News 2009/10


Magthavere synes ofte ikke at kende forskellen på at skabe respekt eller frygt.
De, der ikke har forstået at skabe respekt, bliver godt nok mødt med frygt, men også foragt.



November 18th
Soooo much to update - sorry, that I have not been better, but I have got a new PC .....
and unfortunately it does not work as it should.

We have been in Slovenian, Germany and Poland since last.

First European Winner Show 2010 in Celje.

Day 1 was Speciality show:
Dan-L´s Black Money -Dylan - was 4th in Juniorclass
Ch.Dan-L´s Keep On Swinging - Mandy - 1st champion class - CC and BEST BITCH
Ch.Paisley´s Rumour - 1st Veteran Class - Best Veteran In Breed -


Dylan - Excl. in Juniorclass
Mandy 1st Champion Class CC and Slovenian Champion
Matson 1st Veteran class - EUROPEAN VETERAN WINNER 
and Slovenian Veteran Champion

Week later we were in Rostock
and we took CC´s with Austin, Morgan and Choise (Dan-L´s Hari Hari) - and 2 res.Cacibs.
Also Dan-L´s Uside Down took CC and need only 1 more to complete the championship.
Way to go to fam. Witt!


Few weeks later we went to Poland for
2x International show:

Dylan, Morgan, Austin and Baret took all together:

1 juniorCC, 5 CC, 2 res.cacibs and 2 Cacibs.

Great news from Finland:
Ch. Dan-L´s All Kisses to Demakin was BOB in Latvia and took CACIB and completed hereby her

Lots of congrats to Tiina and her Solina.


September 19th
We had a great day at Copenhagen Winner 2010 Int.DKK.
Judge was Mr. Komorowski from Germany.

Dylan - Dan-L´s Black Money
Matson - Intch etc Paisley´s Rumour
Morgan - Black Lord Infinity 1st excl. Intermed Class
Mandy - CH. Dan-L´s Keep On Swinging
Especielly it was a great pleasure to watch Dylan and Ditte in the ring...
he was soooo happy and really played the fool
and Ditte was clever enough to letting him!
These very short moments where he actually had all four legs close to the ground -
you saw the potential of this young dog.
Can hardly believe, that I have breed such a gorgeous cocker!

Dan-L´s Keep On Swinging

Also good news from abroad
Norway calling again..
Daughter out of Ch.Dan-L`s All About Queen Of Eisbear
was BOB and BIG 2 under Nils Molin
This is the second from same litter to take BOB and BIG 2 under the age of 10 month.

Well, done to breeder Kristin Olsen, Kennel Neshpo!


September 10th
Yet again loads of splendid news from home and abroad...
but first - new photos of Dan-L´s Trasolo

September 5&6th
Gold Cup Spaniel Club DK

Little Simon - Dan-L´s Trasquanello - really, really made us all very proud by winning
3 month old only.
I have been told - that he charmed EVERY dog lover at the show.
Lots of congrats to fam. Pedersen

Our own Dylan - Dan-L´s Black Money
also showed his boots off - at his very first show.
He went
with his "new" mum - Ditte in the other end of the leash
Well done to both of you!

The Kings - now veteran gr.daughter - Ch. Kraglunds Go On LittleReturn My Tan - won
while Matsons handsome red son
INT.CH Elmelunds Daredevil was
Congrats to Per og Pia

In Norway
- the daughter out of Dan-L´s All About Queen Of Eisbears -(out of the KING)
Neshbo´s Cute Eisbear - went to her fist show in off. class and was
BEST OF BREED and Group 2
Congrats to proud owner and breeder Kristin.

In Sweden
- Dylans sister Donna - Dan-L´s Green Dollar - was
at int. show in Högsbo
Devoted owner is AC&L Nyman - Congrats...!

isn´t she a beauty?

From Luxemborg -
Chocolate daughter out of the KING -Ch. Ysati v. Odenwald -
won BEST OF BREED and new LUX.CH.
Lots of warm congrats to breeder and owner Yvonne Heinze

No need to tell how proud we are!

Lissi and Matson´s black babies have now names:

Dan-L´s Story Teller - boy
Dan-L`s Small Talker - boy
Dan-L`s Chit Chatter - girl
Dan-L´s Lie Teller - girl

They are absolutely gorgeous and photos will come soon.

Gotland Visby 28&29 August
we went all family to the beautyful isle of Gotland
mum, da, Per and I and spend some valueable time together.

I went also to the nat& and in Visby.

Saturday - I had entreed Austin and Baret
Austin behaved just well enough to become 2nd best male and took the CC and

Photo taken with cellphone camera
Austin - New Swedish Champion
Judge was Henrick Fryckstrand,S

Baret did his best, but was one little paw from the CC - He became 3rd BEST MALE.
Judge was Yvonne Larsen,S

Sunday Mandy was also at the show - and she got the precious CACIB -
while Austin yet again was 2nd Best Male and res. CACIB
Judge was Henrik Johansen
Baret was just pleased to entre the ring under Mr. Leif Lehman Jørgensen,DK


Dan-L´s King´s Last Prom
The King and Paisley´s Out Sider
in the hands of Ditte
Owner John Tryk


August 24th
Soooo much to update!!!!

