News 2008

December 25th
The King`s 14th Birthday!

First photo from New Zealand


December 21st
We are having so good news to tell;

My dreamgirl Sadno - DKUCH NCH SU(U)CH NORDCH NORJW04
has giving birth to 1 boy and 4 girls on the 16th - all blue.
The proud father is
Dan-L´s Dollar Note TOPWINNING JUNIOR MALE 2008 - 1CC - qualified for Crufts
owned by Eigil and Hanna Pedersen
see more under puppies

Our black and tan pride in Germany Dan-L´s All About Tan To Nikolausberg
gained CC and Cacib last weekend in Kassel,D
Lots of congrats to Maik - way to go - keep the black and tans flag flying!
No need to say whom his father is....!


Hot news
New star from Dan-L
Dan-L´s Keep On Swinging
Nordic Winner 2008 and Nordic Junior Winner 2008


CACIB winner at
Nordic Winner 2008

...on the move

SKK int.Sundsvall ,S

SKK INT. Nyköping, S
SKK nat. Ronneby
SKK int. Svenstavik

SSRK Högsbo,S.
at Club Show, Gränna, S.
Spaniel Club CC-show, Allerup Gl.Have.
BEST DOG and CACIB -DKK Hillerød.
at FDA 4,6&8 group CC-show.
at SSRK Gotland
incl BIS 4
Now also qualified for Crufts 2009

CLUBW04&07 DKKW03&04 NORDW04
Paisley´s Rumour
7 years of age
stronger than ever!


December 11th
We had a lovely trip to Stora Stockholm last weekend
We really enjoy the city and our traditional walk in the Gamla Stan - drinking glögg and tasting the christmas-cakes.
Also it is a great pleasure to join the CACIB show, always a little special to go to thatshow.
This years judges were Mrs. Kari Haave, N and Mr. Mikael Tranholm, DK.

Jenny and Matson got both honourable placements and they enjoyed their day out!


Sadno is getting bigger and bigger and we are looking forward
having blue roan babies at christmas time


November 26th
Lissi - Dan-L´s Never Stop Talking - black and tan
Optigen A
by parentage has been eyetested clear and HD A.


November 10th
Nordic Winner DKK Herning
Breed judge Mr. Tamas Jakkel, H
82 entries
Ch. Paisley´s Rumour excl 1 ch. class CACIB
Ch. Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong excl.Ch. class
Dan-L´s Dollar Diva excl. 2. Intermed.Class
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet excl.3 Open Class
BOB breeders group with this superb critic:
"Quality group, they are in my favour type, all have beautifull head, excellent forechest which is very rare in the breed now a day, very even and cockery"

Dan-L´s Keep On Swinging excl.1. Juniorclass
CC - and
Nordic Junior Winner 2008
Nordic Winner 2008
( It does not make sense, that a Junior can get an adult title, when it already has taken the Junior title
and why having a junior title, when they can win the adult title?
I will not have this title, it belongs to the CACIB winning bitch -
Ch. Kraglunds Go On Little Arrnie Daughter she is the true winner
as well as the Nordic winner title for males belongs to Cacib winner Ch. Paisley´s Rumour.)

It was absolutely fantastic, that Mandy - Dan-L´s Keep On Swinging took BOB -
12 month of age - her very first time out - she behaved so beautiful!
She is just as gentle as pretty - a true cocker.
You will hear much more from her in the future!

Mandy is out of Vignet´s King of Chocolate and Angie Blue V. RauhenHolz

Other results to be proud of:
Dan-L´s Dollar Note excl.1 Intermed. Class
SU(U)CH CH(VDH) Dan-L´s Mayflower excl. 2 openclass
Sveinars 12 year old son Ch. Natisja Adonis BEST DOG from vet. Class and Nordic Winner
Sveinars Gr.Daughter Ch. Kraglunds Go´on Little ArnieDaughter excl.1 Ch.Class CACIB

Returned from South Africa friday afternoon- went straight to the kennel starting bathing and grooming the dog for the Nordic Winner show.
We had am awsome time in this incredible country - will be back with photos.


