News 2007

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Best Dog
Runner Up Best Bitch
1x Danish Champion
1x Swedish Champion
2x Nordic Champions
2x Norwegian Champions
1x DKK Jubilee winner
BOB winners and Group/BIS placements
Large numbers of CC and Cacibs
won with 8 different dogs

2007 was a very exciting year in the doggy world and privacy.
The doggies gave us lots of success both on home ground and outbound -
the most significant thing was the arrival of our Tibet Spaniel - 
Body Rocks One Man Army - Baret!
He is definitely one of the best things, that have happened to me in my doggy life
Thank you, Richard for breeding such an extrovert dog!
King Sveinar´s son Häljans Let´s Talk About Gossip went the looong way to New Zealand -
and in the hands of his new owner Davida Brown he gained his NZ-championtitle very soon
and is now heading for his grand championtitle
A special thought goes to King Sveinars 11 Years old son - walking in daddys footsteps -
DKCH Natisja Adonis who won VETERAN of The Year - DKK ranking
Other of the Kings sons and daughters have done extremely well in their new home countries
and so have many more Dan-L´s cockers, also in Denmark.
Thank You to all devoted owners of Dan-L´s cockers
for taking care of them in the daily life, curdling, feeding, grooming, training, showing and LOVING them into pieces
Also a huge Thanks to all judges around the world for recognizing the type and quality of my dogs!

Mette has had lots of new experiences in the Junior Handler ring - and we are very proud of her placement as

in Denmark DKK ranking
Silver medal individual
GOLD medal Team
at the Nordic Championship in Sweden

Privacy - my husband finished the construction of his 500m2 brand new Dental Praxis and has had a successful start.
Among others holidays trips - the most exciting was the trip to South Africa doing photo safari.
I can strongly recommend this!

Cannot wait to see what 2008 brings us!


I forbindelse med protesten mod DKK´s nedlæggelse af avlsforbud på vores hunde,
har jeg fået udarbejdet et
af Professor.dr.jur Erik Werlauff
Du kan her læse, hvori DKK klart overtræder deres beføjelser


Det har kostet 30.000 kr (som er betalt af mig) at få udarbejdet dette juridiske responsum.
Jeg skal her takke alle nedenstående personer for også at yde økonomisk støtte - det er en MEGET stor hjælp.

Helge Larsen - Marianne Holm Hansen - Anonym - Per C.Knudsen og Margareta Granquist - Jessie og Kaj Borregard Madsen - Per Villumsen - Bodil Rüzs

Der er pr. 28.december indsamlet 12.000 dkr - men der er endnu en bid vej til de 30.000 -
så ALLE bidrag er mere end velkomne - indsæt gerne direkte på
konto: 0537-000-03-01590 eller send en check til mig.


Draconian Denmark
og på dansk

Vi er ikke færdige med underskriftindsamlingen endnu.



Er pengene til HD spildt?


December 15th
Stora Stockholm
Nordic Winner
Breed Judge Mr. Jostein Halvorsen, N
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 4. Ch.class cq Res. Best Bitch

Nordic Championship

with ami.
Capri´s Cannonball
owner Gunilla Månsson, S
Thanks to Gunilla!.. for letting Mette handle your outstanding veteran and ami!


December 7th
King Sveinar´s CC-BEST BITCH winning daughter Dan-L´s All About Queen Of Eisbaer has got
...and so has brother Dan-L´s All Tan To Nikolausberg ,CC and BEST DOG winner too
Trubbs´s classic daughter Dan-L´s Mad About You has got HD A

Lots of congratulations to proud owners
Kristin Olsen, Norway, Maik Blume, Germany and Ingeborg G in Holland


November 30th
Brandnew photos of the puppies


November 25th
Spaniel Club CC-Show Haverslev
Breed Judge Mr. Jens Martin Hansen
BIS Judge Mr. Peter Beyersdorf, D

Ch. Paisley´s Rumour 1. ch.class cq BEST OF BREED and BEST IN SHOW 2
JWW06 PLJW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin 1.intermedclass cq 2. BEST DOG and CC
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 2 ch. cq  BEST BITCH 3
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet 1.intermed.class cq BEST BITCH 2 and CC

I was thrilled, that Matson took yet another BEST OF BREED - now 6½ years old
and the day was really full,
when my 2 super classic brother and sister both won 2nd BEST IN SEX and the CC´s.
Sweetie has finally grown some coat !.. she is one of the finest bitches I ever have breed!!

CC-winners Sweetie and Austin

CC-winner Austin´s lovely baby - daughter
Stardew Hearts Of Olden Glory went 
with her owner Rikke Bøgh
½-brother to Austin and Sweetie - out of late Ch.Dan-L´s It´s About Time
Dan-L`s Dollar Note
was BOB-Puppy and BIS 2 Puppy!
congratulation to Eigil!!