21&22nd August - We went to Leipzig Int&nNat.Dogshow
and the cockers really showed, what stuff they are made of.
Mandy - DKUCH SU(U)CH NORDW&NORDJW08 Dan-L´s Keep On Swinging went
Saturday under A. Korózs.
Matson was 2nd best male
and day after Matson was BEST OF BREED
and can add yet another title to the looong row -
German Champion (VDH).
Judge Mr.Klemann
To crown it all - he won

My darling Matse-Latse

Beauty-Queen Mandy - Dan-L´s Keep On Swinging

16th August
Lissi - Dan-L´s Never Stop Talking(daughter out of the KING) -
gave birth to 4 healthy and strong babies -
2 boys and 2 girls - all black.
Proud dad is Matson!

15th August - Baret - DKCH Body Rocks One Man Army - and I took to Vejen
and he really showed his boots off - went all the way to
under Mr. Jan Sonne-Schmidt.
We were sooo proud!

August 14th we went to DKK Vejen
and showed under Mr. Luis Pinto Texeria with good results.
Matson took 2nd BEST DOG from Veteran Clas. - Best Veteran in Breed and trotted his way to
BEST IN SHOW 3 Veteran.
Morgan - Black Lord Infinity - has been shown briefly - but is now back in business by winning
2nd BEST BITCH -CC and res.Cacib.
Mandy and young boy Beaver - Francini´s Upper Class were both 2nd in class with excellent.

Morgan - Black Lord Infinity

News from Germany
Christine Witt´s Dan-L´s Upside Down took yet another CC(VDH) this time in Soltau
and litter brother Dan-L´s In side Out took res. CC(VDH) - owner Jakob.
Lot of congrats.

Barbara Tej`s Dan-L´s Pink Pound - went to her 2nd show and once again she took

Well done!!!!


July 27th
We are expecting black, red and black and tan babies medium august - out of Dan-L´s Never Stop Talking and Matson

We have recieved great new from Finland and Tiina Nykanen owner of Dan-L´s All Kisses To Demakin who took the final CC for FINNISH CHAMPION  and also Latvian and Litauian Champion.
At same show Solina´s son took res.CC
Lots of Congratulations and warm wishes for the future.
Solina is the 4th of this combination to become CHAMPION!
They are ofcourse out of the late KING

Dan-L´s Pink Pound has been on her very first show and pleased her owner Barbara Tej, Germany by winning
Congrats to her very proud owner!


Trubbs´s daughter CH(VDH) Stardew This Side Of Paradise has gained her German Champion Club title by winning final CC and BEST OF BREED.

Well done, Ann-lise Dyhl!


July 13th
New puppy info.
Sweeties wonderful babies are now 6 weeks old and have got their photo taken
- we are very happy with them - very short, so compact and classic without exaggeration.
Well done, Sweetie and Pruno.
Dan-L´s Loppiano is looking for a loving family.
He is the sweetest little boy, so gentle.
He is gorgeous in construction and of show quality.
Mum is Ch. Dan-L´s Sad-No Way and dad Intch Francini´s Pruno
Born January 9th
Pra(prcd) carrier - cannot develope FN

Loppiano 5 month

Loppiano 5 month


June 26th
Oh, dear - wish my feet belonged to someoneelse!!
This is the morning after 2 wonderful show days at WW-show and Speciality Spaniel Show.
Per and I have enjoyed every single moment with our good friends.
Thank you all for your splendid company.
We showed at the WW only
The highlight of the days is Matsons win at the WW-shows -

Judged by Mr. Philip John & Mr. Martin Croeser

Photo Wiegården
Veteran World Winner 2010
Intuch, Dkuch, Su(u)ch, Nuch, Norduch, Plch, Klbch, Clubw 04&07, DKKW 03&04
Cocker of the Year 03&04
Paisley´s Rumour
Matson - Matse - Matse Latse - Play the Fool
9 years old
I am thrilled having a cocker like Matson - he is such a joy - so much a backstreetboy and yet soooo gentle.
He thinks, life is one big blast, he lives every single moment full
and his goal in life is spreading happiness around him.
He is having a great sense of humour and I love him to pieces!

What a huge credit to his breeders Ann Christin and Lasse Nyman!


