit The Road Jack (Rantanen Ritva & Kauhanen Nina & Forsander Monica, )
Junior Winner - bitch
Cockergold Cute N'blue (Kristenssen Michael & Lotte, Dianalund)
CACIB - dog
Hochachtungsvoll vom Shloss Hellens (Kauhanen Nina, Sauvo)
CACIB - bitch
Muscha's Play My Ding Dong (Helle & Per Dan Pålsson, Hørve)
CC - dog
Hochachtungsvoll vom Shloss Hellens (Kauhanen Nina, Sauvo)
CC - bitch
Muscha's Play My Ding Dong (Helle & Per Dan Pålsson, Hørve)
BOB - Veteran
Dan-L's Let's Talk About Sex (Helle Dan Pålsson, Hørve)
BOB - Breeder
Kennel Benchmark (Korpi Mariann & Anett, Kellokoski)

Nordic Winner 2005
Cocker Spaniel (89)
Judge: Gitte Finnich Pedersen

Muscha's Play My Ding Dong (Helle & Per Dan Pålsson, Hørve)
Dan-L's Let's Talk About Sex (Helle Dan Pålsson, Hørve)
Junior Winner - dog
Rancecraig Scottish Gent (Kangaskoski Elisa)
Junior Winner- bitch
Shavian No Mercy (Hairkönen Anita & Ranta Jaana, Kajaani)
CACIB - dog
Dan-L's Let's Talk About Sex (Helle Dan Pålsson, Hørve)
CACIB- bitch
Muscha's Play My Ding Dong (Helle & Per Dan Pålsson, Hørve)
CC - dog
Rancecraig Scottish Gent (Kangaskoski Elisa)
CC - bitch
Kraglunds Go'on Little Return My Tan (Villumsen Per, Stoeuring)
BOB - Veteran
Northworth Trip Hammer (Kauhanen Nina, Sauvo)
BOB - Breeder
Kennel Benchmark (Korpi Mariann & Anett, Kellokoski)


December 5th
Interested into a showpuppy?
Blue roan puppydog for sale.

Have a look...Showstacker
- a JOKE or what???
Oh No - not a joke - users are highly recommading this as training aid for coming BIS-Winners.
While You are here - take a look at this fantastic homepage -Kennel Chinaroad - my respect!

Dan-L´s Winterkoninkske - Mischka - has now settles in her new home at Ingeborg Geertsen, Holland and met her new buddy.

...and so har His Little Highness Pascal - Dan-L´s Wintercoat - here stacked by "Mummy" Kirsten and photo taken by "Daddy" Peter Holsøe.

Best of luck to both of these gorgeous babies.


December 1st
Proud pappa Trubbs congratulates Ch.Stardew Heart Of Mine and her 2 boys and 4 girls born this night.


November 30st
Finally I found the time to update....

Spaniel Club CC Show Stestrup
Breed Judge Mrs. Sylvia Bunting,UK
We had the most wonderful Sunday - not that the wins were spetaculary,
but being with our very good dog-friends made the day so great.
Ever so thoughtful Lisbeth
( how this women finds the time to concern about other people is amazing - I will never find a friend like her) and Karsten made the day so speciel by bringing the most wonderful cake
for Sveinar!
A BIG hug and lots of kisses to you both....
...and THANK YOU to everyone who came forward - drinking Sveinars toast in champagne and having a piece of the cake - celebrating Sveinar´s farewell to the danish showground - which he has been dominating for so many Years!
I am touched to tears!

Ch.A One´s Troubadour 2.Championclass cq and CLUBCC

Paisley´s Time To Look Forward 2.openclass cq
Ch. Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex 1.veteranclass cq 4.Best Dog - 
BIS Veteran
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 1. Championclass cq 3. Best Bitch and
COCKER BITCH of The Year 2005
(3rd year in a row)

Veteran of the Year 2005

Lots of congratulations to Eigil and Hans and their Osvald on Cocker Of The Year 2005

To Sandra on her Juniorhandler of The Year 2005
and Mette - Juniorhandler 2 of The Year 2005
Go girls - GO!!

Sveinar is having just 1 more show to go -
he will end his outstanding showcarrier, where it all began....!


November 30st
The Swedish Kennel Club has decided to accept registration of OptiGen-prcd-PRA-results for Australian cattledogs and pudels!
Heja Sverige!!


November 26th
Matson congratulates Loopi with her zobel-boy Singleton born at Kennel Enjoy


November 25th
Time is in whelp!!
...are we exceited or not!
Copia and Melkers babies are doing so well now - after a couple of tuff days after the birth - they are now fat, short and compact to look at - they are absolutely gorgeuos!
...and Copia is THE PERFECT mother - she is the best!
I just love this little girl.


November 17th
Sweet and fantastic Copia got her 8 new babies this night - unfortunately the last 2 boys by a caesarian. The one boy didnot make it - but so far the others are hanging on. They were all big and fat by birth and Copia is absolutely THE perfect mother.
Father of the babies is Gentleman Melker and we are so happy, that we were able to make this combination - combining the best of Dan-L!
A huge THANK YOU to Jane for letting us have her darling and compagnion this autum.

By the way - if you are planning to have a puppy out of Copia - it will be now.
Even Copia has had 3 litters only - this included - I will NOT put her through this ever more - she is far too precious to me !
She has proven to be a wonderful brodbitch inheriting her true type and extraordinary lovely temperament:
Dan-L´s Ever So Sad - CK - shown once only
Dan-L´s Sadly Not - 4.BB and CK
DKUCH NORJW04 Dan-L´s Sad-No Way
and who can forget the little superboy Dan-L´s Himmelblå - BIS BABY first and only time out.