It was a great pleasure seing Sveinar´s son
Ch.Natisja Adonis
win another
BIS Veteran

In the breed this extrovert Veteran placed BEST MALE 4th


Best news from Germany
King Sveinar´s black and tan son took his first
BEST MALE incl Junior CC
under Mrs.Monika Blaha,A
Just 12 month old
Lots of warm congratulations to owner
Maik Blume

Matti has also been Eye-tested clear is Optigen A by parentage
and has had his X-ray done and Vet says: "A1 or A2"


November 7th
DKK Int.Show Herning
Boby Rocks One Man Army BOB Puppy
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 2.champclass cq 2.BEST DOG res.CACIB
JWW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin 2. intemed.class cq
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 2. champclass cq 4 Best Bitch

This made Matson Runner Up for Cocker of the Year and BEST DOG of the Year
Jenny is Runner Up for BEST BITCH and Cocker of The Year 3
Warm congratulations to Lotte and Julie on their COCKER OF THE YEAR

We are thrilled to announce the
King Sveinar´s son DKCH Natisja Adonis
is walking daddy´s footsteps
by winning
the title King Sveinar took in 2005

Loads of heart warm congratulations to owner Per

...and finally
Mette won
Saturday - handling Matson to perfection

with Queen Jenny - both enjoying their time on the red carpet!
Mette is going to Sweden
flying Denmarks colours together with Katrine, Louise and Katrine
We do wish these young and clever girls the best of luck!

Mette and Matson BIS


News from Holland
Dan-L´s Wise Portia was BEST OF BREED and BIG 3
at all breed Open Show in Wolle, Holland.

Lots of congrats to owner Lajla Steen


October 22th
Best news from Norway!
King Sveinars lovely black daughter Dan-L´s All About Queen of Eisbaer - took yet
again the
CC and BEST BITCH at Int.NKK in Tromsö
lots of congrats to devoted owner Kristin Olsson,N

...also great news from Sweden
Marie and "Preben" - Dan-L´s Dollar Sign was
at Hallands Kennel Clubs PUPPY SHOW
Way to go Marie....


October 18th
Gentle Maddie - Dan-L´s Mad About Blue gave birth to a lovely litter of 6
5 boys and 1 girl - so fat all!
All blue

Proud father is Vignett´s King Of Chocolate


October 14th
Taking off for South Africa
læs mere her


October 8th
KSS CC-Show Gørlev
Baret and I really enjoyed the show in Gørlev  - 
Baret pleased me by winning
and once again showed his lovely, lovely character among his
breedfellows and others from the Toy Group

Lots of congratulations to Breeder Richard on his
many lovely wins on that weekend.

News from Sweden
Preben and Maria have been on their very first track-training
...and what a success
Preben did everything with great enthusiasm
and was sooo proud of his "leg".


Trubbs´s daughter Stardew This Side Of Paradise has been tested FN-clear
Congratulation to Anne-Lise


Oktober 1st

Spaniel Club CC Show Langeskov
Breed judge Mrs. Ally Bennik-Smies,NL
We are happy, that Top Winning Jenny managed to become 2nd Best Bitch.
Little 3 month old Dan-L´s Memphis had her debut and did trot like a little pony -
soo full of herself -
she was lucky to become Best Baby Bitch in Breed
and bigger ½-brother Dan-L´s Dollar Note was lucky too and
went Best Puppy Dog.
Congratulation to owners Disa and Eigil.

Lene Rechnagel and her Kenzo - Dan-L´s Never Say Never Again - out of Trubbs
was 2. Juniorclass CK


We have got great news from New Zealand -
King Sveinar´s son
Häljan´s Let´s Talk About Gossip has been on a tour round NZ -
with his humble servant Davida Brown - and has earned yet another
incl. CC`s and BOB`S -
to his credit.

Lots of warm congratulations to servant Davida from
and his devoted owner.


September 26th
Thelma and Choco´s babies have been born
4 boys and 3 girls - all blue.
All are doing fine


September 17th
Breed judge Mr. Rainer Vuorinen, SF
Well, one of these days one should have spend home doing more important things.
the good thing was all the support and signatures we got in our "battle" against
DKK´s Breeding Ban politic
We still need many more, so please sign in .


The Danish Kennel Club
has decided to put a

NOT because he produces any inheritable failure
NOT because he produces poor temperaments
NOT because he at any time has shown a poor temperament himself
NOT because he has ANY disease himself



he has reached such a high age -almost 13 -
and STILL being a
that is able to produce sound babies.
(is it not what it`s all about???)
The Danish Kennel Club has made a rule that
are not allowed to produce more the 25% of a years production of the breed
When passing this number they ban the male/female for life!
In Sveinars almost 12 years as studdog he has produced 33 litters and 169 puppies -
in the same periode 6506 cockers have been born.
this means that Sveinar has been the father of 14! puppies a year out of 542 new babies a year.

The Danish Kennel Club calls this

I call it madness!!

Especielly when thinking of his age, why does the Kennel Club find it necessary -
how many more puppies do they really believe, that he will be a father to?

It is directly against the rules of the Spaniel Club (approved by the Kennel Club) - which says:

Part 3

"Danish Kennel Club is allowed to put breeding ban, but only if mortal causes are the factor"

Believe me...
I´ll fight this obscure act for the rest of my life.

The breeding ban goes ONLY in Denmark - he is still allowed to mated bitches from other countries.

Hvis DU også ønsker at bekæmpe denne regel - så send mig dit navn og adresse.
Tænk på, hvad den gør ved de talmæssigt små racer -
1 han = 1 kuld
i hele hans liv!

De bliver udslettet!

Derudover er DKK´s lov direkte i strid med Spaniel Klubben´s love vedr.

§ 4 Avlsarbejde:
Stk. 3:

DKK er berettiget til at udstede avlsforbud, men kun hvis dette er betinget af letale (dødelige) faktorer.