June 13
Int.Show in Erfurt
Judge Mr. A. Korózs, H

Neema was flying the flag of her late dad the KING and took
BEST BITCH CC - CACIB and went on winning BEST OF BREED
see a small video of her from Best Bitch competition
Thanks to Natasza Blaszczyna for sending:


Lissi - Dan-L´s Never Stop Talking has been eyetested clear and mated to
wonderboy Matson - Int. Paisley´s Rumour
Puppies expected August 18 in the colours red, black and black and tan.
These babies cannot develope PRA(prcd)

And from Germany we received the good new that Dan-L´s Inside Out
on May 30th won
V1 Anw. Dt. CH. VDH
at CACIB show in Giessen under judge E. Deutscher
Dexter is another black and tan son out of the KING!
Lots of congrats to Fam. Jakob!


June 7th.
Loads of good news to be updated.

June 6th
We went to Neumünster in Germany
- had Ever-So-Pretty Neema
- NUCH DKUCH SU(U)CH NORCH Dan-´s All About Queen Of Eisbear
- with us.
She manage to win her class and took CC vdh and res CC club and Res. Cacib.
Judge was Mrs. Monika Blaha, A.

May 30
Sweetie -Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet - gave birth to 4 boy-tanks and 1 Barbie-girl - all blue.
Proud sire is INTCH Francini´s Pruno.

Int.Francini´s Pruno - Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet (2 CC)

May 13th
FDA-CC-show Judge Mr. Alex Krasilnikof Ever-So-Pretty Neema was 2nd BEST BITCH and our new CLOWN PRINCE Beaver - Francini Upper Class was out for his very first time and pleased us by winning BEST OF BREED PUPPY.

Thanks to Hanne for the photo
Beaver - Francini´s Upper Class
7 month old
he is such an extrovert cocker - always so happy and positiv!

2 new champions
We have also received fantastic news from our breeding in Germany - black and tan Dan-L´s All Tan To Nikolausberg (The King - Paisley´s Out Sider) has gain his Deutscher Champion( VDH) title - he is the 3rd out of this combination to win national title
Lots of congrats to Maik
- we are waiting for the fourth from Finland, need only 1 CC to complete!

Dan-L´s Miss Tomboy (blue roan) (Ch.Midnight Train V. RauhenHolz - Ch.Dan-L´s It´s About Time)
has completed her title and can now call herself:
Deutscher Champion (VDH) Dan-L´s Miss Tomboy
Lots of warm congratulation to Tina and Ursel.

DCH(VDH) Dan-L´s Miss Tomboy

May 9th

Neema and I
went to Larv in Sweden to National All Breed Show -
Mr. Patrick Ragnarson; S was judging and 59 entries
I am soooo thrilled, that Neema was awarded 2nd BEST BITCH and CC - which made her up
Swedish Show Champion and Nordic Champion.
In just 1 week and 2 shows Neema took 3 titles.
I am amazed of her spirit and great charm in the ring - just like her late daddy.
She is surely not a wannabe - she is the Queen Star!
Her full name is now:

NOCH DKUCH SU(U)CH NORDUCH Dan-L´s All About Queen Of Eisbear.
Do I need to say, that she is a daughter out of the KING?

Neema flying the KING´S flag!


May 7th
We had a splendid day at DKK last weekend..
Kristin and Neema from Harstad, Norway( 20 km south to the polar circle)
(Noch Dan-L´s All About Queen of Eisbear) were visiting us.
Neema and Kristin showed them selves off and took the CC and res.Cacib 2nd best bitch and got the Danish Champion
title under their belt - what a blast!
Matson showed his boots off for the first time in Veteranclass
and first time out after he has recovered from his injurie in the back last Year
- and I was more than pleased with his recovery...
he trotted in great style his way to
under Mr. Hans Rosenberg, S and later in Main Ring he showed,
what stuff he is made of by winning
He is a dog to die for!

Matson BIS Veteran Hillerød 2010
Pushing 9 Years (next month)

Neema looking for the CC and Danish Champion title!
Lots of congratulations to Kristin and her black beauty - another kid out of the KING!


April 25th
We do expect blue roan puppies June 1st
Sweetie - Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet -2 CC´s OptiGen PRA & FN Clear - has been mated to gentleman
INTCH ITCH Francini´s Pruno - Optigen PRA & FN clear.

Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet
GBCH Cruftwinner Manchela Blue Lagoon - CH Dan-L´s It´s About Time

We do congratulate Sider`s Ch.Dan-L´s Side Effect`s black and tan daughter
Paisley´s Magic Passion on her Best Bitch and CC at her very first show
Under Mr. Martin Johansson at CC-show in Vasterås in Sweden.
Owner Petra Funke


April 4th
We have been busy!!!
Saturday 27th, I went to Bohus in Sweden along with "Magic" Mandy and Austin to a CC-show
and we were more than thrilled, that
Judge Michael Masters, UK
awarded Mandy the titlegiving CC
- making her Swedish Showchampion.
In the line up she was 2nd best bitch.
Her full name is now
DKUCH SU(U)CH NORDW08 NORDJW08 Dan-L´s Keep On Swinging
Austin manage to become 4th Best Dog in a strong line up under Mrs. Joanna Darby.