October 30th
Came home from 2 wonderful weeks in New Zealand - soooo much to see and soooo little time!
Right now, I am far toooo busy unpacking and packing again - as we are leaving for South Africa tomorrow - to give a full report from NZ - it will have to wait until we return.
We will be back next friday - as we are going to Int. Show in Herning the day after.

While I was in NZ, I recievede the stunning news that;
Dan-L´s Mayflower now is
German VDH-Champion and Swedish Showchampion
Congratulations to her devoted owners Karl and Marianne Isbosethsen.


My supergirl DKUCH NCH SU(U)CH NORDCH NORDJW04 Dan-L´s Sad - No Way
has been eyested CLEAR and been mated to handsome
Dan-L´s Dollar Note (CC-winner) and TOP-JUNIOR male 2008.
We do expect Blue bebsies at Christmas-time.

...a HUGE thanks to Eigil and family for taking so good care of Sadno - while we are away!


....and my wonder-boy Matson
took his 11th BOB
this year in the hands of breeder/co-owner Lasse
under Mr. Patrick Ragnarsson, S
He also pleased us all by winning 2 BEST OF GROUP!


Two wonder-kids from Germany bred by Yvonne Heinze has been HD-tested A1 and A2.
Proud father is the KING.
(Yvonne - die NAME?)


October 10th
The server has been down at my hosting-company for the past week.

I am off for New Zealand at noon today, if you want to contact me - then SMS to following numbers:
24414384 or 30324736.

I will from time to time check my e-mail.

Dont worry the dogs will not be left alone - the family will be here and look after them!

Just want to share this photo of our Mandy -
Dan-L´s Keep On Swinging


September 22
Just one of these weekends, that one wants to forget as soon as possible!
Spaniel Club CC- Show Jersie
Breed Judge Mr. Moray Armstrong, UK

Cocker Clubshow Kolmården, Sweden
Bred Judge Dogs Mrs. Sally Wyatt, UK
Breed Judge bitches Mrs. Leslie Spencer, UK

Our very clever juniorhandler daughter was very pleased with her
saturday at DKK international show,
but she could tell from the competition sunday, that the judge told the juniorhandler; that" he thought, the juniorhandlers handling spaniels were having very "easy" dogs to handle and therefore they could not count on a placement in the end compatition and also he would prefure to place younger and less experiend juniorhandlers before the topjuniorhandlers".
The juniorhandlers are very serious about the competition and are putting a lot of work into it - they also know exactly how the other juniorhandlers are doing in the competition, such as what they are doing right and wrong and when they fail to show a given dog - they are very objective about their own preformance - therefore its very confusing and unsatisfing for them, when they are not given a judgement based on their preformance and their knowledge about handling dogs and the breed.


September 18th
SKK Int.Sofiero

Breed Judge Mr. Chr. Stefanescu, Ru
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 2. ch.class 5.BEST DOG
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet 1. Openclass res.CACIB 2.BEST BITCH
I was sooo proud of Sweetie - finally she has decided to showing herself off in the ring
- and won a huge openclass of 25 entries.

News from Holland
Dan-L´s Half Single (
out of Vignett´s King of Chocolate and Dan-L`s Mad about You)
won Junior CC
at his very first show:
Proud owner is Henriet Korterik


September 10th

Neema - Dan-L´s All About Queen Of Eisbear delighted her devoted owner by winning
last Saturday and on the Sunday she won her
9th CC ! and BEST BITCH in Norway.
Lots of warm congrats, Kristine!

Ysatis vom Odenwald - Chocolate bitch - was in Luxemburg and got her
title under her belt.
Viele gratulationen, Yvonne!

No need to say that these two extrovert girls are out of the KING!