Just received great news from Sweden
Dan-L´s Dollar Sign - better known as "Preben"


at an All breed Open Show at Tjoloholms Slot
Mate Linus - Perchwater Unique Rain
son out of Darwin - Stocdale Let´s Talk About Rain
won BIS 2
and Tia the Lady of the Gang was Best Bitch in breed

Lots of warm congrats to Preben´s humble servant, Marie!
Bättre valp hade jag inte kunnat önska mig"
"I could not have wished for a better puppy." - says Marie

We send a speciel tought to late and deloved "Time" -
that her two sons in just 1 week have won

Do I miss this girl.....


Matson has had the pleasure of the visit of
Amada Nori´s Once A Night Light
Her proud owner Marlene Thers is looking forward to having babies
in her new house ultimo October
in the colours red, black and black and tan.


August 28th
Oktavia v. Odenwald has blessed her owner Yvonne Heinze,Germany with
a lovely litter of 6 - 3 boys and 3 girls in the colours
black, red, chocolate and chocolate tan -
Daddy to this super litter is of course;


August 27th
2 weekends have past with lots of great show results from Sweden, Germany and Denmark

This Weekend was in the sign of 
Sunday 26th
Breed Judge Mr. Dennis Kuzejl, SLO

Ch.Paisley´s Rumour cq
JWW06 PLJW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin 1. intermed. cq
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 1. ch.Class cq 
Ch.DayTony´s Nice Light cq 4 ch.class
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet 1. intermedcl.

Saturday 25th
Breed Judge Mrs. Marianne Holm-Hansen, DK
Ch. Paisley´s Rumour 1. Ch.class cq BEST DOG and BEST OF BREED
JWW06 PLJW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin 2. cq
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong cq 2 ch. Class
DayTony´s Nice Light ch.class
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet 1. intermed class.

Dan-L´s Dollar Note

Bernie in the hands of owner Eigil Pedersen

Sveinar´s super strong going son
Ch.Natisja Adonis

...and not forgetting that the SEALANDERS were winning the

...also congratulations to all Trubbs´s, Sveinar´s and Matson´s children,
that were placed sooo well in this weekend.

A special warm congrats to Himlahundens Tummelisa
out of Stocdale Let´s Talk About Rain
and owner Bettine
by winning her final CC and became
Danish Champion

Saturday 53/Sunday 54
....32 were either mine, children or gr-children out of my dogs.
and they won at these 2 shows:
1 Best Dog
1 Best Bitch
2.Best Bitch
2x3.Best Dog
4.Best Dog
4.Best Bitch
3 CC´s
1 Danish Champion
...and a large numbers of classwins and placements.


News from Sweden:
Dan-L´s Dollar Sign took
under Mrs.Sandy Platt,UK

Preben and Marie


Last Weekend -August 18&19th
Spaniel Club, Soltau, Germany

Dan-L´s Let´s Talk A Little Bit More was
on the Saturday
and on the Sunday
congratulation to devoted owner Sven Hess
and best of luck with little Dan-L´s Chigaco
(USACH.Ashgrove Brisbane/ Dan-L´s Ever So Sad)

...and the highlight of that weekend
Matson lovely son
DKUCH Elmelunds Daredevil finished his double German Championship in great style
by winning

Loads of warm congratulations to owner/breeder Pia

Maddie - Dan-L´s Mad About Blue has been eyeyesyed clear
and mated to Vignett´s King Of Chocolate -
Blue roan and PRA(prcd) clear puppies are expected 20th of October

Trubbs´s lovely blue daughter
Stardew This Side Of Paradise
took 2x VDH-CC´s
Congratulation to Ann-Lise Dyhl.

Matson thanks for the visit of DKCH Kraglunds Go On Little Arniedaughter.
Kennel Natisja expect red,black and black and tan babies 20th of October.


DKK 110 Jubilee Int.Show 11&12 of August
Breed Judge Mr. Patrick Ragnarsson,S
CH.Paisley´s Rumour cq
2.BEST DOG res.Cacib
JWW06 PLJW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin 2. inter.class CQ
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 2. Ch. Class
2.BEST BITCH res.Cacib
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet 2. interclass CQ
Day´Tony´s Nice Light 1 Openclass

Breed Judge Mrs.Lisbeth Cambell,N
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour CQ
JWW06 PLJW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin 3 InterCl.CQ
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 1 Ch.Class

Her 10th Title!!!...also a sort of Jubilee
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet 1. interclass(for some reason she went affraid of something outside the ring, Poor girl!)
Day´Tonys Nice Light 1.Opencl CQ - CC and 2.BEST BITCH res.Cacib

...also lots of Congratulations to Pia and her Carlos - Elmelunds DareDevil on his

Certainly a proud day for Matson´s 2 beautiful red children Anna and Carlos gaining
their titles.

....and Ch. Natisja Adonis walking his daddys - King Sveinar - footsteeps
winning Saturday
- and Sunday
which ranking him no 1 for

BOS Ch.Cockergold Misty Blues - BOB Queen Jenny (pushing 7 years)
lots of congrats to Baloo´s devoted owner Christina on BOS both days!
BOB and BIG3 went to Baloo´s sister Cockergold Cute n´Blue Saturday,
also warm congrats to owner and breeder Lotte.


August 9th
Oh, dear - the King is still going strong!!!!
Lovely Elmelunds Dancing Diva gave birth to 9! big babies the other day -
5 black boys, 2 black girls and 1 black n`tan girl - unfortunately
they missed 1 red girl.