November 14th
Papa Trubbs wishes Columbine - Kennel Lovely Cocker - the best of luck with her 2 baby-boys and 4 baby-girls.


November 7th
DKK Cacib Herning
Breed Judge Mrs. Jessie Borregård
BIS-veteran Judge: Mr. L.P.Teixeria PT
Group Judge Mr. N.H.Corbett ES

Do I need to say more???
We are sooo proud of our dogs achievements.
My wonderful compagnion during the past 11 Years (next month) Sveinar has ended his extraordinary showcarrier
(1 more to go nov. 27th) through winning yet another BIS-Veteran the ultimate title a Veteran can get:
He is probably the only in Europe who has won Cocker of the Year 7 Years in a row, Best Spaniel 3 years in a row and finally Best Studdog 2 Years also in a row incl a great number of BOBs, GROUPs and BISs.
Will the record EVER be beaten?

...our adorable little Jenny took another
BOB and Group 4

....and Mette

Melker was 2.openclass CQ

Bos C´est Si Bon Mirifique Maurice - BOB Multich. Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong

Mette Bis 4 Juniorhandler with Ch.. Galaksi  Like You Madly

Sveinar´s report:
"Særdeles velbevaret han, der udstråler kraft, stil og styrke, klassisk maskulint hoved, smuk hals og overlinie på en velstillet og velvinklet skulder, har et helt rigtigt forhold mellem kropslængde og højde, velansat hale, herlig muskelmasse for sin alder, typiske cocker bevægelser, jordvindende, en herlig repræsentant for sin race."

Jenny´s report
"Herlig rød tæve, klassisk i alle detaljer, smuk hals og overlinie, velvinklede og velstillede lemmer, smuk pels, velansat hale, rør sig med meget raske bevægelser"

Melker´s report:
"2 år gammel blue roan han, korrekte propotioner, udmærket forhold mellem højde og længde, herlig hals og overlinie, velvinklet frem som bag, udmærket bryst og dybde, velvinklet bagstel med korrekt hasehøjde, smuk pels, effektive bevægelser med godt afskub."


November 1st
Darling Time is back again -
a huge thank you to Michael&Peter for taking so good care of her.
You have been most helpful!!

Crossing my fingers for a lots of beautiful puppies.


October 31th

Dansk Kennel Klubs forslag af marts 05 til regeringen for at sætte en stopper for import af hundehandler-hvalpe fra Øst-Europa

"Der skal indføres et krav om en forudgående importtilladelse ved indførelse af enhver hund, der ikke i forvejen er ID-mærket og registreret i det offentlige, lovpligtige Dansk Hunderegister. "

Lad os ikke håbe, at regeringen vil følge DKKs forslag til at stopper hundehandleri - dette forslag vil være en uhensigtsmæssig hindring for seriøse opdrættere og hvalpekøbere, som tager til udlandet for at vælge sin nye hvalp ud - dette betyder, at man ikke kan medbringe hvalpen/hunden med det samme - men må atter køre eller tage luftfartselskabernes dyre cargo-service i brug. Med mindre den udenlandske opdrætter vælge at registrere samtlige aktuelle hvalpe i Dansk Hunderegister INDEN køberen kommer på besøg - og hvorfor skulle han lige det?
Eller også skal vi alle til at have en importtilladelse med os hver gang vi rejser udenlands. Hvordan denne ser ud vides ikke - men man kunne frygte, at den skal udstyres med race-køn og ID-nummer. Og så er man lige vidt
Det vil ikke længere være muligt at "tage en rask beslutning" om køb af en hund, når man er på besøg i udlandet uden en væsentlig extraudgift til den efterfølgende hjemtransport.

Og vil en importtilladelse kunne leveres fra dag til dag - også i weekenderne?
(Jeg har pt. selv søgt om importtilladelse (dette er et krav for alle dyr som rejser uden ledsager) til at få min EGEN hund sendt hjem med fly - efter en kort visit i England (2 uger) - jeg søgte om denne for 1 uge siden, men har ikke fået den endnu (stadig ikke fået den pr. 6/11)- det er nu også ligegyldigt nu, for jeg har valgt selv at rejse til England efter hende - da Cargo selskabet skulle have over 4000kr for transporten og det var væsentligt billigere selv at rejse med hende.)

Derudover skal vi også huske, at tage vores registreringsattest fra Dansk Hunderegister med hver gang vi rejser ud over landets grænser med vores hund - for den er ikke velkommen i landet, medmindre vi kan fremvise en sådan ved grænsen. Man kan kun gisne om, hvad tolderne i så fald vil gøre, hvis man har glemt den.

Dansk Kennel Klub går i forvejen fødevarestyrelsens ærinde(læs kontrol) ved at kræve, at en import ved registrering -udover div. stambøger, ejerskifteforhold - også skal følges af et korrekt udfyldt EU-Hundepas med gyldige vaccinationer samt ID-mærkning.

Hundehandleri og hensynsløs import af alt for små hvalpe fra Øst-europa skal der naturligvis sættes en stopper for - men jeg tvivler stærkt at dette forslag vil have nogen som helst effekt på disse lovløse elementer som i forvejen omgår toldbestemmelser og dyreværnsregler ved deres skrupelløse smugleri!

