News 2006

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Best Bitch
2x Swedish Champions
2x Polish Champions
Best Junior
Best Junior Bitch
Junior World Winner 06
BOB winners and Group/BIS placements
Large numbers of CC and Cacibs
won with 7 different dogs


December 16th

Best news from Holland.
Dan-L´s Wise Portia 
(Ch.Manchela Blue Lagoon and Ch.Dan-L´s It´s About Time)
took her very first Junior-CC
under Mrs. A Bennich-Smies, NL
lots of warm congratulations to her devoted owner - Lajla Steen

New photos of Jackie and King Sveinar´s bebser


December 10th
Brand new photos of Jackie - Paisley´s Outsider - with her brand new haircut!
Still with a full milkbar - puppies 6 weeks old


December 7th

Dan-L´s Athos 10 weeks
More new photos of Jackie/Sveinars babies - here


December 1st
Luna - Paisley´s A Little Bit Moore has been groomed and had her photo taken this afternoon
and my dear friend Vet. Mikael Tranholm has stated, that she is in whelp!

She does expect puppies around New Year out of King Sveinar


November 30st
Best news!!
Paisley´s Outsider - Jackie is OptiGen Clear/Normal=A1
that means, that all her and Sveinars -Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex OptiGen A1-
babies are OptiGen Clear/Normal=A1
by parentage.


November 26th
Spaniel Club CC show Stesstrup
Breed Judge Mr. Henrik Flyckstrand, S

Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 1.Ch.class CQ BEST BITCH
BIS Oppostie Sex (judge Ove Germundsson,S - THANK YOU!)
Dan-L´s Side Effect
1. Intermeditaire CQ and
DayTonys Nice Light 1. Juniorclass CQ and 4. BEST BITCH

These results made them:

Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong
DKUCH Dan-L´s Piece Of Pie&Dan-L´s Something To Talk About
4 Years running!!!

Dan-L´s Side Effect
Cocker of the Year 1996-1997-1998-1999-2000-2001-2002 Stud Dog of the Year 1998-1999 Spaniel of the Year 1999-2000-2001 Veteran of the Year 2005 FINW05 NORDW05 DKUCH SU(U)CH SV-01.DCH.VDHCH.KLBCH.KBHW.98&99,2001&2002. DKKW02
Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex& Paisley´s Outsider
6 CC

Day`Tonys Nice Light
DKUCH SU(U)CH NUCH NORDCH NORDW04 KLBCH DKW03&04 PLCH  Cocker of the Year 2003&2004 Paisley´s Rumour&Hejpa´s Highlight

These 3 Top Winning cockers are all related to King Sveinar
- Sider as son -Jenny as gr.daughter - and Anna as -
and these fantastic cokers are showing his strength as studdog!
Not forgetting his son. Ch. Natisja Adonis numbers BIS Veteran-winner and
who more that words shows the ability of this line to stay strong and in topcondition
with fantastic movement in a very high age -
we all remember Sveinars Top Wins in the age of 10.

Mette Pålsson


Other results to be proud of:

Dan-L´s Driving Me Mad BEST PUPPY DOG
Trubbs´s daughter Stardew This Side Of Paradise 3. Juniorclass
Matson´s son Elmelund Daredevil 1. Openclass 3.BEST DOG
Darwins Daughter Himlahundens Tummelisa BIS workingdog and
Sveinar´s son CH.Natisja´s Adonis BIS Veteran

Photos will follow

Lots of congratulations to Glady´s 4 boys and 2 girls born at
Kennel Niendorfer Gehege, Germany

Viel glück mit die kleine bebser!


November 20th
New Trubbse bebser are expected January 22th 2007 at Kennel Stardew -
expecting mum is Stardew Declaration Of Love


November 19th
Nordic Winner Show
Hamar - Norway
Breed Judge Mrs. Sandy Platt, UK

We had entred 4 dogs - not much to say about that -
but we had a lovely trip of 800 KM 9½ hour and a good nights sleep at the hotel in Hamar
and another 800 KM 9½ hour of which 3 were in pouring rain - back to Denmark.
Only left to say, that this show proves, that it IS possible for a dog in just 1 week to go from 
Junior World Winner, Junior CC and Best Junior In Breed (51 Juniors entred) judged by 2 breedspecialists;
-to 3rd out of 3 - without been considered "very promising" under another breedspecialist.

Lots of warm congrats to Christina and her Balou
on gaining the CC and Norwegian Champion Title.


November 14th
World Show in Poznan is over
and we are thrilled over the results our cockers achieved.
Dan-L´s Charles Austin´s full name is now
JUNIOR WORLD WINNER 2006 Dan-L´s Charles Austin

The title was taken under Mr. Jens Martin Hansen, DK
as this was not enough
Mr.Tamas Jakkel, Hungary made him
..and qualified for Crufts 2007
Sister Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet came 2nd in a huge class of particolours
Judge by Mr. Kettendorfer,D
I am sooo proud of my youngsters

Ch. Paisley´s Rumour can add the Polish Show Champion title
to the long list of titles he allready got by winning Championclass and CC.
I was very proud of him as he was shortlistet among the final 4 males for WorldWinner 2006
Judge by Mr. Tamas Jakkel

Photo Karsten Kragh
...and finally Daddys Jenny - so close so close
Ch. Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong can also add the Polish Show Champion title to her list of championtitles -
is NOT a title - but something to be proud of.

Photo Lucie Trnková
The floor was very slippery and hard for the dogs to balance on.
The winning bitch Travis Hold On To Your Dream owned by B.Dafgaaard, S is the favorite of the Judge Mr. Thorn,UK - he has at earlier occasions given this bitch winnertitles.

Mette made the day perfect by
qualifying for the Final in JUNIORHANDLING
- 3 Juniorhandlers were chosen each day to go into Mainring .
Really something to be proud of as on the Sunday the were over 50 entries!
And I surpose, that the same number of young people have been entreed the other days.

The danish cockers were doing very well at the show and won as following:
Dkch Natisja Adonis BEST VETERAN MALE
CH. Cockergold Cool N´Vital 1. Champion class Particolour and CC and Polish Champion shortlistet among the last 4 in Best Male
DKCH Kraglunds Go On Little return My Tan 1. Workingclass Other colours
and CC and Polish Champion.
Natisja Private Selection Res Junior World Winner
Stardew On Night Of Sin 4.Open class Particolour
Dkuch Cockergold Misty Blues 2.Open Class Particolour
Elmelunds Daredevil 1.InterClass CC and shortlistet among the last 6

...and we (the danish spaniel people at the show) lost:

1 Windscreen wiper blate to a Volvo V40
1 Mobil phone
1 Brush
1 Blanket
and 2 pair of Shoes size 36/37

...but apart from that, it was a very well organized show and very clean -
only ALL showreports were translated from the language the Judge spoke into POLISH -
so no other but the natives had a chance to know WHAT the Judge wrote!
Not a very original idea!