Way to go, girls!


August 30&31
Spaniel Club Gold Cup, Tommerup
Judge Mr. Petr Studenik

Ch. Paisley´s Rumour
Ch. Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong excl. 2. ch.class
Dan-L´s Dollar Diva excl 1 Intermed.class - CC
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet excl. 2. Openclass

Judge Mr. John Thirllwell, UK
Ch. Paisley´s Rumour excl. 2. ch.class
Ch.Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong excl. 2 Ch. class
Dan-L´s Dollar Diva excl. 1 Intermed.Class
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet excl. 3 Openclass

Congrats to Eigil and LB on excl 2 in Juniorclass both days.

Diva - Dan-L`s Dollar Diva

Even we did not acheive any big wins - we are happy with the results and of course Darling Diva´s CC is highly treasured - we had a very good weekend in company with our friends and the weather was so beautiful.
The highlight of the weekend was surely, when I, at the Spaniel Club 75 Anniversery Dinner saturday evening, was awarded the "Golden Needle" for my work in the Spaniel Club over the past 25 Years
It was a great honour for me to receive this fine Distinction.


News from Finland
Dan-L`s All Kiss´s To Demakin has past the Field Trial with excellent result in Finland and will now need just 1 more CC after her 2 years Birthday in October to complete her FinnishChampion title.
Tiina and Solina was on show the past 3 weekends and can add 3 more CC´s to the many they allready have incl a couples of BEST BITCHES.

Do I need to tell that Solina is a daughter out of the King?

Jack - Dan-L´s Chicago and his owner Sven Hess went to Holland and pleased us by winning the JuniorCC and Res.CC!
Judge Mr. Howell-Thomas UK/NL.
Sven und Jack - gut gemacht!


August 16&17
What a weekend!!
We went to DKK Int. Vejen and Matson took yeat another Cacib and
this time under Rodi Hübenthal, S and

Cockergold/Galaksi-Lotte and I went to Nyköping in Sweden 1100 km from Vejen
and joined SKK Int. in all day heavy rain.
My Clownprince Matson showed his boots off by winning CACIB and his
this year and 5th in a row (in just 3 weeks) under spanielspecialist Monica Drejer, S
Sweetie showed, that she still loves the rain and won 1.cq in Open Class and res. BEST BITCH.

Lotte took BEST BITCH with her Queen Julie - Multich. Cockergold Cute N´Blue and
BOB incl CACIB SU(U)CH and NORDCH went to American Cocker Galaksi All Time Favourite.

While I and our cockers were in Sweden Per and Baret - Body Rocks One Man Army -
went to DKK Int. in Vejen , where our favourite personaly Hairdresser - now also Tibbe- handler - Morten Nordskov Hansen showed Baret to perfection and
his 2nd CC and also res. Cacib.
THANK YOU, Morten - I own you one!

Photos will come!


August 10th
SKK Nat. Ronneby, Sweden
Breed Judge Benny Bild Von Schednov, S
Group Judge Leif Herman-Wilberg, N
My Clown Prince took again BEST OF BREED
and this time BEST IN GROUP 2.
...and again in pouring rain - which he LOVES!
My darling Sweetie - Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet surpriced my also by loving the rain and showed herself off and went 4. Best Bitch.


August 4th
Great news!!
My precious boy Matson the Crown/Clown Prince of our kennel had great success in Sweden yesterday winning another BOB and CACIB also BEST IN GROUP 4
under breed specialist Mr. Matti Tuominen, SF
Lasse had the unspoiled "pleasure" of showing Matson in pouring rain and mud up to his knees!
I thank God, that Matson is enjoying his time in the ring,
no matter the weather and showing himself off.

BOB Matson &Lasse - BOS Häljans Dancing Princess
(gr.daughter of late Ch.Dan-L´s It´s About Time - the best broodbitch I ever have had!)