Det virker som Dansk Kennel Klub atter en gang - på lige fod med igangværende debat om avlsforbud og etiske anbefalinger - skyder med spredhagl for at få ram på de få - og derved rammer os andre seriøse og ansvarsfulde hundeejere.

Læs her alt om DKKs initiativ -


October 30st
Hejpa´s Black Chantell -"Blackie" and my superboy Matson - Multich. Paisley´s Rumour became parents this night - mama Blackie had 3 wonderful red babies 2 boys and 1 girl.
Lots of congrats to the owner Marlene Thers -see more here


October 28th
Lots of congrats to Sveinar and the Polarprincess - Paisley´s Kiss´N Tell new babies!
4 red boys and 1 black girl have seen dawn!


October 25th
Just received an e-mail from Michael&Peter telling that darling Time has been mated this morning to
Top-winning - Cruft-winner - GBSCH Manchela Blue Lagoon.

How can we ever wait until December 27th?

My precious girl Copia - DKUCH Baba Yaga v.AltenHallig - is definite in whelp - we are looking forward having new Melker-pups around November 21st

Sadno and Melker`s babies are doing so good - they are looking very short with SUPERB heads!
2 boys are still available!


October 24th
Dan-L´s Power Point took yet another CC, BOB and BIG 3 in Belgium.
Congratulations to his devoted owner Laura Loeve!


October the 22th
Returnd this morning at 7 o´clock - we are just exhausted after a ride of 23 hour on the english, franch,belgian, dutch, german and danish roads.
Time is left behind us - hoping that she will return soon - she is such a darling and has behaved so well during the journey - WHAT A GIRL!

I´ll write later an report of our trip til Wales and vistit at kennel Manchela and their beautiful dogs.
A huge THANKS to Peter for everything - you have been most helpfull!
See the new photo of Larry below - taken at our visit - brushed by Peter - photografed by Per and handled the "scandinavian"-way by Helle.

GBSHCH and Cruft-winner -
same date of birth as Time 12.Feb (not year)
here pictured at our visit - now 5½ years old

Manchela Blue Lagoon - Larry
HD Score 11 - Eyes clear


Dan-L´s Daylight (daughter of Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex) got HDA!
Lots of congrats to her devoted owner Monna Nielsen


October 17th

We have had kennel inspection by the Danish Kennel Klub -
and everything was found in
TIP TOP ordre!


It is a boy!!!
born 1.57 - 3500 kg - 51 cm
Lots of congrats to the happy and proud couple



October 4th
Dan-L´s Daylight loved by Monna Nielsen has to day been Eye tested Clear and Vet. says the Hips were looking great.

...and Matson congratulats his red daughter Lovely Cocker Chile on her HD A result.


October 3rd
Best wishes to this little speciel boy "Skorpe" - Dan-L´s Put On Side in his new home in Søborg with Julian, Anne, Niels and his former kennelmate Odin.


September 30st
Sadno has blessed us with a sixpack of 3 boys and 3 girls blue roan puppies
Oh, she is doing so great.


September 29th
New cellphonenr/nyt mobilnr:
3032 4736

Have a look at Trubbs´s and Selma´s puppies in Sweden - especially the chocolate roan is an true Eyecatcher.

Thanks You - Helene for the photo of these 4 wonders!!


September 28th
Matson thanks for the visit of Enjoy´s Loopi The First and crosses his paws for a wonderful litter end of November by this sweet black bitch.
I thank, Inger&Vagn, Kennel Enjoy for the visit.


September 26th
Best wishes to Ch.Stardew Heart Of Mine on a healthy litter end of November out of Trubbs.


September 20th
Oh, oh much exciting news....!

September 19th
Copia, Time, Melker, Sveinar, Matson and Trubbs have been Eyetested Clear by proff.eyespecialist Flemming Obling, Tåstrup.

...and Copia has been mated to gentleman Melker.
We do expect a litter of healthy and true cockers around November 21st in the colours
Black N´white, blue roan and maybe orange/white or roan.


September 18th
DKK Copenhagen -winner Cacib show
Breed Judge Mr. Terry Thorn, GB

After a most peculiar DKK-show in Odense - where Sveinar did not take a CQ( has happend only 3 times before) and therefore could not entre the Main-ring and defend his position as Best Veteran of the Year(all breeds) - Sveinar went back on the track again and took his 3rd BIS-veteran at DKK-show this year.
Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex - 4 BEST DOG and BOB-veteran - and
"Still retaining lovely shape for age, excellent head, eyes and ears, strong straight front, compact catfeet, very compact in general body, deep chest, short loin, well angulated rear, com.tail? - superb mover for age"

Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 1.champclass cq - 2.BEST BITCH -res.CACIB

Mette had the most exciting day out,
as she was pulled out among a huge entry of Juniourhandlers and placed

Well done - Mette!

Lots of congratulations to BOB and BIG 2 winning bitch SU(U)CH Travis Hold On To Your Dreams -new DKUCH - and her owner Britta Dafgaard, Sweden.



Trubbs produces the colour *CHOCOLATE*.
Helene Kihlströms lovely bitch - Tomboys Take A Chance has given birth to 4 wonderful girls - 3 blues and 1
Lots of congratulations to a very happy Helene!!


September 12th
Trubbs has mated his former wife - Columbine - to day - we cross our fingers for a full litter.