Lots of congratulations to Mr. Studeniks
Doubtless Black Petrs
WorldWinner 2006 BOB and BIG

News from Denmark
Kennel Stardew had great success with Trubbs children
at an Open Show in Northern Jutland under Mrs. Karin Staff, Kennel Backhills, Sweden
Dan-L´s Driving Me Mad
½ -sister Stardew Minstral Wind
Lots of warm congrats to Rikke&Ejgil


November 6th
Brand-new photos of  Evers babies - here


November 4th
Breed Judge Mr. J. De Cuyper, B
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 1.chclass cq BEST DOG and CACIB
Dan-L´s Charles Austin 2.Youngclass SL
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 3.Chclasscq 4.BEST BITCH
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet 3 Youngclass
Day´Tony´s Nice Light 1 Inter.class cq

Matson BOS and Ch.Cockergold Cute N´Blue BOB and BIG 3

Other results:
Dan-L´s Driving Me Mad 2. BEST PUPPY male
Matsons red son Elmelunds Daredevil 1.InterClass cq
Trubbs daughter Stardew Mistral Wind 1.Youngclass
Sveinars gorgeous black daughter Häljans Let´s Talk About Me 2.Youngclass
Darwin´s orange daughter 1.workingClass cq.
Sveinars son Ch.Natisja Adonis Best Senior in Breed.

Spaniels continue ruling!!!

Cocker spaniel Carillo Cover Design

Ami. Truly Yours
Eng.Spr. Sieger

Eng.Spr. Ch.Siegers White Night
Ami Caci´s Catch The Spirit

Eng.Spr. Adamant´s Brilliant Chance

Group 8

Ami Caci´s Carl P´Dal
Eng.Spr Sieger´s Pool Position
Cok. Cockergold Cute N`Blue
Welsh Spr. Eastfarms Green Ocean




October 31st
Luna - Paisley´s A Little Bit More - has been mated to King Sveinar.
Puppies in the colours red, black and perhaps black and tan
are expected around New Year


October 30st
Jackie has given birth to Sveinars babies - see more here


October 28th
I went off to Mjölby in Sweden - to the biggest show of the Year with a total of 149!! cockers under Mr. Ove Germundsson, Sweden.
I must admit, that with so many entries I had not many expetations,
but I am more than happy to announce , that
Svensson - Sveinars extravert red son - Häljans Let´s Talk About Gossip
showed himself off
and won this huge class of 18 - he simply loved to be in the ring and finished the day by winning

out of 55 adults - just one little paw from the CC.
My lovely and classic Sadno - DKUCH NORDJW04 Dan-L´s Sad-No Way
out of Ch.Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober and DKUCH Baba Yaga v.AltenHallig -
won a big class of 17 open class bitches and finished her way to the
by winning
2. BEST BITCH and the CC
(61 adults).
Thank You to Mr. Ove Germundsson for his kind words about my dogs:
"She was so easy to spot" and "He is so very well constructed - outstanding Junior"

Dan-L´s Sad-No Way

Häljans Let´s Talk About Gossip
12 month old

Huge congratulations to Ch.Line Sam Hot Black Pepper BOB and Ch.Cobarn Brilliant Guldkulan Girl BOS and yet another new Champion son out of King Hansi
Medebas Great Blue Pleasure dog and CC.

Other showresults:

From Holland
Dan-L´s Wise Portia had her debut in Juniorclass and was 2.nd in a strong class of 8
under Mrs. Williams, England

From Germany
Trubbs´s daughter Stardew This Side Of Paradise won her 2nd Junior CC
in Hannover under Mrs. R.Sommer.
Dan-L´s Miss Tomboy was 2nd in same class.

Lots of warm congratulations to the winners and owners.


October 22nd
Back again from 4 lovely days in Paris.

Evers and Brutus´s gorgeous puppies are growning very well - 3 weeks and looking stunning
Photos will come soon

The best news from Pia Elmelund and her Elmelunds Daredevil son out of Matson - last weekend they took part in the Bundes-sieger International and 100 Years Jubilee shows in Dortmundt, Germany.
And what a success..
Both titles went to Pia and Carlos incl.
BEST OF BREED at the 100 Years Jubilee show.
Entries around 100 cockers.

Bundessieger 06 and 100 Jahrigsieger 2006
Elmelunds Daredevil

Lots of warm congratulations, to you both!


October 14th
Bye Bye Denmark

Bon Soir - Paris
Back again on Thursday


October 10th
Oh dear - how empty here suddenly became!!
The gentleman "Freddie" - Dan-L´s Driving Me Mad out of
SU(U)CH DKUCH NORDJW04 A One´s Troubadour and Dan-L´s Mad About Blue
has left home for new adventures with
Ejgil&Hanna Pedersen - Kennel Stardew.
We do wish them the best of luck with this little extraordinary boy.

Does he has THE perfect head or???
We are missing him terrible.


October 8th
Best new from Island -
Stardew Moving Mountains out of Trubbs -
has had his debut in the rings with a SUPERB-results

at just 10 month of age
under Rajka Rottner, Slo.
groupjudge Ann Ingmar,Irl

Lots, lots of warm congratulations to his owner Jon& Margret
and breeder Rikke&Eigil.


October 1st
Clever Ever has giving birth to her babies.


September 30st
Finally after 1 Year of searching and 1½ Year negotiating
we are the proud owners of a piece of land in Sweden.
Now the work can be started preparing the ground for a house (drilling for water, drains EL etc.)
Hopefully everything will be ready in 2-3 Years.
Hundåsen 10
570 01 Rörvik, Sweden


September 28th
Trubbs is happy to announce that;
Princess Gladys of Germany hopefully will give birth to a lovely litter of blues -
perhaps with tan end of November.

Dt.JugendCh(VDH+Klub)Dt.Ch VDH,Cacib,Best Bitch.3xBOB 2XBIS
Gladys Vital Beauty v.Niendorfer Gehege.
OptiGen A1

Vielen Dank, Marion und Norbert für besuch!!!