Matson is now back at Kennel Dan-L´s - and huge THANK YOU to Ann Christine and Lasse for taking sooo good care of him - I believe, that you have enjoyed having him back in your kennel!

Matson has been eye-tested CLEAR.

Sider - DKUCH SU(U)CH Dan-L´s Side Effect has mated Kennel Paisley´s Claramand Heatwave(red)

Kristine Olsson from Neshpo in Norway rang me with good news,
that her princess Neema - Dan-L´s All About The Queen Of Eisbaer
had been at 2 shows.
Saturday she was BEST BITCH and CC-winner - Sunday she took her 7th! CC and 2. BEST BITCH
Neema is - do I need to say it - ofcourse a daughter out of the King
What a marvellous team!

Brother Matti - Dan-L´s All Tan To Nikolausberg was in Soltau and took yet another CC (VDH)
Viele gratulationen zur Maik Blume!

Anne-Lise Dyhl and her blue roan daughter out of Ch.A One´s Troubadour -
Stardew This Side Of Paradise
gained her final CC in Germany and can now title her as
Congratulations to Anne-Lise and breeders Hanna,Rikke and Eigil

Even more great news
Dan-L´s Chicago - Jack won yesterday his
3rd Junior CC -Junior Club winner 2008 and BEST DOG
(in 4 shows only)
and is hereby called Junior Champion, Junior ClubW08 Dan-L´s Chicago.
Saturday he was 1st Juniorclass

Kennelmate Dan-L´s Let´s Talk A Bit More was Intermed.class Saturday and 2nd Intermed Sunday.
Again a daughter out of the King

The show was held in Soltau.
Viele, viele gratulationen zur Sven Hess!


July 30th
Great news from Finland
Dan-L´s All Kisses to Demakin - black daughter out of The King -
went to Latvia with her devoted servant Tiina Nykanen for a 2-days show
Saturday she was BEST BITCH with CC and on the Sunday
Congratulations, Tiina and Solina!

BOB Dan-L´s All Kisses To Demikan and Judge Zlatko Kraljic from Kroatia
BOS Cockhill Moneymaker
(also owned by Tiina)


July 27th
Matson took yet another 
BEST OF BREED in Sweden -
this time also BIS 3
and in the hands of his breeder and co-owners Ann Christin and Lasse Nyman.
Judge was Helena Björkman,S
Well done, AC & L!

Matson has been eye-tested CLEAR.

In Tvååker Matson was on Friday 18th 2. BEST DOG and
Sveinar´s fantastic black daughter Häljan´s Let´s Talk About Me took her 3rd swedish CC and went
SU(U)CH and NCH:
She is the sister of NZCH Häljan´s Let´s Talk About Gossip
and H. Let´s Talk About Rumours 2CC´s in Norway

Jenny had a day out for first time in a very looong time and even she was marked of the heat -
she went 3rd BEST BITCH at SUPER COCKER SHOW - judged by
superproff Vibe Borregaard Madsen.

News from Germany
Dan-L´s Chicago took his 2nd JuniorCC (in 2 shows) and is HD A.
Congratulations to his owner Sven Hess


July 6th
Worldshow, Stockholm,S
We are soooo proud of, that Matson´s wonderful son
DKUCH DCh VDHCH Luxch Elmelunds Daredevil won
rec. CC and Res. Cacib & Res. World Winner
just like his his father in 2003

Lots of congratulations to Pia
and lots of warm, warm congratulations to Ann Christin, Lasse and Petra
on winning

Paisley´s Fit For Fight


June 28&29
DKK int. Brøndby

While I was in Norway judging 2 days at NKK 110 anniversery
Mette and Per went to Brøndby - and what a couples of days for Mette
WOW - something to be proud of!

Mette and Kennel Sieger´s gorgeous springer Tabasco!