September 5th
Gold Cup - Bogense
Sunday 4th
Breed Judge Mr. Gert Christensen, DK

Multich. Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong
3 år gammel, feminint hoved og udtryk - godt kvardratisk næseparti - saksebid - dejlige mørke øjne - minium stop - velansatte ører - god hals og overlinie - godt kryds - velansat hale - velvinklet - gode benstammer - flydende bevægelser med godt drive - god pels - godt temperament"

Paisley´s Time To Look Forward - 2.Best Dog and CC

Multich. Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex dog and BIS - VETERAN
"En veteran som vises i fortrinelig kondition, fantastiske bevægelser på trods af alderen, en meget værdig repræsentant for racen"

and his black and tan son presented to perfection by Mette -see them in action

Dan-L´s Side Effect BIS 2 BABY PUPPY

Angie Blue v. RauhenHolz 2.Openclass CQ
Dan-L´s Sadly Not 1. OpenClass CQ 4. Best Bitch
DKUCH Dan-L´s Piece Of Pie Championclass CQ

Mette BIS 3 Juniorhandler

BIS-competitions goes sunday only.
Except child/dog and juniorhandlers


Breedjudge Mrs. Arja Koskelo,Finland
Multich Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex 2.Champclass CQ and CQ -
3.Best Dog
"What a beautiful Veteran so well constructed and carring his years like a king - correct shape of head - long neck and lovely topline - excellent coat for his age - balanced quarters - moves like a youngster - should only prefer a little more stop - also a real TAILWAGGER"
Paisley´s Time To Look Forward 2. openclass CQ
4.Best Dog
Multich. Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 2.Champclass CQ
3.Best Bitch
"A real charmer so very cockery - well built allover - correct head, topline, neck, bone, quarters and bodyproportions - carring just slighty too much weight in lovely coat - sound and happy mover - well balanced allover expression"
Dan-L´s Sadly Not 2.OpenClass CQ
Dan-L´s Piece Of Pie 3.Openclass CQ (Dogs) and got hereby his title
A big and warm hug and lots of congrats to his devoted owner Lisbeth Christensen, Kennel Muscha
He is my 22nd Dan-L Champion and the sire of our little beauty "Jenny".

Mette BIS 4 Juniorhandler

Photos will come - I had forgot my camera - so I´ll have to wait for incoming photos.


August 29th

Skandale på skandale -


VM for spaniels aflyst - på gr. af halekuperingsforbuddet.

Endelig kom Verdensmesterskabet i Markprøve for stående og ikke stående til Danmark -


Det er skandaløst, at Danmark IKKE kan være vært for Verdensmesterskabet Markprøve for spaniels på grund af vores sindsyge halekuperingsforbud - Det er vanvittigt og U-DANSK at afvise vores gæster/turister ved grænsen på grund af en kort hale.

Jeg skammer mig over mit land.

Er der dog ikke nogen, som kan tage det op på regeringsplan?







"Jeg har i fredags modtaget et brev fra DKK som lyder således jeg citerer:
Nedlæggelse af avlsforbud
DKK er blevet opmærksom på at Langhåret miniature gravhund -----/--
Beucannon er far til mere end 39 hvalpe.
Dette overstiger langt det antal hvalpe, som DKK anbefaler i sine etiske anbefalinger, der bl.a. lyder.
Avl, hvor enkelte hunde antalsmæssigt dominerer avlen inden for en race, bør ungås.
DKKs tommelfingerregel for antalsmæssig dominans er, at en hund ikke bør blive forældre til flere end 25% af et års stambogsføring i racen, i hele dens levetid. Det vil for langhåret miniature Gravhund sige ca. 17 hvalpe.
DKKs bestyrelse har derfor den 8 august 2005- i henhold til DKKs stambogføringsregler § 11 besluttet at nedlægge avlsforbud på Beucannon.
Der vil derfor ikke fremover kunne stambogsføre hvalpe efter pågældende hund.
Skulle hunden være far til endnu ikke stambogsførte kuld ved modtagelsen af dette brev, bedes du rette henvendelse til DKKs direktør Anette Bak Frederiksen.
Med venlig hilsen
Jørgen Hindse Madsen
Kopi; DKK's bestyrelse
DKK's registreingsafdeling
Dansk Gravhundeklub

Citat slut
Jeg vil bare sige, at jeg HAR overholdt DKKs stambogsføringsregler da der i dem står: at det er tilladt at parre imellem de tre størrelsesvarianter inden for et hårlag og har dermed været i god tro vdr. antallet af mulige hvalpe, det vil være langt over 100, når man ligger reg. antallet i alle 3 varianter sammen fra sidste år. Der imod virker det som om at DKK ikke kan sine egne regler og formåls paragrafer og dermed handler i ond tro som det så fint hedder.

Man bruger nogle anbefalinger (som det fremgår af selve ordet er det anbefalinger og ikke regler ) til at fra bestyrelsens side at komme med efter deres mening et got tiltag men at bruge et sæt anbefalinger der indeholder bl.a. ord som VURDERE, TILSTRÆBES, BØR, UNDGÅS og LØBENDE VURDERING. er helt hen i vejret.

Og hvad med DKKs formåls paragraf 1 Jeg citerer: Klubbens formål er at skabe interesse for typiske, fysik og mentalt sunde hunde. citat slut
Er det det man ligger op til i lederen af Hunden august 2005 jeg citerer: At tæveejeren må henvises til at benytte en hanhund, som er af dårligere eksteriør- eller brugsmæssig kvalitet. citat slut.

DKKs love § 9 siger :Sundt avlsarbejde og kontrol hermed søges fremmet gennem samarbejde med specialklubberne ( er de blevet spurgt) her tænker jeg især på alle racer med færre end 100 stambogsføringer pr år i disse racer er der INGEN hund der må blive forældre til mere end 25 hvalpe i hele deres levetid.