Magic Mandy New Swedish Champion
Thank you, Kristina for the photo

Austin i Bohus - TAK, Elin for photo!

Monday 29th we packed the car and went all the way to Kennel Francini, Italy and Angela´s lovely dogs, having another rendevouz between Valentina´s outstanding Pruno and Sweetie - Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet.

Austin - Ch. Dan-L´s Charles Austin is going to stay with Angela for some months.
It was great to see Sider again -
he was ever so happy and has produced quality-Francini -babies and there are more to come.


March 14th
Magic Mandy - Ch. Dan-L´s Keep On Swinging took CACIB in Groningen, Holland last weekend.

Dan-L´s Pink Pound, Dan-L´s Green Dollar and Dan-L´s White Wash have all left for their new homes - and we wish them the best of luck!

Dan-L´s Leccio has left for his new family and we have had the first report - he is behaving perfectly!

Dan-L´s Leccio


February 21st
We do welcome

super strong and outgoing "Beaver" - Francini´s Upper Class
out of Francini´s Freedom and Francini´s Caprice(dam of INTCH.Francini´s Pruno)
born october 16th 2009
DNA-PRA & FN- normal by parentage.
Thank you, Angela for letting this boy come to Denmark and join the team of Dan-L´s!


February 14
of congrats to Marie and her Preben - Dan-L´s Dollar Sign on winning the CC in Mjölby under N.Molin and her BIS with kennelmate Tia and BIS Baby Puppy with Prebens daughter.

Austin was Res. Best Male and Mandy was 3rd CK in Open .

We have said "Goodbye" to little super star Jones - Dan-L´s Airborne Star .
He left during the week to his new home in Holland with Laura Loeve/ Kennel Sierra Blanca.
Take care of him - he is very special!

Jones pushing 4 month.

Dan-L´s Airborne Star
OptiGen Normal
We wish Jones all the best in Holland with Laura Loeve
Thanks for this gorgeous photo, Laura!


Dan-L´s King´s Last Prom has got HD A
Congrats to owner John Tryk.
No, need to say that she is out of the KING!


January 19th
We were in Stoholm at Spaniel Club CC-show and meet all our good friends again.
We brought Jones, Austin, Morgan(excl) and Mandy(excl 3rd) and got nice results in super strong classes - especially proud are we of
Jones - Dan-L´s Airborne Star´s BOB Baby and BIS 4
He is only just 3 month old and thought the day out was a BLAST!
Austin - DKUCH JWW06 PLJW06 came 2nd in a strong CH-class of 6
and was awarded the Club-CC and ended 3rd Best Male.
Judge was Mr. Stig Arne Kjellevold, N

It was so great seing so many new faces and particulary all the babies and puppies -
16 entries in cockers and 17 juniors and many of wonderful quality - it shows well for the future.

Lots of congrats to Morgans brother Dark Lord I Have A Dream how took CC and BEST MALE on the sunday and if I have heard right also the CC saturday(I was not there).


January 9th
At Jenny´s birthday, Sadno´s gave birth to Pruno´s and hers lovely babies
- 8 blue roans - 4 boys and 4 girls.
We are so pleased!!


January 8th
Great new from Norway!
Very handsom Ch. Casein Calabria has been PRA(prcd) DNA-tested NORMAL via Optigen.
and so is brother Cambria too
Congrats to Geir and Lars with the results.
We are thrilled as Sweetie´s and Siko´s babies are PRA(prcd) Normal via parentage!.

Sadno is hopefully given birth to her babies this weekend!
We can hardly wait.



December 30
Great news from OptiGen!
Late "Time" - DKUCH Dan-L´s It´s About Time - one of the best brod bitches we ever have had -
has now proven to be the perfect A -
as we have received the FN - result from OptiGen USA.

That means that NONE of Times children can ever get affected by FN!!


December 26th
Charming Diva - DKUCH SU(U)CH Dan-L´s Dollar Diva has given birth to 4 strong puppies.
1 boy, 3 girls all blue
Proud papa is Nordjw 08 Charbonnel Yellow n`Blue
All babies are PRA (prcd) normal and cannot develop FN !


December 18th
DKUCH SU(U)CH Dan-L´s Side Effect is FN-tested clear.

Matsons wonderful black and tan daughter Dan-L´s Love Rider is also tested FN Clear.
Yuma has also been to her very first show and was awarded BEST PUPPY
Congrats to her owner Henriet Korterik, Holland

We are looking forward to Diva´s and Billy´s babies around New Year

She is very much pregnant:-))

Sadno´s belly is also growing - we are exceited!


December 7th
Time to do a little update.
New photos of the pups - they are sooo short, compact and well up on the legs - I am thrilled!