September 24
...not forgetting Maston´s stylish son Elmelunds Daredevil won
in Hamburg under Mr.Frank Kane, UK
Also Trubbs&Malou`s  daughter Cockergold Fine N´Shine won Anw.VDH
at her very first time out.
Lots of congratulations to owners Pia and Lotte

Cockergold Fine N´Shine (Miss NO Coat)

Elmelunds Daredevil - "Carlos"
BOB Hamburg
(Son like father?)
(Like daughter?)


September 22nd
We are happy to announce that;
DKUCH Dan-L´s Piece Of Pie
Dan-L´s Something To Talk About
both are OptiGen Clear/Normal.
Congratulations to owner Kennel Muscha - also on their other good results.

OptiGen Danish & DNA OptiGen are updated.


September 17th
DKK Ballerup
Breed Judge Mrs Anja Puumala, SF
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet BOB-Puppy
Ch.A One´s Troubadour 2. Champclass cq
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 3.Champclass cq
( BEST OF BREED last time under same judge)
Day´Tonys Nice Light 1.Juniorclass cq.

Spaniels rules!!!!

Welsh Springer Spaniel
Welshhouse Belladonna

Cocker Spaniel
Ch.Carillo Cover Design
and unbeatable for BEST OF THE YEAR even 1 more show to go

American Cocker
Caci´s Catch The Spirit

English Springer Spaniel
Kennel Sieger
and unbeatable for BEST OF THE YEAR even 1 more show to go

English Springer Spaniel
Ch.Siegers Pole Position
and BIS 3
2. American Cocker
Ch.Galaksi A Million Dollar Baby
Clumber Spaniel
Traddlers Mrs. Thingummy

Lots and lots of congratulations to all owners,
breeders and handlers on these
extraordinary results.

Are we proud of belonging to such a clever and proff Spaniel Club? -
Only by unselfish and mutual support and respect among breederfellows, exhibitors and spanielowners
and by acknowledging the importants of openness in each single breed and willigness to share expeirences with others -
makes us able to acheiving such wonderful results -
again and again.
Let us continue the good work making DANISH spaniels the
the Spaniel Club of Denmark the most respected!
Yes, we are proud of belonging to Spaniel Klubben - are you?


Great new from Holland
Lajla Steen has send us really good news from Zwolle.
Dan-L´s Wise Portia - sister to D.Sweet Juliet - took yet another
at International show under
Mrs. R. McCarry-Beattie,Ireland and
Mr J. Muldoon (BIS)

Ingeborg Flocktra and her Dan-L´s Winterkoninkske was 3rd in Juniorklasse with excl.

Congratulations to you both.


New web-site is born


September 4th
We do welcome the new member of our family
Paisley´s A Little Bit Moore
Black bitch db.21-7-2005 HD B1 -Eyes Clear
out of
SU(U)CH Paisley´s Way Of Life
(OptiGen A1) - Paisley´s Velvet Touch.

Thank you, Sven for trusting us this lovely girl!


September 2&3
Loads of exciting news from 4 different countries!!!

Matson´s red son Capra Amicus was for his very first time in Intermeditaireclass and took his
1st CC and 3.Best Male.
Sister Puella was 2 in Juniorclass und Mrs.Carola Coode, UK
Proud owner Arleta Kmita; Kennel Capra

Ingeborg Flokstra went to a show in Balkburg and won
BEST BABY with Dan-L´s Mad About You
(Trubbs´s and Maddies daughter)
BEST YOUTH with Dan-L´s Winterkonninske
(Daughter of DKUCH NUCH Paisley´s Time To Look Forward and DKUCH NORDJW04 Dan-L´s Sad-No Way)

Saturday in Cloppenburg
Trubbs´s daughter Stardew´s This Side Of Paradise 9 month old took her 1st
under Mr. Theo Lenen, B
Lots of congratulations to very proud owner Anne-Lise Dyhl.

Sunday in Hamburg
Dan-L´s Miss Tomboy won her final Jugendanw under mrs.C.Dierolff,D -
her full name is now:
JugendCh. Dan-L´s Miss Tomboy

She is out of Legendary Ch.Midnight Train von RauhenHolz and DKUCH Dan-L´s It´s About Time-
(Dan-L´s Miss No Coat!) & owner Christina Grantz
Stardew This Side Of Paradise was 2nd in the class.

Judge Mrs. N.Hughes
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 2.Championclass cq 3.BEST DOG
Dan-L´s Side Effect 1.Juniorclass cq
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 3.Championclass cq
Day´Tonys Nice Light 1.Juniorclass cq
( for 7 times running)
Puppies were judge by Mr.Garreth Lawler,UK
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet
BOB Puppy
"Topquality puppy - very feminin head - sweet expression - balanced and cockery all over - lovely body and deepth for age - moved well but did not want to get her feet wet - a very exciting promissing"

Others results to be proud of:
Trubbs´s daughters Kalliope 2nd Juniorclass cq and
Stardew  Mistral Wind 3 cq and
Matson´s daughter Lovely Cocker Dooley 4 sl
Matson´s son Elmelunds Daredevil 2.intermed cq

Progenyclass with Matson´s offspring 2nd with HP

Judge Mr.Mikael Tranholm
BIS-Judge Mr.Jes Dige,DK
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet BOB-Puppy and BIS 2 PUPPY
"Fortrinelig kvalitet,yndigt fint mejslet hoved, herligt udtryk, super hals der går over i veltilbagelagt skulder, herligt forbryst for alderen, veludviklet kompakt kropsstykke, en anelse affaldende kryds, god knæ og hasevinkling, super pels, fri og jordvindende sidebevægelse, super fremgreb, stabil frem og bag.
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 2.Championclass
"Super kvalitet, velskåret maskulint hoved, en anelse bred skalle, korrekt bid, herlig hals der går over i veltilbagelagt skulder, en anelse ret overarm, super forbryst, herlig veludviklet kompakt krop, herligt kryds, super knæ og hasevinkling, fri og jordvindende sidebevægelse, stabil frem og bag, velpræsenteret, super pels"
Dan-L´s Side Effect 1.Juniorclass cq and
CC(his 6th!!) and 3.BEST DOG
"Fabelagtig outline, velskåret maskulint hoved, med godt udtryk, kunne have en anelse mere stop, korrekt bid, herlig hals, velvinklet skulder, super forbryst, veludvikleet kompakt krop, bredt muskuløst kryds, super knæ og hasevinkling, frie og jordvindende sidebevægelse med god energi, stabil frem og bag, herligt humør, super pels"
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 1.Championclass
Fantastisk kvalitet, fint mejslet feminint hoved, kunne ønske en anelse mere markeret stop, herlig hals, der går over i veltilbagelagt skulder, super forbryst, herlig kompakt kort kropsstykke, bredt og fast kryds, velmusklede lår, herlig knæ og hasevinkling, super pelskvalitet, fri og jordvindende sidebevægelse, herligt drive. velpræsenteret"
Day`Tony´s Nice Light 2.Juniorclass sl
"13 mdr rød tæve i største størrelse, feminint hoved der dog ikke må blive grovere, korrekt bid, herlig hals, veltilbagelagt skulder, noget kort overarm, veludviklet forbryst, kompakt og veludviklet kropsstykke - en anelse tyk, bred muskuløs bagpart velmusklede lår, udmærket knæ og hasevinkling, fri og jordvindende sidebevægelse, stabil frem og bag, herlig pels, velpræsenteret."