Alene levetiden i de forskellige racer varierer voldsomt, racerne kan i løbet af ganske få år vokse fra 50 registreringer til 200. får så en hund der tidligere er blevet frataget alvsretten denne tilbage, det kan man ikke få svar på!

Hvad hvis man ikke kan find egnet avlspartnere, giver DKK da oplysninger om, hvor disse findes? "NEJ" - det gør de ikke.

Skal man bruge en hund der har en 2 præmie på udstilling den blev trukket en præmiegrad pga usikkerhed? JA

Skal man bruge den hund der ikke er øjenlyst HD testet AA testet Hjerteundersøgt( ikke et krav for alle racer men mange ansvarlige alvshunde ejere gør det alligevel) JA - for det er ifølge DKKs nye politiske korrekte linie bedre end den hund der er undersøgt bare fordi han allerede er far til X antal hvalpe

Jeg mener DKKs bestyrelse er tæt på et selvmål da der må forudses at mange små racer vil forsvinde og at mange avlshunde vil blive aflivet efter endt brug (desværre har DKK også sådanne kyniske hundeejere/opdrættere) selvom DKK jo er imod aflivning af sunde hunde.

DKK har igennem de sidste 5-10 år heppet på at dommerne skulle fravælge de såkaldt overtypede hunde og netop i disse år er der sket en holdningsædring så disse hunde bliver placeret bagerst i udstillingsringen og nu opfordrer man gud hjælpene mig at man skal bruge disse eksteriørmæssigt ringere hunde i avlen igen.

DKK nedgører også deres egne dommere på denne måde, da en eksteriørmæssig ringere hund i mange tilfælde har en fejl der kan påføre hunden sygdomme og indvaliditet. Her tænker jeg på hunde med dårlige ryglinier, dårlige bevægelser qua slette vinkler disse vil uvilkårligt få slidgigt med alderen, er det det vi skal til at tilbyde vores hvalpekøbere.
Eller hvad med hunde med hudfolder, korte næser ect. ect. skal vi virkelig til at sælge hvalpe af ringere kvalitet, det er os som opdrættere der har ansvaret overfor vores hvalpekøbere og det er købeloven der gælder og i sidste ende tror man virkelig at man kan sælge en hvalp værende en gravhund hvis den slet ikke ligner en gravhund NEJ hvalpekøbere og hundeejere der vil købe en race hund kræver sgu at kvaliteten er i orden.

Der er kun få grupper af hundeejere der kan/er glade for dette tiltag,
det er Futte og Nusers ejer der ikke kan forstå at deres lille pukkelryggede stavrende hund ikke bliver anvendt i avlen den er jo så søøød,
eller dem som har små racer som har fået deres første kuld hvalpe som desværre ikke kunne sælges og man havde lige troet at man skulle score kassen,
eller den kennel ejer som er så blind at man har startet opdræt på 1 han og 3 tæver og nu kun har i tankerne at fylde en stambog ud med sit eget kennelnavn.

Jeg hører gerne fra jer derude, men det er jo nok ikke alle som har samme holdning som mig, men husk alle har sin grundlovssikrede ret til ytringsfrihed.

For at der ingen tvivl skal våre, så er jeg stadig medlem af DKK og jeg overholder også deres regler og love og evt. avlsforbud. Men jeg anser stadig DKKs avlsanbefalinger kun som værende vejledende, hvilket jeg så godt det har været muligt har efterlevet.

Jeg vil bare gøre alt for at netop dette hovsa tiltag ( avlsforbud udelukkende pga afkoms antal)bliver ændret og at via debat at DKK kan få nogle bedre formuleret anbefalinger og regler der gør at INGEN er i tvivl om hvor mange hvalpe en hund må få og også at bibeholde avl på de BEDSTE hunde og ikke de næst bedste og sådan at alle racer bliver individuelt tilgodeset og ikke skåret over en kam som man gør nu.
Med venlig hilsen Ghita Pensdal"

(Jeg har intet med ovenstående indlæg at gøre, men støtter Ghita Pensdal´s protest)

Jeg skal gøre opmærksom på at Dansk kennel Klubs avlsforbud OGSÅ gælder for tæver - dette betyder i praksis at en tæve fra en antalsmæssigt lille race - f.eks irsk vand spaniel eller field spaniel i sin levetid også kun må have 1 kuld hvalpe. Dette er en totalt gotesk situation og vi KAN ikke blot sidde med hænderne i skødet og lade stå til.

Vær med til at rejse debat omkring disse etiske regler.


August 26th
"Sveinar" has had a visit of the Polar Princess - Paisley´s Kiss n`Tell -
we wish her owner Jane Jarefors -Kennel Häljans
the best of luck with the up-coming litter of solids.


August the 20th
Hot news from Holland.
Dan-L´s Power Point took
under Mr. Terry Thorn,UK in Mechelen, Belgium.


August 14th
Breed Judge Mr. Evg. Koplyauskas, RU

Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex 2. CH.class NO CQ and 1. Vet. Class NO CQ
"Very good type, strong body and bone, compact, long head, not enough long shoulder(?), not enough free mover (?), not enough white teeth, good temperament, coat and handling"
CH. Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 2.Ch.class cq res. cacib 2. BEST BITCH
"Very good type, excellent size and boby, compact, not clean enough lines in head, and r ry neck(?) not enough energetic mover, very good coat and handling"
Angie Blue v. Rauhen Holz class cq
"Very good type, compact strong body, not enough strong bite(?) and not strong topline moving, medium coat, energetic mover and temp."
By the dogs were all the classwinner(and the classwinner only) awarded CQ and by the bitches were only in Champion and Openclass others, than the classwinner, awarded CQ
A rather interesting day.