Lots of congratulations to owner Pia Elmelund.

August 4th

Neema - Dan-L´s All About Queen Of Eisbear - and Kristin had a lovely weekend in Lofoten, Norway
First time out in off. class
Saturday Neema went 1.Junior bitch with HP
and Sunday she showed her potential by winning

Neema is - of course - daughter out of King Sveinar!

"Preben" - Dan-L´s Dollar Sign and his humble servant Marie
had a great day out at an All breed Show in Sweden.
"Preben" took BOB puppy and

Congratulations to you both!


August 2nd
Yet another good news from Holland
Dan-L´s Wise Portia has been tested
This little girl was already tested FN-Clear and HDA!
What a JOY for her owner Lajla Steen in Holland

Sister Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet is also OptiGen PRA(prcd) Normal/Clear - such as brothers
Dan-L´s Benjamin Britten and JWW06 PLJW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin -
They are all HD A

Parents are GBCH Manchela Blue Lagoon and DKUCH Dan-L´s It´s About Time Optigen A1


July 30th

Stardew Decleration Of Love has this night given birth to
4 powerfull girls
All blue roan
Sire of the Girl Team is handsom
JWW06 PLSG06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin - HDA and Optigen nomal/clear
Look up for more at kennel Stardew


Ny trimmevejledning er tilgængelig...


July 29th
Lots and lots of congratulations to the owner of Dan-L´s All Tan To Nikolausberg on his

and to Sven Hess and his Dan-L´s Let´s Talk A Bit More how became
and Best Puppy Bitch in breed

Both sired by King Sveinar

The show was in Kassel
under Herrn Kettendorfer


July 28th
Lots of new puppy-pix - here


July 25th

JWW06 PLJW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin 1CC - HDA and sister Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet HDA
out of GBCH CruftWinner Manchela Blue Lagoon FN-Clear and DKUCH Dan-L´s It´s About Time
are both tested OptiGen Normal Clear such as brother
Dan-L´s Benjamin Britten .
Sister Dan-L´s Wise Portia in Holland is FN-Clear

Photos of Austin´s puppies will soon be shown on this site.


July 24th
Intelligent and sweetheart Thelma - Angie Blue V.RauhenHolz has been eye tested clear
and been mated to
handsom chocolate roan Vignetts King Of Chocolate
living in Motala, Sweden with his proud owner Berit Carlsson.
Thelma - Angie Blue v. RauhenHolz and Choco - Vignett´s King Of Chocolate


July 22nd
3-days show in Grenå is over!
...and 1-2-3 days - was what it took Baret to realize, what it was all about.

1 st day he refused to take 1 single (almost) step in the morning wet grass -
Result =
2.Best Baby Dog

2nd day he knew, that he had to move and he jumped up and down like a rabbit or played like crazy with the lead !
Result =
Best Baby Dog

3rd day - WOW, mummy - Now I know....! ...and he trot like a pony round the ring - enjoyed his life as showdog!
Result =

Body Rocks One Man Army
pushing 4 month
Thanks Lotte for photos!

A BIG thank you to juniorhandler Lotte for struckling with Baret the first 2 day as I was off for educatial duty
....and THANK YOU to you all
around the Tibbe-ring for your friendly and kind way
of welcoming Baret and me at our very first show in FSS.
It seems, like you are having a good friendship and sportsmanship!
Guard it - it is presious!

Richard - thank you for letting me have Baret -
he is such a super little gentleman.
I`ve never before had such an
easy, intelligent, heart stealing, super balanced ,totally naugthy and spoiled puppy !

I love him!

Photos will follow


July 10th
Read the Judge´s words from Super Cocker Show here


July 6th
Super Cocker Show is over,
we had a great day - in spite of thunder and rain,
but it lasted only a couples of hours and we ended the day with a beautiful weather.

We will be back in 2008!!

King Sveinar wishes his Queen Oktavia v. Odenwald( DCH,VDHCH)
the best of luck with her hopefully lovely litter in the colours black, red, chocolate and with tan ultimo August.
Thanks, Yvonne and Rolf for the visit!

Last weekend Trubbs son Stardew Moving Mountains won
CC-BOB and BIG 2
in Island - congratulations to Margraret and Jon

Stardew Moving Maountains
and his devoted breeder Eigil Pedersen.


June 24th

Baret - almost 3 month old


June 23rd
We are proud to announce,
that Trubbs´s son Cockergold Twinkle n`Shine out of Dan-L´s Sadly Not
and Cockergold Cool Cowboy also out of Dan-L´s Sadly Not
both have past the final test and can now call themselves:


Lots of congratulation to proud owner Charlotte!


June 22nd
Jackie is given birth to her and King Sveinars babies!
She had;
2 black and tan boys and 1 red girl, 1 black and tan girl and 1 black girl.
They are all doing fine


June 21th
Clever Ever - Dan-L´s Ever So Sad has given birth to her babies out of extrovert Ch.Ashgrove Brisbane
on June 17th she had 2 blue boys and 3 girls of which 2 are blue roan tan.

Darling Sadno - fooled us and had her babies a couple of days early -
but she has 1 boys and 3 girls - all blue and doing well.
the proud father is Austin - JWW06 PLJW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin

We are still waiting for Jackie and King Sveinars bebser.