Great news from Iceland

Breed Judge Santiago, P
Group Judge Henrick Fryckstrand

Dan-L´s Benjamin Britten CC -BEST OF BREED and GROUP 4
Dan-L´s Memphis Excl. 2. juniorclass 4. BEST BITCH
Lots of congrats to Owner Tordis Haffsteindottir, who also had BEST BITCH

Britte in the hands of Michael M.Kristensen
Britte is the brother of DKUCH JWW06 PLJW06 D.Charles Austin and D.Sweet Juliet
out of Ch.Manchela Blue Lagoon and late Ch. D. It´s About Time


June 21st
Happy Birthday,
my precious companion.
Matson is for the timebeing in Sweden by his co-owners and breeders
Lasse and AnnChristine Nyman
Please take care of him and Sider too
and give both of my boys a big hug


June 14&15
Gränna, Sweden
Sunday SSRK
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 4 cq ch.class
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet 2 cq Openclass and 4 BEST BITCH

Cocker Club Show
Breed Judge Mrs. Frances Jackson, UK

Ch.Paisley´s Rumour

June 1st
Great news from Norway!!
Kristine and her black beauty Neema - Dan-L´s All About Queen Of Eisbear
had a fantastic weekend in Tromsø!
CC-BOB and BIG 1
under Ove Germundsson, S
CC-BOB and BIG 1
under Riitva Raita, SF
Congratulation, Kristine!


May 30
Update on babies born home and abroad:

DKUCH SU(U)CH Dan-L´s Side Effect is the proud father of:
2 boys and 2 girls are born May 22nd at Kennel Art Norbells,Denmark
in the colours red and chocolate tan. Dam is Alexis
7 babies are born May 4th at Kennel Boots-Cockers, Denmark
in the colours chocolate tan, black and tan, black and red. Dam is Boots-Cockers Diana
4 boys and 4 girls are born April 25th at Kennel Neshpo, Norway
in the colours red and black and tan. Dam is Matchpoints Happy Surprice
1 boy and 5 girls are born March 14 at Kennel Häljans, Sweden
in the colours red, black and black and tan. Dam is SU(U)CH Paisley´s Kiss N´tell
3 boys and 2 girls are born September 18th 2007 at Kennel Paisley´s, Sweden
in the coluors black and black and tan. Dam is Paisley´s Classic Choise.

Multich. Paisley´s Rumour is the proud father of:
5 girls are born April 28 at kennel Famous Woodcocker, Denmark
in the colours red, black and black and tan. Dam is Elmelund´s Frække Alfrida


May 28th
Yet another of King Sveinar´s children has been HD tested clear.
Dan-L´s All Kisses To Demakin has got HD B
(BOB and CC-winner)
Owned and loved by Tiina Nykänen,Finland


May 25th
Spaniel Club CC-Show Allerup Gl.Have
Breed Judge Mr. Kim Bay, DK
BIS Judge Mr. Svend Løvenkjær, DK
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 1. Champclass BEST OF BREED and BEST IN SHOW 2
Dan-L´s Dollar Diva excl. 4 Juniorclass
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet vg

Dan-L´s Dollar Note excl. 1. Juniorclass

Thanks for the judges words about my superb boy -
"just getting better and better and ever so classic!"


May 18th
SKK Hassleholm, Sweden
entries 120 - 99 adults
Breedjudge Mr. Vaiselvic, Serbien
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 3. ch.class and 3 BEST DOG
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet 1. Openclass cq
(18 entries)

Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet
Simply a beauty!!


May 10&11th
We had some great day at Gotland, Sweden and at SSRK´s CC-Show in Visby
Breedjudge Mrs. Helena Bjørlund,S
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour BEST OF BREED and BEST IN SHOW 4
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet 3 Best Bitch
Breedjudge Mrs. Tarja Hovila,SF
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour BEST OF BREED

New Champ Westerner Fairytale - BOB Ch. Paisley´s Rumour

BOB Ch. Paisley´s Rumour - CC Westerners Nothing But Flowers
Thank you, Marie for the photos.