Jenny BOB - Handsom Ch.Cockergold Cool N´Vital BOS

Anna BIS 2 Junior

Sweetie BOB and BIS 2 Puppy

Others results to be proud of:
Matson´s daughter Lovely Cocker Dooley 1.Juniorclass cq and
Trubbs daughters Kalliope and Stardew Mistral Wind was 3rd and 4th in Juniorclass
Matson´s son Elmelunds Daredevil 1.Intermeditaireclass cq.
Sveinar`s son Ch. Natisja Adonis won
BOB-Senior both days and BIS 3 Senior.
Stocdale Let´s Talk About Rains daughter Himlahundens Tummelisa won both days workingclass +cq and
BIS 2 Workingdog
Lots of congratulations to all of you!


August 30st
Jackie - Paisley´s Outsider
( HDA - black n`tan and dam of Dan-L´s Side Effect 5CC´s) has been mated to King Sveinar.
We expect puppies in the colours red, black and black n´tan ultimo October.

Papa Matson congratulats his "wife" Maggie - Amada Nori´s Black Love with her new babies - 1 black and 1 red boy and 2 red girls - born this night.

Trubbs and Selma´s -Tomboys Take A Chance - blue daughter
Tozzi´ s All Eye On Me
(OptiGen A1)
had her debut in the ring last weekend -
and what an debut....!
just 10 month old
as was it not enough she went on next day winning
Judges were Mrs.S.Petik and V.Joa, Portugal

Lots of congratulations to owner Kennel Xitement and breeder Helene Kihlström,S.

...and noone in Sweden had any interest into getting one of these lovely girls out of the litter of 4!


August 26th
Great news from Holland
Dan-L´s Wise Portia
sister to Austin and Sweetie out of Ch.Manchela Blue Lagoon and Ch.Dan-L´s It´s About Time -
has had her debut in the show ring in Puppy Class by winning
and BIS 7
at an International show under breedspecialist Mrs.A.Hackett,GB
and Mr.M.Forte IRL doing the Mainring.

Lots of congratulations to the owner of Joy - Lajla Steen, Kennel From Luna´s Star

Sister Häljans Let´s Talk About Me was 2nd with CK in a huge Juniorclass in Södertälje in Sweden under breedspecialist Mr. Adam Murray, GB -
the winner was the unbeatable A One´s Fingers Crossed - who also took BOB and BIS 4 under Mr.Ernie Darby,GB

Sweetie - trimmed out for the very first time - 7 month old


August 23rd
New photo of Svensson´s sister - Häljan´s Let´s Talk About Me

Best of luck with this beauty to owner Ann-Christin&Lasse Nyman, Sweden.

Also lots of luck to Trubbs´s son Stardew Moving Mountains and his new family, he will soon become a well known showdog at Island.


August 19th
Finally...! Jackie - Paisley´s Outsider - has got into season!
She will be mated to King Sveinar - repeatmating of Sider, Pelle, Dexter, Skorpe and the others of the gang of topquality dogs.

We have had a lovely summergreeting from Monna and Leif and their baby-queen
"Komma" - Dan-L´s Mad About Boys
Littersister to Dan-L´s Driving Me Mad out of Ch.A One´s Troubadour/Dan-L`s Mad About Blue)-
enjoying her life in Sønderjylland.

You will meet her at Cold Cup either shown by Monna or helper Hanne Borch


August 13th
Sveinar´s gorgeous black daughter Häljans Let´s Talk About Me (Svenssons sister) has made her debut in  Juniorclass to day - she was 3rd with CK under Liz Andrews in Askersund.
Congratulation Ann-Christine and Lasse Nyman

..and a little up date on what has happend since last.
We have had a visit from Germany -
"Pelle" and her housemate "Fine" and family Witt were on holiday nearby
Vielen Dank für besuch!

...and they brought following news:
"Pelle"(black) - Dan-L´s Upside Down has been at Spaniel -CC -Show in Berlin and won Jugendklasse mit V1
and so has brother "Dexter"(black and tan) - Dan-L´s Inside Out and his devoted family Jacobs too - he managed to take V2 under Judge Mr. Pichard from Switzerland.
Both got their "uneingeschränkt zuchtzulassung" unter Mrs. Kappetijn,D.
Earlier this year Pelle and Dexter passed their workingclass with max.point.
They are littersister/brother to Dan-L´s Side Effect (5 CC´s) out of Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex and Paisley´s Outsider
Lots of congratulations!!

Dan-L´s White Tail - "Melissa" had her first time out in Juniorclass - which she won with CK under Mrs. Lillian Johnson, S.
Well done, JJ!!

Matson has become a papa to yet another litter or baby is more the right word -
Kennel Natisja´s DKUCH Kraglunds Go On Little Arnie Daughter
(gr-daughter out of Sveinar)
has given birth to one big black boy - will he become a new Sveinar?

Not forgetting Mettes birthday July 30 becoming a teenager - 13 years old -

Birthday was celebraited at DKK´s int. show in Brøndby with this lovely cake and Champagne.
Thank You to all friends, familimembers and exhibitors for drinking Mettes toast!


31st July
Great new from Soltau in Germany
Matson´s red son Elmelunds Daredevil took BIS under Mr. John Thrilwell, UK Sunday (173 entries - 86 cockers) and his mother Svimmels´s daughter Ch. Iorrendrills Dear Prudence won BOB Saturday ( 73 cockers entreed) from Veteran class under Mrs. Popkorn from Poland .
Lots and lots of congratulations to Pia Elmelund - you have all reasons to be proud!