Int. Show in Ballerup
Breed Judge Mrs. Moa Persson, S
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 1 ch. class 3.BEST DOG
Ch. Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 2. ch.class NO CQ

The highlight of the weekend was Mettes extremely clever job among the Juniorhandlers
Saturday she was
BIS 3 Juniorhandler
but Sunday she went


both days she handled Jenny to perfection!

Well done, Mette!

SU(U)CH DKUCH Dan-L´s Side Effect was Saturday 2.BEST DOG
and Sunday 4.Championdog CQ
in Sweden.

Kristine Olsson and Neema -Dan-L´s All About Queen Of Eisbaer had a great weekend in Norway
Neema had this weekend 2 x BOB-puppy and BIG 2.
So far unbeaten in Puppy class
Way to go, Kristine and Neema!!!


June 14th
King Sveinar and Princess Stefanie´s(Paisley´s Kiss N´Tell) 2 red sons Häljans Let´s Talk About Revanch and Häljan´s Let´s Talk About Nonsense have both
HDA and OptiGen Normal.

Congratulations to breeder JJ and the owner in Sweden and Norway

June 10th
Just got a call from Lasse Nyman -
our boy "Sider" got CC and 3.BEST DOG under
Mr.Erling Kjær Pedersen, DK
His full name is now:
SU(U)CH DKUCH Dan-L´s Side Effect

We are sooo proud of this extrovert son out of King Sveinar and
cannot thank Lasse and AnnChristin enough for taking so good care of him.

Good news from Norway
Dan-L´s All About Queen Of Eisbear - King Sveinars gorgeus black daughter
went to her very first Puppy-show and took
BOB-Puppy and BIG!
Way to go!!!... and lots and lots of congratulations to proud owner Kristin Olson

Neema and Kristin winning BEST OF GROUP


June 8th

All our girls are in whelp for sure
Ever - Dan-L´s Ever So Sad is next weekend going to give birth to blue roan babies
out of Ch.Ashgrove Brisbane -
few days later
Jackie - Paisley´s Outsider is on her way with red, black and black and tan pups
out of King Sveinar -
Darling Sadno - NUCH NORDCH SU(U)CH DKUCH NORDJW 04 Dan-L´s Sad - No Way
is having her blue roan babies out of JWW06 PLJW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin


Dan-L´s Wise Portia out of ch.Manchela Blue Lagoon and Ch.Dan-L´s It´s About Time
has been tested FN Clear.
Congratulation to Lajla Steen, Holland


Superman "Austin" - JWW06 PLJW06 Dan- L´s Charles Austin
has been mated to Stardew Declaration Of Love .
Blue roan puppies are expected at the Kennel Stardew beginning of August


King Sveinar has had yet another mating
- this time it was a visti from Matson´s lovely black daughter Elmelunds Dancing Diva -
we wish Pia and the Elmelund Kennel best of luck on a lovely litter
in the colours red, black and black and tan beginning of August


June 4th


King Sveinars gorgeus red son
Häljans Let´s Talk About Gossip is now
lots and lots of warm congratulations to owner Davida Brown and breeder Jane Jarefors!

GBSHCH Manchela Blue Lagoon has been tested FN Clear!
This lovely male is the sire of JWW06 PLJW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin (1 CC) and Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet.

Dan-L´s Winterkoninske
(DKUCH NUCH Paisley´s Time To Look Forward - NORDCH NOUCH SU(U)CH DKUCH NORDJW04 Dan-L´s Sad - No Way)
and Dan-L´s Mad About You
(NORCH NOUCH SU(U)CH DKUCH NORDJW04 A One´s Troubadour - Dan-L´s Mad About Blue)
have both been tested FN Clear.
Congratulations to owner Ingeborg Flokstra, Holland

Trubbs´s lovely daughter Stardew This Side of Paradise
owned by Anne-lise Dyhl took yet again
CC-CACIB in Germany.
BOB and BIG 3 went to another Stardew - Stardew One Night Of Sin owner by Susanne Merris.

Lots of congratulations to breeder Eigil and Rikke Pedersen on their GRAND SLAM!!!!
and to Anne-lise and Susanne on their wins!

We do wish Dan-L´s Dollar Note and Eigil Pedersen the best of luck in the future.

Last but NOT least
We are thrilled to annouce the arrival of

Tibet Spaniel
Body Rocks One Man Army
(Arundina Lha Mhu- SUCH Body Rocks Roxette)
born March 26 2007

We have completely lost our hearts to this wonderful boy and breed.
Never thought that I ever should find another breed that compatable to the cocker.
Lots, lots of sincere Thanks to Richard Andersson, kennel Body Rock for letting us have this boy.


May 18th
...yet again, I have not been very good at updating and so much have happen since last......

Trubbs´s lovely daughter Stardew This Side Of Paradise went til Oldenburg in Germany and pleased her owner Annel-Lise Dyhl very much by winning CC-CACIB and BEST BITCH under Mr. Jochen Eberhardt,D
Congratulation ALD


Marlene Thers´s super red Day´Tonys Nice Light has given birth to 5 super strong babies -
2 boys and 3 girls
Proud father is DKUCH Dan-L´s Side Effect.


Dan-L´s White Tail - Melkers and Sadno´s daughter owned by Kennel Häljans has got A hips!


While I was in Finland judging, my Husband and Mette took to DKK International in Hillerød and
Mette handled Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong - "Jenny" to 2.BEST BITCH -RES.CACIB and
"Matson" manege to take 4.BEST DOG in the hands of Kaj Madsen.
Well done and thank you for your help!
Dan-L´s Mad About Boys was 3rd in a superstrong juniorclass of 9 with SL.