We have been at the last show this Year - Spaniel Club CC-show and final show for
Unfortunately my superman Matson - Intch. etc..Paisley´s Rumour got a problem with his backpart
- so I took the very hard decision NOT to go into the ring with him.
(Well, to be honest - it was not so hard, the consideration to my darling Matse´s well-being always comes first
and NOT a showcompetetion, no matter how important it is!)
Therefore he was not able to defend his 1st ranking for Cocker Of the Year and had to leave the title in the paws of Jackie - she took BOB that day - without the competetion of Matson.
Lots of congrats to Jackie and her proud owner, Lotte.
....BUT - however - Matson was - without being in the ring - able to become
which I and he are very pleased with!


November 11th
Loads of exciting news!!!

We are expecting superb, true to type babies in blue around New Year -
First.... out is charming DKUCH SU(U)CH Dan-L´s Dollar Diva - she is mated to
Topwinning Nordjw08 Charbonnel Yellow n`Blue owner Kennel Allerts, Sweden.
All babies will be PRA(prcd) Normal and cannot develop FN

Diva and Billy
Two top-classic and true to type cockers
Thanks to fam. Johansson for helping! come is supergirl ever-so-classic
and INTCH ICH Francini´s Pruno
These babies cannot develop PRA(prcd) or FN

Sadno and Pruno
Another 2 cockers of brilliant type - so true to type without any exaggeration.

The 2 photos above are inverted

Pruno - cocker in every inch!.
PRA(prcd) Normal - FN Normal - HDA - Eyes clear
A huge THANKS to Valentina Mannozzi- Pruno´s owner and
Angela Francini - Pruno´s breeder, Kennel Francini, Italy
for helping me making this possible! the way - I forgot to tell, that he can work too!!!

BEST OF LUCK to Angela and Sider.
Sider will be guest dog at Kennel Francini, Firenze, Italy
for the Winter and Spring.

DKUCH SU(U)CH Dan-L´s Side Effect
optiGen A - HDA - Eyes Clear

Sider enjoying his new life in Italy with Angela´s mum and a new kennelmate!


Hot news from Germany
Dan-L´s Miss Tomboy
( CH.Midnight Train v.Rauhenholz - DKUCH Dan-L´s It´s About Time) won
at Int. Show in Rostock (her 3rd CC) - kennelmate Quality Boy vom Bascav-Hof was best male

Lots and lots of warm congratulations to owner Tina and all from Bascav-Hof.

News from Holland

Dan-L´s Winterkoninkske( Ch. Paisley´s Time To Look Forward -Ch.Dan-L´s Sad-No Way) was
at Club Match.
Lots of warm congratulations to owner Ingeborg Flokstra.

Herning DKK Int.
Dan-L´s Blue Bubblin
(Dan-L´s Dollar Note and Dan-L´s Mad About Blue) was
both days and shortlisted in big ring

We are proud of you, Charlotte and Sammy

Huge congrats to Pia and her Carlos - Multich. Elmelunds Daredevil -
son out of multich. Paisley´s Rumour -
Carlos can now call himself

..he added also the Norwegian championtitle to his long row of titles when winning BOB in Norway
and qualified for Crufts 2010


October 23rd

We have been to a few shows this Autumn
- with good results, but from time to time,
I wonder where the eye for the true cocker has gone?


October 21st
DKUCH SU(U)CH Dan-L´s Dollar Diva has perfect eyes and hips - says the vet.

Result HD: A


August 19th
Cacib Show Hillerød
Breed Judge Mr. Laurant Pichard, Schw.

INT.Ch.Paisley´s Rumour 2.BEST DOG Res.CACIB
Nordv08Nordjv08 Dan-L´s Keep On Swinging 1. interm bitch CC and Res.Cacib

....and NEW DANISH CHAMPION at her 5th show only

Photo taken by Lotte Kristensen
so proud of my "Magic" Mandy

News from Germany, Soltau
Fam.Jakob and their black and tan boy Dan-L´s Inside Out took 2 CC(VDH) and 1 res.CC(klub),
while sister Dan-L´s Upside Down owned by fam Witt took her 4th CC(VDH)
These 2 great kids are of course out of the KING!
Viele, Viele gratulationen zur diese 2 fabelhaften familien!


August 13th
Super Black and Tan bitch 3 month old for sale - lovely show quality.

..and one lovely black and tan boy
see here


August 6th
Gorgeous Sweetie has been mated to handsome Ch. Casein Calabria
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet - Ch. Casein Calabria


August 2nd
Wonderful Diva

Thanks, Elin for the wonderful photos
New Swedish Show Champion
DKUCH Dan-L´s Dollar Diva
CC and CACIB Best Bitch
at Svenstavik under Eva Resko,SF


July 19th
Hari has left for her new foster home with Ditte Jørgensen, Rødding
We wish Ditte and Hari all the best!