Elmelunds Daredevil


Dan-L´s Eve So Sad has been Eye-tested clear and mated to Ch. Cockergold Cool ´N Vital - we do expect blue roan quality puppies primo October


DKK 4 X Summer show - Brøndby
27-28-29-30 July
We have spend 2 lovely days in Brøndby with our dogs and our friends.
1st day Thursday -
was the hottest day of the Year - bright sun and +33 -
our judge Mr. Alan Peper, Canada was a pleasant new acquaintance.
Ch. Paisley´s Rumour 2. Champ class cq
Dan-L´s Side Effect 1.Juniorclass SL CK and
3. BEST DOG and CC (his 4th)
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 2 Champ.class CQ
2. BEST BITCH res. Cacib
Day´Tonys Nice Light 1. Juniorclasss SL CQ and
Mr. Alan Pepers personaly comment about my Sider
- "Outstanding and impressive black and tan and youngster" -
Thank You, Mr. Peper.

2nd day - Friday was in FULL RAIN
from morning to late afternoon under breed specialist Mrs. Kari Granaas from Norway.
Dan-L´s Cold November Night

Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 3. Champ.class cq 4. BEST DOG
Dan-L`s Side Effect 1.Juniorclass SL CQ and
3. BEST DOG and CC (his fifth!!)
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 1.Champ.class CQ -
Day´Tony´s Nice Light 1. Juniorclass SL CQ
Thank you, Kari Granaas, sooo much for your kind words about my new black and tan star - Sider
Probably the best black and tan I have ever laid my eyes on - I think, that he has a great future"
and to daddys darling Jenny - " the right model , so rare to see".

Stylish Ch. Cockergold Misty Blue BOS - Kari Granaas- and Jenny BOB in pouring rain!

3rd day Saturday
- we decided to stay home from Mr. Kresten Scheel, DK -
Jenny, Matson, Sider, Anna (Day´Tonys Nice Light) and Taylor were entreed
only Anna went there along with Sider, as Mette wanted to show a dog and she should participate in Juniorhandling.
Anna went on winning her Juniorclass with SL and CQ (unbeaten in this class - 6 times shown) in the hands of Lotte Kristensen - Kennel Cockergold - Thanks Lotte!
Unfortunately the judge Mr. Kresten Scheel did not find Sider good enough giving him a CQ or even thought highly enough of his qualities to give him a SL (very promissing junior).
Sider was handled to perfection by Mette - he ended 2nd in his class with the comment from the Judge, that "he needs a manicure".

Sider winning his 4th CC

The Spaniels rules Group 8

Judge Mrs. Brenda Phillips, GB

1. coc.Ch. Cockergold Cool N´Vital and BIS 3
2. sussex Ch. Tornegårdens Adapsinot Cobberdream

Judge Mr. Svend Løvenkjær, DK

1. e.spr. CH. Sieger´s Extra Point
2. coc CH. Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong
3. ami Truly Yours Roual Illusion

Mr. Kresten Scheel, DK

1. coc. CH. Cockergold Misty Blue
3. ami CH.Galaksi Million Dollar Baby
4. clumber CH. Don´s Hop On The Bus Gus

Mr. Luis Pinto Teixeira, PT
1 ami CH.Galaksi Million Dollar Baby and BIS 4
2 spr. Ch. Siegers Pool Position


July 1st
Super Cocker Show
Breed judge Mrs.Ann Richardson, Kennel Fionnrua, UK
What a wonderful day!
Lots of beautyful cockers and cockerlovers - really a day to remember!
Mette had a tuff job handling all the youngsters - but she did very well and had following placement:
Dan-L´s Charles Austin 2.Puppyclass HP and BIS2
Dan-L´s Swet Juliet 1. Puppyclass HP and BIS 3
Dan-L´s Side Effect 3. Juniorclass HP

again Mette won
BIS Juniorhandler


June 25th
Best news from Sweden and Poland

Times son gentleman Melker took his final CC in Norway incl BOB and BIG3 under Rudi Hübenthal, this made him DKUCH and NUCH.
Lots of congratulations to owner Jane Jarefoss and breeder AC&L. Nyman.

Matsons red son Amicus Capra won his 3rd JuniorCC in poland incl BOB-junior and BIGs making him JUNIORCHAMPION.
His sister was 1. juniorbitch.
Congrats - Arleta!!


June 17&18th
DKK Cacib show Ålborg
Breed Judge Bo Skalin, S
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 2 Champclass cq 3 BEST DOG
Dan-L´s Side Effect 2. juniorclass cq
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 2. Champclass cq
2.BEST BITCH res.cacib

BOB went to Ch.Carillo Cover Design - BOS to her son Ch.Cockergold Misty Blue

Spaniel Club CC-show Haverslev
Breed Judge Mrs. Inge Marie Hagelin, S

Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 2. Champclass cq 3 BEST DOG
Dan-L´s Side Effect 1. Juniorclass cq
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 2. Champclass cq

BOB went to Ch.Cockergold Cool N´Vital

BOB Puppy was both days won by Cockergold Cool Cowboy
out of Cockergold Cool N´Vital and Dan-L´s Sadly Not
Best Puppy Bitch Sunday went to Stardew Mistral Wind
Ch.A One´s Troubadours beautyful daughter

BIS Senior Ch. Natisja Adonis - out of Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex
Elmelunds Daredevil 2.Juniorclass cq and Sunday 1 juniorclass cq out of ch.Paisley´s Rumour
Kraglunds Go On Little Return My Tan CC and 2. BEST BITCH out of Dan-L´s Return My Tan (Sveinars daughter)

News from Sweden -
(DKUCH Dan-L´s It´s About Time) daughter Paisley´s Time Is On My Side(sister to Melker) took the CC and 2. BEST BITCH in Vännas - Cocngratulation to her owners Ann Christine and Lasse.
Melkers and Sadno´s daughter Dan-L´s White Tail took her very last BOB and BIS 2 puppy at Club Show under Mrs.Carol West, UK

Stort GRATTIS och lycka til i juniorklasse, JJ!!


June 13th
What a lovely day......
Sider has got his HD-score = HD A!!!


June 10th
Trubbs has this weekend had a visit of Benedicte Andersen´s - Kennel Beach Cock´s lovely blue C ést Si Bon Mie Mona Lisa - blue roan puppies are expected August 12th


June 8th
More good new from last weekend...
Matsons red son Elmelunds Daredevil took yet another
in Germany this time in Lübeck under breed specialist Mrs. Regine Sommer, D -
Way to go - Pia!!