Matson´s red son
Elmelunds Daredevil 3.Best Dog

King Sveinar´s son
DKCH Natisja Adonis

Judge was Mr.Frank Kane, UK


Ch.Dan-L´s It´s About Time - "Time"
was hid by a car and died instantly -
we still miss this clever girl with every bit of our hearts.


Ch.Dan-L´s Side Effect - "Sider "- has left for Sweden and is now living at the Paisley´s for a while.
We wish AC&L best of luck with the extrovert boy!


Our boy and King Sveinars son in NZ Häljans Let´s Talk About Gossip -"Svensson" -
took yet anoth CC and BOB.
Congratulations D!


Ch.Paisley´s Rumour - "Matson" - won BOB and BIG 2 and
Trubbs´s daughter Dan-L´s Mad About Boys took the bitch CC and BOS!
Dog-CC went to Matson´s son Elmelunds Daredevil.
WW06 PLJW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin was 3.BEST DOG
Anne-Lise Dyhls Trubbs daughter Stardew This Side Of Paradise was 2.juniorclass SL.


And finally Yesterday....
FDA National gundog-show Stepping
Breed Judge Mrs.Jessie Borregaard,DK

Ch.Paisley´s Rumour was yet again BOB
JWW06 PLJW06 Charles Austin 3.BEST DOG and 
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong
2. Best Bitch
Dan-L-`s Sweet Juliet 1. Juniorclass CQ (2nd to CC)

Trubbs´s daughters
Stardew Mistral Wind 2.Juniorclass SL
Dan-L´s Mad About Boys 3.Juniorclass SL
Trubbs´s son
Dan-L´s Driving Me Mad Juniorcl. SL
(he is for sure living up to his name - as he sometimes decides NOT to walk!)

Matson´s sons
Famous Wood Cock´s Lord Buckingham 3 Juniorclass SL
Elmelunds Daredevil 1.opencl.CQ res.Best dog

King Sveinars son
DKCH Natisja Adonis
BIS Veteran!


Among a lots of beautiful showreports from the past shows -
I would like to mention one:
Jessie Borregaard,DK
JWW06 PLJW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin - CC-winner
"Særdeles klassisk han, meget tro i sin type,herlige prop. i hoved, smuk hals og overlinie,
velvinklet frem som bag, velansat hale, passende stamme og pelsstruktur
herlig kompakt i sin krop, hvilket sammen med hans bevægelsesmønster giver ham en herlig cocker type"


April 25th
Oh, dear soooo much to tell......
First of all we went to Harstad in Norway at
International Show under Mr. Nils Molin, S
DKUCH SU(U)CH NORDJW04 A One´s Troubadour
CC - res.CACIB and 2nd BEST DOG
DKUCH SU(U)CH NORDJW04 Dan-L´s Sad - No Way
Hereby they BOTH got their NORWEGIAN and NORDIC champion titles!
Certainly a very proud day for us!

Dan-L´s Sad - No Way
My dreamgirl!

...and a huge Thank you to Kristin, the devoted owner of Sveinar and Jackies daughter Neema -
Dan-L´s All About Queen Of Eisbear -
who took so good care of me.
It was really nice meeting you and your family and thanks to papa Knut for the lovely photos!

Congratulations to Anna and her Avalanche on winning BEST DOG and CACIB


JWW06 PLJW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin has got HD A and so has sister
Dan-L´s Wise Portia in Holland - owned by Lajla Steen.


Dan-L´s Sad - No Way has been mated to JWW06 PLJW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin
We do expect blue roan puppies around June 24th

...and we have done it again -
Jackie - Paisley´s Outsider has been mated to King Sveinar
(now 12½ years)-
we do expect quality - OptiGen normal/clear - puppies in the colours
red, black and black and tan around June 24th

.....and wonderboy Austin JWW06 PLJW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin
has had a visit from Germany
CH.Scrabbles Bibbidi Boo has successfully been mated
and she and owner Frau Ines Picart in Berlin are expecting blue roan puppies
around June 25th

Photo Knut Olson

Trubbs NEW NORDIC and NORWEGIAN Champion

Photo Knut Olson
Dan-L´s All About Queen Of Eisbear


April 15th
What a great day around the World

New Zealand
Svensson winning CC - BOB and GROUP 1 and BIS JUNIOR -
Mischka - Dan-L`s Winterkoninske BEST BITCH at Clubmatch and
Trubbs´s lovely daughter Stardew This Side Of Paradise
took her final Junior CC and got her German Juniorchampionship and
...and finally Cockergold Cool Blue Night
out of Dan-L´s Sadly Not and Ch. Cockergold Cool n`Vital
won CC+BOB and Group 3 yesterday and CC and BOS to day
lots of congratulation to Davida, Ingeborg, Annelise and Mariann


April 14th
Ever so clever and pretty Ever - Dan-L´s Ever So Sad -
has to day been mated to handsom USACH. Ashgrove Brisbane
We do expect PRA(prcd) by parentage clear quality puppies June 16th
in the colour blue roan


April 13th
Sider -OptiGen A1, Matson - OptiGen B1 and Britte - OptiGen A1
have been eye-tested clear.


April 12th

Sider produces Chocolate

Boots Cocker Wiber has given birth to 10!!! sound and healthy babies.
3 boys in black, black and tan and CHOCOLATE TAN
7 girls in black and tan, red and black.