May 1st - 3rd&4th
Matson Best in Show - May 1st
Dan-L´s Dollar Note CC-winner - May 1st
Matson BEST DOG and CACIB -Qualified for Crufts 2009
Dan-L´s Dollar Note 1st Junior Class Quailified for Crufts 2009
Body Rock´s One Man Army 1st Junior Qualified for Crufts 2009
BIS 2 Breeders Class
Mette BIS 2& 3 Juniorhandler
Dan-L´s Chicago Europa Junior Winner 08 and Junior CC and
Best in Breed
first time out only 9 month
Congratulations to Sven Hess, Germany

Lots of new babies have been born around Scandinavian -
Proud fathers are my super stud team!
more to come - I am deadtired!


April 14th
2 herlige robuste blue roan han- hvalpe - søger nye hjem.


April 6th
Spaniel Club CC-Show Stestrup
Breed judge Mrs.Gitte Finnich Pedersen.Dk
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour excl.1. championclass BEST DOG and BIS/Opposite Sex
Dan-L´s Dollar Diva excl. 2 Juniorclass
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet excl.1.Open Class - (2nd to the titlegivingCC)

Congrats to:

Eigil´s - Dan-L´s Dollar Note excl. 2 juniorclass (first time beaten in this class)
Bernie - has been Eye-tested clear and is HDA incl Optigen Normal/clear by parentage
DKUCH JWW06 PLJW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin`s beautiful daughter
Stardew Hearts Of Olden Glory
on also another BEST PUPPY IN BREED and BIS 2.


Sider has mated Boots-Cocker Diana - and she is in whelp!
Owner Jørgen Botts is waiting babies in the colours - black, black and tan red and Chocolate.


Trubbs´s daughter Stardew This Side Of Paradise got her VDH-CC in Berlin - Dont know what number it is, but she is having a lot!
Congrats to devoted owner Annelise Dyhl.

News from abroad


Steff - Paisley´s Kiss´N Tell has given birth to 1 boy and 5 girls in the colours black, red and black and tan -Contrats to Kennel Häljans in Sweden
- father is our own DKUCH SU(U)CH Dan-L´s Side Effect.

Dan-L´s Dollar Sign
has been FN-tested CLEAR - is HD A - Optigen Normal/Clear by parentage.
"Preben" belongs to Marie Johansson and is the brother of
CC and BOB winner - Dan-L´s Dollar Diva and Dan-L´s Dollar Note out of
late and sadly missed DKUCH Dan-L´s It´s About Time and USAch.Ashgrove Brisbane

Preben 1 year old


Sider - DKUCH SU(U)CH Dan-L´s Side Effect has mated Kristine Olsson´s - Kennel Neshpo -
black and tan Matchpoint Happy Surprice.
King Sveinars daughter -also owned by Kristin - was
2nd Best Bitch in Nordland.


Dan-L´s All Kisses To Demakin took CC and BEST OF BREED
and made her owner Tiina Nykanen very proud.

Solina is of course daughter to the KING!

here 7 month old.


Brother to these to topwinning girls is CC-winner Dan-L´s All Tan To Nikolausberg, who has become the proud father to a litter of 5 - 1 boy and 4 girls - in the colours black and black and tan.
Devoted owners are Maik und Sonja Blume.


March 23rd
DKK nat.Næstved
Breed judge Mrs. Steinbock, Israel
Group Judge Mr. Kim Bay
Ch.Dan-L´s Charles Austin 3 excl. champclass
Dan-L´s Dollar Diva 1. excl. juniorclass CC-BEST OF BREED -4th BEST OF GROUP
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet 2.excl. Openclass
BOB Breders Group
(3 groups were shown)

Ch.Cockergold Misty Blues BOS and Dan-L´s Dollar Diva BOB

Breed Judge Mr. T. Borkowski, Pl
Body Rock´s One Man Army 1st. excl. Juniorclass
( 2nd. to the CC)