June 5th
We are wishing Per Villumsen, Kennel Natisja and his black beauty
DKCH Kraglunds Go On Little Arnie Daughter - Sveinars gr.daughter -
the best of luck on her motherhood in 9 weeks time.
Proud father is Matson.


June 3&4th
SSRK CC-show Hasslarp, Sweden
Saturday Mrs. Ann Carlström, S
DKUCH NORDJW04 A One´s Troubadour 1.openclass CQ and CC and BEST DOG -
DKUCH NORDJW04 Dan-L´s Sad-No Way
( how was FAT as a pig!) 3.openclass CQ
Sunday Mrs Barbara Müller,Schweiz
SU(U)CH DKUCH NORDJW04 A One´s Troubadour 1 Champ.Class CQ 2. BEST DOG
DKUCH NORDJW04 Dan-L´s Sad-No Way
(didnot loose weight the nightover) 3.Openclass CQ and 4.BEST BITCH

Trubbs winning BEST DOG in Hasslarp and his Swedish Show Champion title in the RAIN!

Also great news from Germany -
Dan-L´s Miss Tomboy
(Ch.Midnight Train v.RauhenHolz - Dkuch Dan-L´s It´s About Time) has pleased her owners fam. Grantz in Rostock very much by winning

at 2 shows running - Lübeck unter Mr. Kettendorfer and Neumünster Internatiolnal under Mrs. Regine Sommer.
Nur noch anw. zur title!


May 31st
Angel Thelma is giving birth to blue roan puppies out of DKUCH NORDJW04 A One´s Troubadour - 5 boys and 2 girls


May 28th
Spaniel Club CC-Show Gl.Allerup Have
Breed Judge Mr. Per Iversen, N
BIS BABY Judge Mr. L. Pichard.
Dan-L´s Charles Austin 1st babyclass and
First time out - this little handsom guy - conquered the ring with his style and movement, he impressed the Judge and myself by showing off like hell!
" 5 month, blue roan, exellent generel impression, beautyful head and expression, very good neck and body& topline. Well angulated quarters,
Fabulous movement and showing himself superb"; said the judge.
Ask me if I was proud!!!
Ch. Paisley´s Rumour 2. champclass CQ
2. BEST DOG (Thanks Lone, for waiting in the rain)
Dan-L´s Side Effect 1 Juniorclass SL&CQ and CC (2 running)
Thank You, Mr. Per Iversen for your nice words about my Sider:" Impressive black and tan"
Ch. Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 2. Championclass CQ
Day´Tonys Nice Light 1. Juniorclass SL

...and Mette took yet another
(4th running!)
She did an excellent job on showing Ch. Galaksi Gran Torismo -
Thanks Lotte and Michael for letting her having him in the rain!


Paisley´s Outsider - the mother of Sider - has today been Eyetested clear - "most perfect eyes"; said Vet.Engelhardt.
We are just waiting for her to getting into season any day. We will do a repeat-mating of Sider.

Häljans Let´s Talk About Gossip (now 7 month old - son out of Sveinar) has also had his Hips pre-valued and he has the most brilliant hips, I ever have seen on a cocker - "really rare to seeing that perfect hips on a cocker" said vet. Engelhardt.

Also Day`Tonys Nice Light - Matsons daughter( now 10 months old) - has have her hips pre-valued - " Fine hips"; said vet.Engelhardt.


May 25th
FDA CC-Show Stepping
Breed Judge Mr. Kim Bay, DK
DKUCH NORDJW04 A One´s Troubadour 3.champ.class CQ 4.BEST DOG( first time out in a year!)
Dan-L´s Side Effect 1.Juniorcl. SL&CQ and
DKUCH SU(U)CH NCH NORDCH NORDW04 FINW04 KLBCH Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 1.Champ.Class CQ and BEST BITCH
Amada Nori´s Nice Light 1.Juniorclass SL&CQ(Matsons beautyful daughter)

Other results to be proud of:
Stardew Moving Mountains
son out of Trubbs BEST IN SHOW 2 BABYPUPPY
his sister BEST BABYPUPPY in breed
and to my humble opinion far better than her brother!
Cockergold Cool Cowboy son out of Dan-L´s Sadly Not BEST IN SHOW PUPPY
Elmelunds Daredevil 2.Juniorclass SLand CQ
son out of Matson
DKCH Natisja Adonis BEST SENIOR IN BREED son out of Sveinar
Dan-L´s Tomasine 2. Juniorclass SL and CQ daughter out of DKUCH Dan-L´s It´s About Time
Himlahundens Tummelisa 1.workingclass CQ daughter out of Stocdale Let´s Talk About Rain

BOB DKUCH Cockergold Misty Blue - BOS Ch. Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong

Cockergold Cool Cowboy BIS PUPPY

Day`Tonys Nice Light 1.juniorclass CQ


May 21st
What a weekend for Svensson´s mother - Paisley´s Kiss N´Tell,
2 CC´s in 2 shows!
Lots of congratulations to breeder AC&L and owner Jane!


May 11th
Has the nut of FN - now HN - been broken???

Cause of Autosomal Recessive Hereditary Nephropathy Found in English Cocker Spaniels [Thursday, May 11, 2006]

The AKC Canine Health Foundation announces that Dr. Keith Murphy's laboratory has identified the genetic cause of autosomal recessive hereditary nephropathy (ARHN) in the English Cocker Spaniel (ECS). Dr. Murphy is a Professor in the Department of Pathobiology at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of Texas A&M University and has been funded by the CHF for various projects. This work was carried out in collaboration with Dr. George Lees, Professor of Medicine, Department of Small Animal Clinical Sciences at the College of Veterinary Medicine and Biomedical Sciences of Texas A&M. Ashely Davidson, a doctoral student in the Murphy laboratory, performed the experiments and is first author on the manuscript describing this work. The availability and appropriate use of a genetic test for this mutation will permit ECS breeders to make informed decisions regarding matings and help to eradicate the disease.