But a huge congratulation the Lotte and Michael on their BOB/BOS in both Cockers and Amis + Group 1 with the Ami belonging to Mette Maj.


August 6th
Best wishes to Doris Junge and her adorable Ch.Louisa v.RauhenHolz on a healthy litter out of my new little gentleman Paisley´s Time To Look Forward.
Puppies expected in a 9 weeks time.

August 4th
Lots of congratulations to Elena and Morten Boeck Hansen and their 6 new red bebser in house.
3 boys and 3 girls saw daylight this morning. The nursing mother is Culpepers Macy Gray and proud father Ch. Paisley´s Rumour
Follow the bebser here.


August 1st
DKUCH NORDW04 Dan-L´s Sad-No Way has been mated to Paisley´s Time To Look Forward

~* ~

July 25th
"Sadno" has been eyetested clear.
She is now in season and we do expect to mate her to our new fantastic boy on the block -
Paisley´s Time To Look Forward - "Melker" - HDA - OptiGen A1 - 2 CC.


July 18th
Blue roan babies expected in Sweden Helene Kihlström and her lovely Tomboy´s Take A Chance has been mated to "Trubbs"
Best wishes to Helene and "Selma"


July 15th
Got the best news ever!!!
Sveinar has been OptiGen tested Normal/Clear = A1


July 14th
Lots of congratulations to "Maggie" Amanda Nori`s Black Love´s and her 7 puppies ( she had 10!!! unfortunately with a cesarean) - but they are growing and becoming fat! They are born July 9th
There are 2 black boys, 3 red girls and 2 black and tan girls.
For more info: Kennel Lovely Cocker

Also lots of congrats to Hejpa´s Highlight and her 3 boys and 2 girls - all red - born on July 7th.

Both litters are sired by my outstanding boy "Matson" .

July 4th
Taking off 1 week for Crete - celebrating my dad´s 80th anniversery.
Back again tuesday 12th.


June 30st
Dan-L´s Power Point has got HD B - owner Laura Loeve, Holland


June 26th
Trubbs congratulates his and "Malou`s"son "Pepino" - Cockergold Twinkle N´ Shine on winning
BIS 2 from Puppy class
at Spaniel Club reg. 2 Open Show


June 12th
New from Holland
Laura Loeve´s Dan-L´s Power Point was BIS 2 at an All Breed Clubmatch (115 entries) under breed specialist mr. Tony Howell-Thomas.
Well done Laura also with the other nice wins you did to day.

Lots of congratulations to Magnus(7 years old) and his favour girl Malou - Dan-L´s Sadly Not on their BIS 4 at a Spaniel Club Open Show under judge Thorkild Mogensen, Kennel Hazelwood, S.

photo taken when Malou was 2 month old


June 11th
DKK CACIB Hillerød
Breed-judge Mrs Ann-Lis Nylin
Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex cq 2.BEST DOG
"Smuk maskulin han, velskåret hoved, dejlig lang hals, meget smuk overlinie, kraftig veludviklet krop, gode ben og vinkler, utrolige elegante bevægelser for en hund i den alder"

Marianne and Karl Isbosethsen´s Dan-L´s Mayflower 2.juniorclass cq
Bitch lineup.
Best Bitch 1&2


June 5th
Matson has have a visit of Culpepers Macy Gray. Elena Boeck-Hansen´s lovely red girl.
Red puppies are hopefully expected around August 6th.
Further info: 7551 0950
We are wishing the best of luck


May 31st
Beautiful and ever so bright DKUCH Dan-L´s It´s About Time has to day blessed us with a litter of 6 fat blue ( 3boys and 3 girls).
Sire is Ann Swärds legendairy Multich.Midnight Train v.RauhenHolz.
These puppies cannot be but OptiGen A1 and should not develope or carrie PRA(prcd)

DKUCH NORDJW04 A One´s Troubadour has become the proud father of 2 blue Prinsesses. Dame is Ulla Schroll´s Tears Of Joy Creme Blue Light
Congratulations to her proud owner.

***HOT NEWS***
The Mutation Gene for PRA(prcd) has been detected
and OptiGen offers the new test which replaces the marker-test.


May 20th
Kennel Muscha expecting puppies out of our Ch.Nordjv04 A One´s Troubadour July 20th


May 16th
Per cleaning the duckhouse and Jenny helping!

Jackie is given birth - so far 1 black FAT boy! see more here


May 15th
Blue roan han 5 år Dan-L´s Little Cowboy søger nyt hjem, gerne sammen med Cavalier King Charles Spaniel han 2 år.
Henvendelse for nærmere oplysninger:
Jørgen Reenberg
Tlf: 2548 1985
4918 1330


May 11th
Just returned from a family-visit in great Canada
Puppies are doing fine, getting fat and big.
Per has went to:
FDA-show in Stepping
Breed Judge Mr. Bertil Lundgren,S
Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex cq
2.BEST DOG and BIS Veteran
Proffesionaly shown by Lotte Andreasen, Thanks Lotte!
Ch.Dan-L´s Sad-No Way cq, shown to perfection by Mette, Well done, Mette
...and once again, Mette won
BIS Juniorhandler with Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex
Well done, Per - your very first show on your own!!! Love you!!!!