Lots of congratulations to owner Jørgen Boots - kennel Boots-Cocker


April 8th
DKK nat.CC Show Ribe
Breed judge Mr. Ole Staunskjær, DK

Dan-L´s Side Effect 1.openclass cq and CC - 2nd BEST DOG
Dan-L`s Sweet Juliet (in Bikini) 1 juniorclass cq and 3 BEST BITCH (2nd to the CC)
...and lots and lots of warm thanks to Vibe Borregård, who jumped in as stand in handler for Sweetie
and handled her to her wins -
as I had to rush to another ring for pupil-duty

DKUCH Dan-L´s Side Effect - HDA -Eyes Clear and OptiGen Normal/Clear
Sveinar´s gorgeus son!

Matson´s son Elmelunds Daredevil was 2nd.openclass CQ and 3rd BEST DOG
Also gorgeus Freddie - Dan-L`s Driving Me Mad had a good day out having
2nd with SL in a strong juniorclass of 9.



April 4th
Britte, Austin and Sweetie - alias -
Dan-L´s Benjamin Britten (OptigenA), Dan-L´s Charles Austin and Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet
has to day had their hips done -
Vet says, they all look fine.

Austin had his eyes checked - and they were perfect.


"Sider" - Dan-L´s Side Effect congratulates Muscha´s Ofelia on her lovely litter of 6 Girls!!!
Born this night - 5 reds and 1 black.
The babies are born at kennel Hentina.


April 2nd
We have got this photo from Tiina Nykanen in Finland of
Dan-L´s All Kiss´s To Demakin - Solina

here 4 month old
"She is all what I want and such a sweet little girl"
Thank you, Tiina - for your kind words about her.


March 30th
Dan-L´s Teasing Georgia
out of CH.Manchela Blue Lagoon and Ch.Dan-L´s It´s About Time
has got HD B

Congratulation to owner Carina Madsen

Stardew This Side Of Paradise - Trubbs´s daughter has got HD A -
Congratulations to owner Annelise

Good news from Poland and Germany
PLJCH. ROMULUS AMICUS CAPRA - Matson´s red son has taken his final CC and is now


Sister PLJCH ROMANCA PUELLA CAPRA took her irst CC at same International Show

Dan-L´s Inside Out in Germany has got HD B2

Lots of congratulations to owners Arleta Kmita, P and K. Jakob, D

Happy Birthday - Georg

VDHCH Dan-L´s Danupright Georg - Now 15 years old!!!!
out of Multich. Benchmark Kickshaw Knob and Ch.Dan-L´s Danconradine
he is one of 4!!! champions from same litter and 2 are also INTERNATIONAL CHAMPIONS
DKCH Dan-L´s Danup-Town Ultimatine
INTCH DKCH KLBCH FINCH Dan-L´s Danupside Down Ulrikke
INTCH DKCH SUCH Dan-L´s Danupward Edward


March 24th
Spaniel Club CC-show Stestrup
Breed Judge Mrs Karin Linde-Klerholm, S
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour cq
Juniorworldwinner06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin 2. Juniorcl. cq
Dan-L´s Side Effect 2. Opencl. cq
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 1. Ch.class cq
Miss Bikini Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet 4. Juniorclass

Thanks to the judges Mrs. Karin Linde-Klerholm and Mrs.Barbara Mülle

We had a great day with all our doggy friends
- and a special congratulation to Jenny´s breeder Lisbeth Christensen -
as she past her mid-way-judging-examination -


March 20th
Svensson has been on his very first shows in his new home country New Zealand this weekend.
Braveheart Davida - went the day before to the Quarantine station,
where Svensson has stayed 1 month in isolation -
trimmed him out - and drove mid-night to the show ground.
Svennson proved himself to be a rock solid dog - with a just as rock solid character -
by winning 2 Challenges for the title (6 more to go) -
thats even inspite of, that he has lost a lot of his beautyful feathering due to the summerheat
and his still LONG (ever wagging) tail.
Svensson is now about to settle in his new home with
Mrs Davida Brown - Kennel Woodfalls - Albany.

Davida - I am certainly VERY proud of you and "our" boy.
Best luck with this one of a kind boy!


March 14th

Dan-L´s Let´s Talk A Bit More
10 weeks
out of King Sveinar and Luna

Dan-L´s Benjamin Britten
OptiGen A1 - 14 month
Ch.Manchela Blue Lagoon - Ch. Dan-L´s It´s bout Time


March 8th
Wonderful clever Time - DKUCH Dan-L´s It´s bout Time has given birth to 4 new babies -
2 boys and 2 girls - all blue.
The proud father is Lotte and Michaels extrovert USACH Ashgrove Brisbane.


February 23th
Good news from Holland and Sweden;
Winterkoninkske has got HDA

and daddy DKUCH NUCH Paisley´s Time To Look Forward is FN-tested CLEAR

Congratulations to owners Ingerborg Gerritsen,NL and JJ,S


February 22nd

King Winter strickes Rørmosevej


February 17&18
Spaniel Club CC-Show - Nyborg
Breed judge Monica Drejer, S
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 2 ch-class 4.BEST DOG
JWW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin 2.juniorclass CQ
Dan-L´s Side Effect 2.inter.class CQ 2.BEST DOG
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 2.Ch.class 2.BEST BITCH
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet 2.Juniorclass res.BEST BITCH

Daytony´s Nice Light 1.inter.class 3.BEST BITCH and CC

Mrs. Monica Drejer was a really pleasant new acquaintance - well done!