Our new pride!!!
Dan-L´s Hari Hari
Dan-L´s Dollar Note - DKUCH SU(U)CH NCH NORDCH NORDJW04 Dan-L´s Sad- No Way
7 month old


Read about our experience July 12th at Int.Show in Bilbao, Spain


"Arrogant, dominant and unpolid ringsteward steals the picture..."

 ...major fault of the ringsteward is the direct course that a exhibitor was denied access to the ring and the competetion!"

Sorry - the report is a little long - but hang on - it is quite interesting.

 ...we arrived at the show around 9 o´clock in the morning and picked up our papers at the main entry.

We placed our tent between the rings for the tibetan spaniel and cocker spaniel - so we could overlook both rings. Baret - the tibet was timetabled to approx 11 o´clock and the cocker in the afternoon - so we were in good time.

Everything went well showing the tibet - he got res.cacib. and we were waiting in the strong heat for the cockers to begin.

When the last breed before the cockers was in the ring - my husband went to the ring - in case there was a delay or any info for us - while I waited with Mandy in the shadow about 5 meter from the gate to the ring - she was the only in the class and last number. - So still in good time.


When the class before my class went into the ring - there was only one in the class - I went to the gate of the ring - and was watching the judgement - and when the judging of the bitch was almost done - I asked the very young steward at the gate - if I should entree the ring - I pointed at my number - and pointed out for her, that I had the number next after the number of the exhibitor in the ring -
she said, that I should wait.

I was already on my way into the ring - but of course turned around again and left the ring and waited at the gate.

To my surprise best male was now called into the ring - and suddenly I realized, that they were doing best of breed - while I was waiting for my class to be called!

Now noone could stop me and I went into the ring and asked when my class was on? -

The master - ringsteward - a blond woman in orange suit - was very unpolid and said that I was not present at the time for my class - so it was cancelled!


I tried to explain her, that I actually was waiting at the gate and had asked her co-steward if I was allowed to entree the ring after the class before me - but was told to wait - and my class and number was never called.


You can imagine, what a mess that came out of it - but the master-ringsteward - continued shouting at me, that I was not at the ringside when my number was called.


I just asked, when my number was called - and I found out that it was called, when the breed began!!!.
..and it was called in SPANISH
( thought that it was an international show) -
on the top of it - the other exhibitors and the ringstewards decided at that time, that I was NOT present -
and no matter how much I was present and waiting for my class at the gate in good time -
nothing could change that decision.

So my class and number were never called.


Stupid me, suddenly to appear and wanting to go into the class as planned according the catalog.

...Think about, I was naive enough to believe, that international shows in Spain also followed FCI´s rules -

and at least the classes were called in the order of scheduled in the catalog - but so it is not?

The poor judge was caught in the middle of the battle - and was excused - as he just did, what the stewards told him to do - and the very young steward at the gate - had VERY red ears and could only look into the ground - as she apparently did not had the courage to disturb the master ringsteward and tell her, that I was waiting at the gate for my class.


But nothing could change, that the judge had done Best Bitch and Best of Breed while I was waiting and watching from the gate - only the winner - who encouraged the ringstewards to believe, that I was not at the show -
as "she had not seen me" - she told me that later on - must have a very, very bad taste in her mouth.

The kind judge became in the contrast of the ringsteward - completely aware of the mistake - but found it hard to undo his decision - but asked the winner of best bitch if it was ok with her - to give me the chance and compete with her. - She laughed and said no..

No need to tell, that, ofcourse, I have written a complain to FCI and I demand, that the results must be cancelled, because of this major error of the ringsteward.

It costed me 30 euro - but this is very little compared to the 36hours driving and 2300 KM from Denmark (and 2300 km back again) and nights on hotels.

I even didnot get my entryfee back!

 The manager of the show - deeply excused what happend and also for the behavior of the arrogant ringsteward, but could not do anything.

The proud winners were:

BOB Lucas and BOS Belle Epoque De Rocango
owned by: Mr. Gonzales Rodriguez

It is unheard, that a ringsteward is able to cancel a class or exhibitor far earlier than scheduled - all classes must be announced and all numbers must be called as planned in the catalog.


July 4th
at Super Cocker Show

Black Lord Infinity
in the proff hands of Lotte - Thanks Lotte
photo taken by Hanne Vinther Nielsen

We are proud of late King Sveinars son Ch.Natisja Adonis on winning
at Super Cocker Show
Congrats to his proud owner Per Villumsen!


June 21st
Congratulation, Matson - 8 Years to day!!!
Do I love this fantastic backstreetboy?

Matson celebrating a Best Of Breed- win some Years ago.

Matson´s fantastic head and soft expression

Well - dont know what to think!

Matson enjoying himself at Crufts 2009

Matson wants to cuddle!

Matson on the move for more great wins!!!

Wonderful news from Norway
Kristin Olson and her Dan-L´s All About Queen Of Eisbaer - took her final CC (her 10th) and completed her Norwegian Champion Title - she confirmed her title be winning BEST OF BREED and BEST OF GROUP Yesterday and BEST OF BREED and BEST OF GROUP 2 today.
Neema is a daughter of the late and sadly misssed KING.