Kennel Lovely Cocker is expecting new babies out of MultiCh. Paisley´s Rumour and Amanda Nori´s Black Love´s.
4 super red babies are born in Poland, Kennel Capra out of Multich.Paisley´s Rumour.
Congratulations to Arletta.


May 3rd
Two very different show this weekend.
What were topwinning Saturday - were "bottomsweeping" Sunday.

Spaniel Club CC-Show
Breedjudge Mrs.Wera Hübenthal, Norway
CH.A One´s Troubadour ClubCC cq
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong cq
Best Bitch 2
Nordjw04 Dan-L´s Sad-No Way 1.intermed.class cq
Berlinjdgsgr05 Dan-L´s Mayflower 3.juniourclass SL

DKK INT.Show Ballerup
Breed Judge Mrs. H.Maissen-Jarrich, Austria
(Sorry, I had forgot to do my training for longdistance race)
Ch.A One´s Troubadour did not get CQ from Champ.class!!
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong cq
Ch. Dan-L´s Sad-No Way 4. ch.class cq
BerlinJugendsgr Dan-L´s Mayflower 1.juniorclass cq
...and my crownprince
under Mrs Hassi Assenmacher-Feyel
Her kind words about my boy:
" He is still a gorgeous cocker"

Lots of congrats to Karin Staff and her CH.Backhills Garibaldi on his DKUCH, BOB and BIG under the breed judge


May 2nd
Sorry, folks...
you will have to wait until tomorrow with more updates.
I am exhausted.
By the way.... Ever and bebser are doing wonderful.


April 30th and May 1st
We have had a gorgeous weekend with top-winns and a litter of super puppies.
...But I am dead-tired and, you will have to wait for all the details until tomorrow.
Hope that I manage before leaving for Canada on Wednesday-morning


April 2nd
DKK Nat. Esbjerg
Breed judge Mrs. Susie Svoldgaard, DK
23 entries
A One´s Troubadour 1.Intermed.class cq
CC (4th) - 3.Best Dog and
Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex 1.Vet.class cq
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 2.CHamp.Class cq 3.Best Bitch
Dan-L´s What Girls Do In May 1.Juniorclass SL
Dan-L´s Sad - No Way 1.Openclass cq
CC (2nd)-2.Best Bitch
.....and Dan-L´s Mayflower 3.Juniorclass

Mette was BIS 3 Juniorhandler with Galaksi Like You Madly
Thanks to Lotte & Michael for letting her borrow your ami.
see photo here


March 31st
Dan-L´s Mad About Blue got HD A

A huge thank you to fam. Johansen, Vordingborg
for loving and caring so much for "Helene" - Dan-L´s Let´s Talk - Again.
We are wishing you the best of luck.


March 27th
DKK National Næstved
Breed judge Mrs. Wendy Willhauck, USA
BIS-VETERAN Judge Mr. Martin, South Africa
A One´s Troubadour 1.Intermed.Class cq 3 Best Dog
CH. Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex 1.Veteranclass cq

Baba Yaga v..d AltenHallig 1.Openclass cq CC (4th)- 3. Best Bitch and

Huge congratulation to Copia´s breeder Stephan Höhne on his very first champion and
"Thank you, Stephan for letting me have this little extravert - I simply love her!"

Stephan and Copia when she took her very first CC out of 4 - just 9 month old.

Thanks You, Mr. Martin for Your sweet words about my darling Sveinar
"Outstanding Cocker"

Also Karl&Marianne Isbosethsen´s Dan-L´s Mayflower had a good dag out
2.Juniorclass SL

Lots of congrat to Theres&Börje Johanssons Ch.Allert´s Hippi Dippi Runner -daughter of Stocdale Let´s Talk About Rain - on her DKUCH and NORDCH


Best wishes to Ulla Scroll and Zoe - Tears Of Joy Blue Creme Light - on expected babies in 9 weeks time out of Nordjw04 A One´s Troubadour.


March 24th
Lots of congratulations to Trubbs sister A One´s Teodora and Riika Kotanen on her OptiGen A1 and her kennelmate Great Escape Made By Mistake also A1


March 20th
Spaniel Club CC-show, Haverslev
Breed-judge Mrs. Ann-Christin Johansson, S
Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex cq BOB - BIS-veteran and
Baba Yaga v.d.AltenHallig 1.openclass cq Best Bitch 3
(another second to the CC)
Congrats to Karl & Marianne Isbosethsen´s Dan-L´s Mayflower debut in Juniorclass 1.prize and 4th.
A huge THANKS to Ann Christin Johanssons for her words about my boy:
"Helt topklasse, jeg er glad at få lov at se ham igennem.
Hvorfor får man ikke lave sådanne hunde nu?"
"Topquality allthrough, I am happy to going over him.
Why is it not allways possible to breding such a dog now"


March 16th
"Jackie" has been mated to "Sveinar" and we are looking forward to having solid puppies in 9 weeks time.