DKK CACIB show Odense
Breed judge Mrs A.Kazmierski, PL

Ch.Paisley´s Rumour - 1 ch.class 2.BEST DOG res.Cacib
JWW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin 2.Juniorcl CQ
Dan-L´s Side Effect 2.Interclass CQ 4.BEST DOG
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 2.Ch.class 3.BEST BITCH
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet 3 Juniorclass

Day´Tonys Nice Light 1 interclass 4.BEST BITCH


February 14th
To day has been a very sad day - I did send Sveinar´s son - Svensson - Häljans Let´s Talk About Gossip -
off on his very loooong trip to New Zealand -
where he will stay 1 month in Quarantine before arriving to his new owner:
Mrs Davida Brown.
I have always sworn, that I would never send a cocker overseas, but when Davida did visit us last summer and she laid eyes on Svensson - it was definitely
I have regret my decision many times since - but a promise is a promise and I am convinced,
that Davida will love this fantastic dog and character to pieces - just as I do.

Davida, I wish you and Svensson the BEST OF LUCK!

Svensson - 8 weeks
8 months

12 months - at his very first and only show - male - 51 males entreed!

15 months
Svensson taking his very first steps on his journey to New Zealand.

A huge Thank You to his breeder Jane Jarefors , Kennel Häljans -who had the guts to do this mating!

Svensson and Mette last summer


February 11th

Dan-L´s D`Artagnan is enjoying the mild winter - 4 month old.
Thanks Anne for the lovely photo.


February 7th
My gorgeous ever so clever boy Sider - Dan-L´s Side Effect has mated his 2nd bitch -
this time is was - Boots-Cockers Wiber how was the lucky girl.


February 1st
Clever and handsom Sider - Dan-L´s Side Effect has mated his very first bitch.
Lucky bitch was Christina Hansens Muscha´s Ofelia


January 27th
Spaniel Klubben
CC-show - Stoholm
Breed judge Mr.Filip Johnsson, S

First time out this Year
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour

JW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin 3.juniorclass SL
Dan-L´s Side Effect 2 Intermed. CK
Ch-Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong 1 Ch.class cq 2nd BEST BITCH
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet 3 Juniorclass CK
Austin, Sweetie and I are still struckling when moving - it seems to taking its time before learning!
Day´tonys Nice Light 2 Interm class cq res. BEST BITCH

Lots of congratulations to Trubbs´s children and owners
Stardew Mistral Wind 1 Juniorclass CQ
Freddie BOB-puppy and BEST IN SHOW 3 puppy

"Freddie" - Dan-L´s Driving Me Mad - 8 month

and Matson´s children
Lovely Cocker´s Dooley 1. Intermed. CQ and 4th BEST BITCH
Elmelund´s Daredevil 2. Openclass CQ

...and last but not least
Sveinar`s son - super strong and fantastic moving
DKCH Natisja Adonis

Matson BOB - Ch. Cockergold Cute N´Blue BOS


January 21st
Huge congratulation to Lene Rechnagel and her "Kenzo" -
Dan-L´s Never Say Never Again 
out of Trubbs and Thelma on his
from puppy class to day at an open Spaniel Show under Vibe Borregaard.

This is Lene and Kenzo´s very first time out!


**Hot news**
Cocker Of The Year 2006

in Germany

According to The Spaniel Club Deutschland
Matson´s son and Svimmels Gr.son
Elmelunds Daredevil
is Top Winning cocker,

Lots, lots of warm congratulation to Pia and her Carlos!


January 10th
Super strong blue roan OptiGen A1 puppies are available out of
Trubbs and Princess Gladys at Kennel Niendorfer Gehege in Germany.

King Sveinar´s gorgeous daughter Häljans Let´s Talk About Me has HDA
Congratulation to proud owners AC&L, Nyman


January 9th
We do from the bottom of our hearts wish:
Dan-L´s All Gentleman and Jenni Väisänen, Finland
Dan-L´s All About Queen Of Eisbear and Kristin Olsson, Norway
Dan-L´s All Kiss´s To Demikan and Tiina Nykänen, Finland
Dan-L´s All About Tan To Nikolausberg and Maik&Sonja Blume, Germany
Dan-L´s Aramis and Benjamin Brønnum, Denmark
the best of luck!


Day´Tonys Nice Light - Matson´s daughter has got HDB


January 7th
Lots of congratulations to Trubbs daughter Stardew This Side Of Paradise on winning 

at an Open Show under Mr Thomas Rohlin
also lots of congratulations to her humble servant Annelise Dyhl!


January 2nd
Luna - Paisley´s A Little Bit Moore has blessed us this night
with a lovely litter of 6
3 black girls - 1 red boy and 2 black boy.
see more here

Our classic and ever so happy "Time" - DKUCH Dan-L´s It´s About Time has been mated to handsom Ch.Ashgrove Brisbane.
We are VERY exceited to have been able to do this mating.
"Austin" is an extrovert male and has a style which is very rare to see in the parties.
Both parents are OptiGen A1 and perfect hips
Austin is obtained in Hall Of Fame for TOP-sires only
as he is the sire of more than 50 Champions in the States
We expect blue roan puppies around March 6th.
See more here


News 2006

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