Krisins lovely red girl Neshpo´s All About Sweet Surprice - daughter out of DKUCH SU(U)CH Dan-L´s Side Effect gr-daughter to the King - have had a splendid start of her showcarrier - with 2 CC´s and 2 BOBs and 2 BIGs from Juniorclass.

Neema - NUCH Dan-L´s All About Queen Of Eisbaer

Neshpo`s All About Sweet Surprice
Dkuch Su(u)ch Dan-L´s Side Effect - Matchpoint Happy Surprice

Best of luck to Lasse, Ann Christin and Diva - Dkuch Dan-L´s Dollar Diva

...and new from Germany - Yra vom Odenwald is now Luxembourg Champion
yet another daughter out of the Late King.

Congratulation Yvonne!


June 10th
How comes it´s makes me sick,
when a exhibitor is licking Judges arses,
as a certain exhibitor is exposing on her website?


June 1st
We are delighted to welcome our new member of the "staff" - "Morgan" -
black girl

Black Lord´s Infinity
here 4 ½ month old
Thank you, Maja for trusting us this extrovert girl!

New photos are soon to come.


May 31st
"Cocker spaniel the meanest dog in the World"!
Reasently a researcher Amat from the School of Veterinary Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, has discoverd that the english cocker spaniel is the world´s meanest dog -
she concluses, that reds are in higher number, than the other colours...

read more here

"Cocker spaniel er den ondeste hund i verden"!

Fornylig har en forsker Amat fra the School of Veterinary Medicine at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, i en artikel i Discovery News offentligtgjort et undersøgelses resultat over aggressive hunde og slået fast at cocker spnaiel er den "ondeste" og de røde er i større tal end andre farver.

Læs hele artiklen her:

Er vi ved at miste det indvundne terræn fra 60´ernes og 70´ernes store temperamentsproblemer hos de ensfarvede?
Avler vi for ukritisk? -
Er vi mere focus på HD og øjne og høje præmieringer på udstilling end temperament?
Dette er en meget alarmerende artikel - som stempler vores elskede race som

Hvad kan du gøre for at forbedre dette ry - for noget må vi gøre og vi må løfte i flok, hvis vi skal tage denne undersøgelse seriøst?

Jeg har for ganske nyligt blevet konfronteret med problemet fra en hundetrimmer,
at vedkommende møder flere aggressive ensfarvede cockere i sin salon end tidligere.

Disse cockere kommer fra en kennel, et opdræt - måske dit?


May 21
FDA -Group 4,6 and 8 CC-show
Breed judge Mrs. Birthe Scheel, DK

Dan-L´s Keep On Swinging excl.1. intermed CC and BEST OF BREED
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet excl. 1 Opencl.

I am so very proud of our "Magic" Mandy - its her second show only - first was at Nordic winner show Herning novmeber 2009 under breedspecialist Tama Jakkel, Hungary where she also took CC, BOB and the titles.
All the good things of a true cocker is combined in her:
Type, construction, style and the gentle, overwhelming sweetness and hapyness.

"Magic" Mandy - Dan-L´s Keep On Swinging

also Bernie did well, the true cocker was excl. 1 Open Class.

Bernie - Dan-L´s Dollar Note
Owner Eigil Pedersen

Sweetie - Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet
½-sister to Bernie
Fotos taken by Rikke Bøgh Pedersen


May 12th
Jackie and Matson´s babies have been born!
! black and tan boy, 2 Black and Tan girls, 2 black girls and 2 red girls.

Jackie og Matson´s babies er født!
1 black and tan dreng, 2 black and tan piger, 2 sorte piger og 2 røde piger!


May 10th
Så er der friske photos af hvalpene!!

Brand new photos of the PUPS!


May 5th
DKK Int. Ålborg - Cruft qualification

Judge Mrs Vries-Hoogland, Holland
INTCH(U) Paisley´s Rumour BEST DOG and CACIB
Dan-L ´s Sweet Juliet 2.BEST BITCH and Res.Cacib

Thanks, Hanne for the photo!


I simply dont understand,
why some people find pleasure in advertising other peoples misfortune on the frontpage of their homepage.
Can be only for some obscure need of attention towards themselves.


April 22th
Last weekend we went to DKK National CC-show in Hedensted

First out was my darling Baret - Body Rock´s One Man Army -
he took his last CC and can add
to his name
He was 2 Best Dog under Mr. Rajka Rotner, Slov.

Yet another offspring out of Matson showed his boots off
Natisja This Boy - owner and loved by breeder Per Villumsen -
took his first CC and also BEST OF BREED!