March 12th
Reports from Crufts
Dansk version - english version
Crufts Dog Show - Birmingham, England
Judge Dogs:Mr.
T Borman - Bitches: Mrs Jackie Rowland
Group Judge Mrs. Ann Webster, Kennel Asquanne
390 dogs/422 entries
(dogs can be entred in more classes)
199 dogs/187 bitches
Ch. Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong Openclass
21432 dogs total and 23717 entries
Denmark 28 entries


March 11th
Red puppies are expected in Poland out of Ch.Paisley´s Rumour and PLCH.Nuttiness Capra
(Camillo´s Playmate/Culpepers Jo Jo My Golden Dream)
Best wishes to her owner Arleta Kmita, Kennel Capra


March the 10th
First results coming in from Crufts
1st Hound group
Beagle Dialynne Ryans Gold of Bayard
2nd Dachhound(longhaired), 3rd Saluki, 4th Deerhound
All english!
1st Terrier group
Norfolk Terrier AMCH/CH Cracknor Cause Celebre
2nd Fox Terrier(smooth) and 3rd Airdale Terrier in group also AMCH and FROM USA and 4th Sky Terrier from Germany
Group Judge Geir Flyckt-Pedersen most have had a lot of guts! - Well done!!
Also the breed judges how did send these dogs into Main Ring
Can we start talking about a foreing influence - perhaps from the States?

Well folks, no more until Tuesday when returning.

March 9th
Paisley´s Outsider and Dan-L´s Mad About Blue have been eyetested clear
Dan-l´s Mad About Blue has been x-rayed. "Perfect hips!"; says the Vet.


March 6th
Spaniel Club Open Show, Tølløse Castle
Judge Birgitte Schjöth
Dan-L´s Sadly Not BIS 2
Paisley´s Outsider BIS 4
Mette and Paisley´s Outsider BIS-JUNIORHANDLER
First time out for Dan-L´s Blue Christy and her family - 4. babyclass -well done


March 5th
Daddy´s girl "Jackie" -Paisley´s Outsider is in season.
We expect puppies in the colours red, black and black ´n tan May 17th.
She will be mated to mummy´s boy "Sveinar" -CH.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex


Febuary 27th
We are expecting puppies!!!!!
Mother is "Ever" - Dan-L´s Ever So Sad - the most gentle and pretty little sweetheart one can imagine, has to day been mated to "Trubbs" - A One´s Troubadour.

These babies cannot be but A1 ( OptiGen)
(This means that they genetical free of PRA)


Febuary 23rd
"Ever" has been eyetested clear.


Febuary 22nd
Babies out of Trubbs and Amica v.AltenHallig expect at Kennel AltenHallig, Germany


Febuary 21st
Finally has "Ever" - Dan-L´s Ever So Sad got into season. She will be mated to Nordw04 A Ones Troubadour

Lots of good wishes for the 3 new Trubbs-bebser born at Kennel Lovely Cocker. Proud mother is Columbine

First of all....
...a huge THANK YOU to all of You who came forward and expressed your best wishes, congratulations and warm support for my darling boy Sveinar´s comeback this weekend.
I never thought, it was possible for a dog to entre the Breed Ring under applause from the other exhibitors.
But YOU did this for Sveinar.
You have shown, what a wonderful world the doggy world also can be.
You have all made this weekend unforgetable for me.
Thank YOU..
You are nothing but ...fantastic!

Febuary 13th
Spaniel Club CC Show Lunderskov
Breed Judge Mrs. Carina Östman, S

Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 1.Ch.class cq BOB
Baba Yaga v.d. AltanHallig 1.Open class cq 4.
BEST BITCH (2nd to the CC)
Dan-L´s Mayflower
BOB and BIS 3 Puppy


Febuary 12th
DKK Cacib show Fredericia
Breed Judge Mr. Wilfried Peper, D
Group Judge Mr. Svend Løvenkjær, DK

Ch.Paisley´s Rumour class cq 3.BEST DOG
Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex 1.Vet.class cq
Sveinars critic:"Excellent type,Maskulin dog, excellent general appearance, representing the breed nearly to perfection. Outstanding head, ecxellent topline,propotions,angulations,chest,bone,feet and tail.
Outstanding coat for his age, still moving to perfection"

Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 1.Ch.class cq CACIB BEST BITCH
Dan-L´s It´s About Time 2.Open class cq
Dan-L´s May Flower
BOB Puppy

CH.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex
Dan-L´s It´s About Time
CH. Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong
CH.Paisley´s Rumour

New Nordic champion:
CH.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong
CH.Paisley´s Rumour

Congratulations to Karl&Marianne Isbosethsen to 2X BOB puppy with their "Lucca" and to Sveinars son Ch. Natisja Adonis on his 2.BEST DOG and CACIB.

Other new DKUCH:
Stardew Heart Of Mine
Travis Vital Importance
C´est Si Bon Mirifique Maurice
CH.Carillo Cover Design

see photos here


January 27th
59 cockers entered at the very first show where
Danish Show Champion title
is available
Judge Mr. Wilfred Peper, D


January 15th
Don´t miss this "one of a kind" - show


January 10th
Huge congratulations to Ch.Iorrendrills Dear Prudence
(daughter of legendary Multich. Dan-L´s Danfedder) on her litter of 7 out of Ch.Paisley´s Rumour
There are 6!!! boys in red and black and 1 black ´n tan girl.
Proud owner is Pia Elmelund, Kennel Elmelund


January 8th
Dan-L´s Power Point - "Omar" was BIS 2 PUPPY at an All Breed-Show
Lots of congrats to his owner Laura Loeve, Kennel Sierra Blanca, Holland


January 4th
This year started out best possible as Dan-L´s Sadly Not - "Malou", gave birth to a wonderful litter of 4 boys and 4 girls sired by NordW04 A One´s Troubadour.
We wish "Malou"and her owner Lotte Andreasen, Kennel Cockergold the best of luck.