...and Mette

.....with her new friend Ch.Body Rocks National Trust
Thank You, Kirsten for letting Mette handle your beautiful Tibbe


March 12th
Læs DKK`s artikel om deres nye regler for matadoravl her
I følge disse må Kong Sveinar være forælder til 350 hvalpe -
hvorfor f..... skulle de så give ham avlsforbud ved 170?
(er faktisk ikke sikker på, at dette ikke var gældende allerede da han fik sit avlsforbud!!)
Selv om de er kommet med denne "lille godbid" - overtræder de stadig specialklubbernes love, overenskomsten mellem specialklub og DKK samt høringspligten -
så DKK; op på hesten igen - det er en ommer!

King Sveinar is BACK IN BUISNESS
DKK has admited their mistake giving the KING breeding ban!!!!

The absurd breeding ban has been removed
and the King can become the father of yet another 180 puppies! the way the King was eyetested CLEAR october 2007,
as I took semen from him and froze it for future babies -
so hopefully I´ll have supersveinarbabies maybe in 2015!

The vet was surpriced how strong and healthy his semen was! -
no need to telling me!


Matti - Dan-L´s All Tan To Nikolausberg
HDB2 - Eyes Clear - OptiGen Normal/Clear by parentage
JCC- winner and BEST MALE
now also tested
Matti is son out of
King Sveinar
and owned by Maik Blume, Germany


March 2nd
Spaniel Klubben CC Show, Erritsø
Breedjudge Mrs. Helena Björkman, S
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 1.excl. Champclass BEST DOG
Dan-L´s Dollar Diva 2. excl. Juniorclass


February 23rd
Best news from Finland
Dan-L´s All Kiss´s to Demakin took 2nd BEST BITCH and Res.CC
under mr. Johan Juslin, F.
Congrats to Tiina and her Solina
Solina is a daughter out of King Sveinar and sister to CC-winners in Norway and Germany
Dan-L´s All About Queen Of Eisbear and Dan-L´s All Tan To Nikolausberg,
Dan-L´s Upside Down , SU(U)CH DKUCH Dan-L´s Side Effect and
resCC Dan-L´s Inside Out
All HD A or B

Solina - Dan-L´s All Kiss´s to Demakin


Alt materiale er nu sendt til DKK, der har kvitteret for modtagelsen -
der blev samlet 954 underskrifter og mindst 12 special klubber bakker op om den kollektive protest.
Tak til alle for deres støtte.
I forbindelse med protesten mod DKK´s nedlæggelse af avlsforbud på vores hunde,
har jeg fået udarbejdet et
af Professor.dr.jur Erik Werlauff
Du kan her læse, hvori DKK klart overtræder deres beføjelser


Det har kostet 30.000 kr (som er betalt af mig) at få udarbejdet dette juridiske responsum.
Jeg skal her takke alle nedenstående personer for også at yde økonomisk støtte - det er en MEGET stor hjælp.

Helge Larsen - Marianne Holm Hansen - Anonym - Per C.Knudsen og Margareta Granquist - Jessie og Kaj Borregard Madsen - Per Villumsen - Bodil Rüzs - Spaniel Klubben - Cavalier Klubben -
Newfoundland Klubben - Anne Lydeking - Anonym - Anonym

Der er pr.15. marts indsamlet 21.000 dkr - men der er endnu en bid vej til de 30.000 -
så ALLE bidrag er mere end velkomne - indsæt gerne direkte på
konto: 0537-000-03-01590 eller send en check til mig.

February 16/17th
DKK Int. Odense
Breed Judge Carlos Saevich, Port

1st time out in off.class

Body Rocks One Man Army
10 month old
39 entries

Baret Raketski
Body Rock´s One Man Army
here 3 month old
Do I love this little shit?