HN is an hereditary disease of the type IV collagens similar to Alport syndrome in humans. It can be inherited in three fashions: X-linked is the most common, autosomal recessive occurrs less frequently, and autosomal dominant is rare. An autosomal recessive form of HN was described in the ECS more than 50 years ago. Dogs affected with HN develop juvenile end stage renal failure; however, carrier dogs that carry only one mutated allele do not show symptoms of the disease. Sequence analysis of the COL4*4 gene revealed a single base substitution causing a premature stop codon. Testing for the presence of this mutation in the ECS population will allow for the identification of carrier dogs. Once carriers of the disease are identified, they can be mated to dogs that do not carry the causative allele. The patented genetic test for ARHN in the ECS is currently being licensed to a corporation and will be made available for ECS dogs.

These results were announced at the English Cocker Spaniel Breed Club of America national specialty on May 11th, 2006.


May 8th
DKK Cacib show Hillerød 6th
Breed judge Mrs. Birthe Larsen Rosval, S

Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 2.champ.class cq 2 BEST DOG - Res.Cacib
BIG thanks to Lone Wandel, kennel Point Break for showing Matson.

Congratulations to:
Dan-L´s Winthercoat 2. HP Puppy class, Kirsten and Peter Holsøe
His sister Dan-L´s White Tail and her owner Jane Jarefoss on winning BIS-puppy in Sweden
Matson´s son Romulus Amicus Capra out of
Ch.PL. Nutiness Capra
on winning yet another Junior-CC in Poland.

...and Karen Bech - Kennel Famous Woodcock and her black and tan Elmelund´s Frække Fridawith her lovely litter of 2 red boys, 1 red bitch, 1 black bitch and 2 black and tan bitches.
Daddy is handsom Matson


Trubbs has had a visit of Travis Vital Spark lovely orange/ white daughter La-Coc Amie Athene - owner Susanne Hansen.
Fingers crossed for a beautyful litter in 9 weeks time.


April 28th
Darling Maddie - Dan-L´s Mad About Blue gave birth to 6 super strong babies - 3 boys and 3 girls - this afternoon - daddy is Trubbs.
These babies are presumed OptiGen A1.


April 16th
Just got the message, that on April the 8th -Matson stylish red son Elmelund´s Daredevil won 
BOB and JDG.ANW. from Junior-Class!! under Mrs. Jessie Borregaard, DK in Cuxhaven,D.
BEST BITCH and CC was awarded to Darwin´s -Stocdale Let´s Talk About Rain - orange roan daughter Himmalhundens Tummelisa.
Certainly a proud day for the offsprings of our boys.
see photo here

Elmely´s Daredevil and his sister Elmelund´s Dancing Diva have both HD A

...and so has Trubbs and Malou´s (Dan-L´s Sadly Not) son Cockergold Twinkle N´Shine


April 13th
Waving Goodbye to Sweetheart Porti - Dan-L´s Wise Portia - now "Joy" and little handsom Britte - Dan-L´s Benjamin Britten.
We do wish Lajla Steen and "Joy" and her new doggy-friends Luna, Molly and Nina - not forgetting Basset Basil the best for the future in Holland.
The best home I ever could wish for.
...and little soldier Britte the best of luck in his new home in Poland - getting completely spoiled by daddy!


April 1st
DKK Nat. CC Show Hedensted
Breed judge Mrs. Randi Hjortshøj,DK
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 1 championclass cq BEST OF BREED
Dan-L`s Side Effect 3.Juniorclass
Ch. Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 2 Championclass cq 2. BEST BITCH


Other results conserning Dan-L
Elmelunds Daredevil 1.Juniorclass cq
(son of Ch. Paisley´s Rumour)
Ch.Tears Of Joy Pure Line cq Championclass
(son out of Dan-L´s Hope For The Best)
Natisja Adonis Best Senior dog (Son out of Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex)

News from Sweden
Sveinars daughter "Fia" - Häljans Let´s Talk About Me took in the weekend
2X BOB-Baby puppy
( her 3rd running) and 1 X BIS2
Lots of congratulations to owners Lasse and AnnChristin and breeder Jane.


March 31st
Angel "Thelma" - Angie Blue v.RauhenHolz has been eye-tested clear and mated to handsom "Trubbs" DKUCH NORDJW04 A One´s Troubadour -
we expect blue roan puppies June 2nd.
These puppies are not likely to develope PRA(prd)


March 28th
Cocker Club in Sweden
According to Mrs Ann Swärds homepage(read the report of Ann from the Annual Meeting in the Cocker Club) has Cocker Club of Sweden decided following:
"Cocker Club accepts that we go on breeding with dogs/bitches that have produced puppies that died of renal failure
but does NOT accept breeding with dogs/bitches OptiGen-tested as carriers/B1s.
A small step for the club but a giant leap back to the 1940s for the breed!"

"Cocker klubben accepterer at man avler videre med hanner/tæver som har produceret hvalpe med en DØDELIG nyrefejl, men vil ikke acceptere at man avler på Optigen-testede B1/bærere)
Et lille skridt for klubben, men et gigantisk tilbageskridt to 1940´erne for racen!"

I´m dying to read the report from the Club.


March 25th
Spaniel Club CC-show
Breed judge Dan Ericsson, S
Dan-L´s Cold November Night 2. babyclass (Oh, I was so proud of him - he didnot put one little paw wrong!)
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 3.Championclass CQ
Dan-L´s Side Effect 1.Juniorclass CQ
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 2.Championclass 3 Best Bitch 
(she was so fat!!)

She had her very first Judging-expeirence - WEll DONE, Mette!!
See Mettes own page.

A huge thank you to Lotte and Michael for letting Mette have one of your lovely ami´s to present in Juniorhandling...and not forgetting to congratulate you with your success in the ring with you blue roan team and the parties Ami´s.

Other results conserning Dan-L
Cockergold Cool Cowboy out of Dan-L´s Sadly Not
Elmelund´s  Daredevil out of Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 2. JuniorClass CQ
Ch, Tears Og Joy Pure Line out of Dan-Ls Hope For The Best 2.ChampionClass CQ 3.Best Dog
DKCH Natisja Adonis out of Ch.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex
BOB Senior
Stardew This Side Of Paradise out of CH.A One´s Troubadour Best Baby Bitch
Kragslunds Go´On Little Arniedaughter out of Ch.Dan-L´s Return My Tan 3 .Championclass bitch
Himlahunden Tummelisa out of Stocdale Let´s Talk About Rain 1.workingclass CQ

News from Poland
Matson´s beautiful daughter
Capra Romanca Puella
won BIS 3 Junior and Junior-CC at int. Show in Katowice under
Mr. Peter Beyersdorf, G