Natisja This Boy


April 8th

We proudly present


Multich. Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex - Multich. Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong - Multich. Paisley´s Rumour

KBHW.98&99.2001&2002 DKKW02
Cocker of the Year 1996,97,98,99&2000,2001,2002
Spaniel of the Year 1999,2000&2001
Studdog of the Year 1998&99
Veteran of the Year 2005
Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex
His 14th title!

Bridgew02 DKKJUBW07

Best Bitch 2003,2004,2005,2006
Muscha´s Play My Ding Dong
Her 11th title


.Cocker of the Year 2003&2004
Paisley´s Rumour
His 10th title

My beloved late King Sveinar receives his INTERNATIONAL TITLE posthumt
but if ever a cocker has deserved this precious title it will be him.
The greatest cocker ever!


The babies have got their names
Hvalpene har nu fået navne
the boy/drengene:

Dan-L´s Something Blue
Dan-L´s Blue Bubblin
Dan-L´s Ocean Blue
Dan-L´s Blue On Demand
Dan-L´s Blue Note

and the girl/og pigen:
Dan-L´s Blue Mistress


March 22nd
Maddie and Bernie´s babies have been born -
6 superstrong and FAT pups all blue roan
5 boys and 1 girl.
Now working on names for the gang.


March 20th
We are waiting for Maddie´s babies to come this weekend/
vi venter Maddie´s hvalpe denne weekend.

Best news from Holland....!

Dan-L´s Half Single has earned his title:
well done to his devoted owned Henriette Kortik.

Jazzle is out of Dan-L´s Mad About Blue - Maddie and Vignett´s King Of Chocolate.


March 11th
Jackie - Paisley´s Outsider has been mated to our clownprince Matson - Ch. Paisley´s Rumour -
we do expect puppies in the colours red, black and black and tan medium May.
/Jackie er parret med Matson - vi venter hvalpe medium maj i farverne rød, sort og black and tan.


March 9th
Still having the feeling of the green carpets of Crufts under my feet!
Micahel and I had some wonderful and most excieting days at Crufts -
of course we would have loved to have won "everything" - but cannot say, that I am unpleased.

First out was Baret - 3rd in his class - this is a story in its self - I´ll come back to this.
Saturday it was Bernie and Matson -
Bernie went 4th in a huge class
and Matson 4th too in an even bigger entry.
I can tell, that Matson really LOVED to stretch out his legs at the green carpet
and I was amused being in the other end of the leach.

Matson 4th Open Class.
Thanks, Michael for taking the photo!

photos of Bernie - Dan-L´s Dollar Note - owned by Ejgil Pedersen.
Thank you, Marie of Sweden for all the fotos!

BEST OF BREED CC-Bitch Quettadene Seeing Stars - CC-DOG Ch Chavez Royal Liaison-
BEST PUPPY Canigou Grace And Favour


March 2nd
We have had a couple of great weekends -
this weekend was Spaniel Club CC-show under Mr. Frank M. Whyte, UK
our CLOWN PRINCE Matson showed himself off and won

which was judge by Mrs. Tarja Hovila,Fin

Matson won amazing 11 BOB´s in 2008
(record for a cocker? - maybe the late King only can beat this)

Great to having the BEST IN SHOW under his belt - when going to CRUFTS next weekend!

Matson and Ch. Cockergold Fame Of Life

...and last weekend going to
Open Show under Mr. Michael M.Kristensen,
where "Lissi" - Dan-L´s Never Stop Talking - daughter out of the late KING took

"Lissi" - Dan-L´s Never Stop Talking


Dan-L´s Hari Hari - girl - f. 16.december for sale
Dan-L´s Dollar Note - Ch. Dan-L´s Sad - No Way


"Sadno" søger plejefamilie - se mere her


January 30th
We had a very nice beginning of this Years show season at the Dinnershow
in Stoholm under the judges
Mrs. Maria Louise Doppelreiter, A and Mr. Bertil Lundgren, S
Matson was
BEST DOG both days and delighted us by winning
BEST IN SHOW Opposite Sex
also both days.
Darling Diva won intermed. class both days and her final
CC and Best Bitch 4
under Mr. Lundgren.
We are proud of her
title we now can add to her name:
DKUCH Dan-L´s Dollar Diva

DKUCH Dan-L´s Dollar Diva
0ur 27th Dan-L-Champion

Matson BIS BOS


Once again we have to THANK YOU Eigil for his and Hanns great hospitaly -
taking sooo good care of Maddie - when she went to their house for a date with handsome Bernie.

We do expect blue roan babies March 22nd - see more here

Maddie has been eye tested clear.


January 14th

The King is no more

The time has stopped
Life has changed forever
Nothing matters anymore
Will the sunshine ever strike my heart again.

Best Dog
Runner Up Cocker of the Year
1x Danish Champion
1x Swedish Champion
1x VDH Champion
1x Junior Champion
Nordic Winner 2008
Nordic Junior Winner 2008
BOB winners and Group/BIS placements
Large numbers of CC´s and Cacibs
won with 11 different dogs