...also lots of congratulations to Kristine Olsson, N on yet another CC and this time BOB to
Dan-L´s All AboutQueen of Eisbaer
to Sven Hess´s Dan-L´s Let´s Talk A Bit More in Germany
on her HD B
Both these black girls are daughters out of King Sveinar


Ch.Paisley´s Rumour excl.2 ch.class RES.CACIB
Ch.Dan-L´s Charles Austin
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet excl.2 openclass

Our clever daughter - Mette took
BEST IN SHOW Juniorhandler 

and BIS 3 Juniorhandler 
Sunday -
both days showing Matson to perfection

Thanks to Ayoe for photo

...also congrats to
Eigil and Dan-L´s Dollar Note excl 1.Juniorclass
Monna and Dan-L´s Mad About Boys excl 1. Intermed.class


February 11th
Britte -Dan-L`s Benjamin Britten and Memphis  - Dan-L´s Memphis took off to
their new home up north at Iceland.
They have to spend 1 month in quarantine before they can be unitede to their new owner
Tordis Hafsteindottir, Kennel Leirdals.
We wish Tordis and her family the best of luck with Britte and Memphis.

Oh dear - our house seems ever sooooo empty after these two characters have left.


February 9th
Nye championat regler

Hunde registreret i et FCI-anerkendt land kan endvidere blive dansk eksteriørchampion, hvis den efter den 1. januar 2008 opnår 1 dansk certifikat (CAC) og forinden har opnået nationalt eksteriør-championat i et FCI-medlemsland. Her gælder også, at det danske certifikat for små racers ved-kommende skal være opnået, efter at hunden er fyldt 18 måneder, og at det for store racers ved-kommende skal være opnået, efter at hunden er fyldt 24 måneder.

Hunde af racer, for hvilke der er prøvekrav, HD-krav eller andre krav for opnåelse af dansk eksteri-ørchampionat, skal naturligvis i begge ovennævnte tilfælde opfylde de pågældende krav, før de kan blive dansk eksteriørchampion. Hvilke racer og hvilke krav, det drejer sig om, fremgår af de grup-pevise afsnit om særlige krav til enkeltracer for at deltage i bestemte klasser, tildeles certifikat og championat, som er anført senere i dette reglement.


Ny bekendtgørelse vedrørende hundehold 
Tro IKKE, at det ikke vedrører DIG!

læs her


January 26th
Spaniel Club CC Show
Breed Judge Mr. Johan Juslin, Fin
What a wonderful start of the show Year 2008!
Ch. Paisley´s Rumour excl 2nd championcl
JWW06 PLJW06 Dan-L´s Charles Austin excl.1 Opencl - 
Dan-L´s Dollar Diva excl. 3rd juniorcl
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet excl. 1 Opencl. and

Diva´s brother Dan-L´s Dollar Note took excl 1st Juniorcl.
What a tribute to our late DKUCH Dan-L´s It´s About Time
the dam of the 4 blue - all a true image of their mummy.

What a wonderful start on the year 2008!

Best Of Breed went to King Sveinar´s 11 years old son
DKCH Natisja Adonis
who took his very first BOB at his very last show.

What a final of his showcareer!

Thanks to Mr. Johan Juslin for thinking so high of my dogs and thanks for the show repport of my wonderful Sweetie:
" A wonderful bitch to be allowed to go over on the table - very feminin expression from tip of nose to end of tail. Beautiful neck - wellconstructed front. very balanced bone for her body with beautifull compact feet. Well angulated rear with low hocks. excellent coat - sound movement"
Austin´s report was very close to Sweetie´s.


Januar 9th
1 blue boys and 1 blue girl available

Best Dog
Runner Up Best Bitch
1x Danish Champion
1x Swedish Champion
2x Nordic Champions
2x Norwegian Champions
1xClubwinner 2007
1x DKK Jubilee winner
BOB winners and Group/BIS placements
Large numbers of CC´s and Cacibs
won with 8 different dogs

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