Congratulation to her owner and breeder Arletta


March 12th
Open Show Spaniel Club
Judge Birgit Seloy,DK

Dan-L´s Cold November Night
Paisley´s Time To Look Forward - DKUCH Baba Yaga v. AltenHallig


Day`Tonys Nice Light - Matson beauty-daughter
here 8 month old -
Lots of congratulations to her owner Marlene Thers
Other results:
Dan-L´s Wintercoat
(Paisley´s Time To Look Forward - DKUCH NORDJW04 Dan-L´s Sad-No Way)
Put into the wrong class - he should have gone into Baby-class, as he is 5 month only, but by mistake from the commitee - he was put into Puppy-class


March 6th
Lovely new from Sweden... "Melissa" -Dan-L´s White Tail took BOB Baby-Puppy and BIS 3 first time out.
Dear Jane, why worry about her behavier? - This little girl will never let you down!
Melissa´s report:
Mkt lovandevalp Välskuret huvud God hals och överlinje Välutv bröst får äldern God benstomme Rör sig mkt väl! God päls Livligt och trevlig temperament"
Lots of congrats

Victor - Dan-L´s About Chocolate savner stadig et nyt hjem
Se photo her

~* ~

March 1st
We are wishing Karen Bech - Kennel Famous Woodcock and her black and tan Elmelund´s Frække Frida best of luck on her hopefully coming babies out of my red star "Matson".

Sweetheart "Maddie" - Dan-L´s Mad About Blue HDA, OptiGen A1 - has been mated to my blue roan Star "Trubbs" -
we are expecting blue roan puppies around May 3rd.


February 20th
Oh dear, not a very good start of the new Show Year.
Best results were Matson´s
2nd BEST DOG under breed specialist Louis V.Bael, Holland and Mette´s prestigous BIS JUNIORHANDLER with her new best friend
Michael Kristensen´s lovely springer bitch Multich. Nobhill Taste of Success on the Saturday.

On Sunday best result was acheived by Jenny becoming 10th!!! BEST BITCH (I believe, I stopped counting) under Mr. Leif Lehman Jørgensen, DK.

....but however we had a great weekend and enjoyed meeting our doggy-friend again.

A speciel and warm cocngratulation to Sveinars Gr.-daughter Kraglunds Go On Little Arniedaughter (SC(U)CH Quattadene Lancelot and INTCH. FIELDCH Dan-L´s Return My Tan) and her owner Per Villumsen on winning her final CC for her DANISH CHAMPIONTITLE and Best Bitch under mr. Louis Van Bael.

We wish Dan-L´s Long Kiss Good Night - "Lys" - a long and happy life with her new owners Stephan and Marcus v. AltenHallig in Germany



Last weekend
Matson´s son Romulus Amicus Capra out of Ch.PL. Nutiness Capra
took at his very first show JUNIORWINNER and JUNIORCC.
and sister Romance Puella Capra won Juniorbitches solid class.

Romulus Amicus Capra
9 month 3 days


February 18&19th

DKK Cacib show, Odense
Judge Mr. Leif Lehman Jørgensen, DK
Multich.Paisley´s Rumour 3.Championclass CQ
Multich.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 3. Championclass CQ

Spaniel Club CC-Show, Nyborg
Judge Mr. Lois V.Bael,Holland
Multich.Paisley´s Rumour 2.Championclass CQ 2.BEST DOG
Multich.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 3. Championclass CQ


February 15th
Home Counties CC-Show in Slough, UK
Judge for dogs Mrs. Ann Richardson - Kennel Fionnrua,UK

BOB and CC Lindridge Moon Catcher BOS and CC SHCH Canyonn Classic Charms
See full report here


February 9th
Finally ...
Time and Larry´s lovely litter of 6 - 2 boys and 4 girls born December 27th - is now official!
After almost 4 month the Danish Kennel Club finally decided to recognize
Manchela Blue Lagoon

as stud dog.
Larrys HD-score was a problem for the Danish Kennel Club(DKK) - as The English Kennel Club uses another scoring-system, than Denmark.
The FCI has worked out a translation, which is used in many countries, unfortunately DKK will not accept this.

The white numbers below are the UK scores, comparing the FCI score please note UK score here are for...... ONE JOINT...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

FCI score comparing UK






Official recognize by (FCI)

0- 3

4 - 8

9 - 18


40 - 60

Larry has a score of 11 (4/7) - which is according to FCI "B".
DKK has given Larry a "C".

Anyway - I am very happy with this result - as I hereby can get my "English roses" registered!

..and GL, you are also wrong this time - as usual!!


January 29th
Trubbs has to day had a visit of Hejpa´s Highlight
(Sveinar and Knoby´s beautyful gr-daughter) -
she is such a beauty!
Puppies expected in the colours black and chocolate around April 3rd.


January 22nd

Dan-L´s About Chocolate
Chocoladebrun han - f. 7-3-2000
e. Cardamine Limerick og Dan-L´s Wanna Do It.
Hans "mor" har desværre fået astma og familien kan ikke have ham længere.
Henv: Hanne Pedersen
Tlf: 57616737


January 20th
Sider and Svensson have got their own pages


January 7th
Dan-L´s Power Point did it for the 3rd time in a row!!
Under Mrs.Diana Leigh,E (earlier UK) he took his 3rd CC and Best Male.
Lots of congratulation to his devoted owner Laura Loeve.

News from the FN-front.
I have just got this e-mail:
"Our ECSCA Board voted to give $55,000 to the FN research fund to finish up Drs. Lee and Murphy's work on the FN gene test. Dr. Murphy has told them that he expects he will have a cheek swab test by as early as next month!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Thank You, Lynda for sharing.


January 6th
How can this be???
How comes that noone in Scandinavian is interessed in having an OptiGen A1 puppy?
I cannot believe, that breeders care so little about PRA.
I have just received a mail from a small breeder in Sweden - having 4 girls - 3 blues and 1 chocolate roan - and only 1 has been spoken for.
Both parents are OptiGen A1 - HD A - and father is topwinning in Denmark - mother out of SU(U)CH sire and CK-winner.


January 4th
My wonderful, gentle Adam - Dan-L´s Witchfinder - has now left us for a new life with the family Winkler Rasmussen how is sadly missing Dan-L´s  Better Be Best - was put to sleep at 9 years of age due to serious infection .
Thank You for falling in love with this little gentleman.


January 1st

New Web-site:
Danish kennel Club´s new dog-data-base


Statistic 2005
447 reg. incl 16 imports

News 2005

Helle Dan Pålsson
+45 5926 9495 M