NEWS 2012

NYT !!!
Trim og klip af cockere og småhunde her på Kennel Dan-L
Ring for tidsbestilling: 59269495/53269495


Best Breeder Of The Year no 3
3x Danish Champion
1x Swedish Champion
1x Nordic Champion
2x German JuniorChampion (VDH)
1x German Junior Champion (club)
4xGerman Champion (VDH)
2x Polish Champion
1x Slovenian Junior Winner 12
1x Slovenian Winner 12
3x Crufts Qualification in 2 different countries
BOB winners and Group/BIS placements
Large numbers of CC´s and Cacibs
won with 12 different dogs

Goodbye 2012

December 29th
The year 2012 has soon reach its end - and 2013 is just around the corner.

Morgan - Intch Black Lord Infinity gave birth to 7 very strong and healthy babies December 18th
and wonderful Hari is growing bigger and bigger.
More infor here

Team D&D - Ditte and Dylan took the long way to Nitra, Slovenia and went Best Of Breed with CC and Cacib
under Mrs. Lotte Jørgensen.
Lots of congrats to this great team!


I can add gorgeous Dani - As De Colucan
to my cocker team
read more about Dani on his own page - here

I have been 3 times in Germany for shows -
Int.Hannover where I took StoreMats and Hari -
StoreMats took CC(vdh) and Hari was 2nd with res.CC (vdh)
At Spaniel Club Show in Moringen MiniMats was out in Intermed.class for first time and he got CC(vdh) and res.CC(club) under Pavel Sulzek
and in the end of the year I went to Bramsche with MiniMats and he took his 2nd CC(vdh).

MiniMats JCH D(vdh&club) Dan-L´s Talk The Talk
Bramsche 2012

I am proud to announce, that 2nd brother of the litter Dan-L´s Trasgaia also has gained his

Lots of congrats to owner John Tryk
Messi winning BOB in Wels, Austria 2011


Hari has been mated to Austin/ Hari er blevet parret med Austin
Morgan er blevet parret med Sider/ Morgan has been mated to Sider
More info under "Puppies"

October 20th
Autumn has come to Denmark and lots of work in and around the house must be done before winter...
I am first of all enjoying my wonderful puppies - they are growning soo well and these last warm days in October, thay have been outdoor and been playing in the grass.

To day I have been updating the puppy-site and small things around my site...
Hope you will enjoy the photos of the pups...


September 22&23rd
I went to Spaniel Club Show in Lübeck, Germany with Hari and StoreMats in the luggage, was looking forward to spend some cosy time with my danish and german friends - and WHAT A WEEKEND it turned out to be...
Saturday in pourning rain - StoreMats - JCH(vdh) Dan-L´s Hard Talk "swam" all his way to
CC(vdh&club) BOB and

while Hari - Dan-L´s Hari Hari took CC(vdh) resCC club 2nd best bitch!

Sunday Hari charmed her - in bright sunshine -all her way to
CC(vdh&club) BOB and
StoreMats did trot his way to CC(vdh&club) and BEST MALE

The judges were the 2 norwegian gentelmen and spaniel specialists:
Mr. Frank Bjerklund and Mr. Stig Arne Kjellevold.

StoreMats - JCH(vdh) Dan-L´s Hard Talk and judge Mr. Frank Bjerklund

Hari - Dan-L´s Hari Hari and judge Mr. Stig Arne Kjellevold

Certainly a super proud day for my 2 young dogs!!!!


August 15&16th
Int DKK Vejen

Off I went to Vejen bringing StoreMats and MiniMats who both went 3rd cq in the classes
under Patsy Hollings, UK
BUT...the hightlights of the day was
Dan-L´s Trasolo completed his DANSIH SHOW CHAMPIONSHIP by gaining his final CC incl CACIB and BEST MALE
Huge congratulations to his proud owner Maja Hybel!!!

DKUCH Dan-L´s Trasolo and judge Mrs. Patsy Hollings, UK

I was very pleased to see "my" boys placed 1,2,3 and 4th in openclass male:
Dan-L´s Trasolo, brother Dan-L´s Trasgaia, Dan-L´s Hard Talk and 3rd brother Dan-L´s Trasquanello all with cq.

In the group finals - my TEAM BLUE LADIES did their very best and we became

Team Blue Ladies on our way to BIS!

Sunday was not as cold as saturday, with very nice company and celebrating Rikke´s birthday -
we had the pleasure to see our boys be placed as 2, 3rd and 4th BEST MALE
CH.Dan-L´s Trasolo - Dan-L´s Talk The Talk CC-winner and Dan-L´s Hard Talk res.CC-winner
BEST MALE AND BOB went to late Matson´s stunning son - intch. Elmelunds DareDevil - who was BIG 3 later that day.
Team Blue Ladies had a hard time in the cold and rain later that day - but we ended up with a great
BEST IN SHOW 3 in Breeder Group.

It was surely a great weekend with great results!!!


Diva and Mandys babies are born....
Diva - Ch. Dan-L´s Dollar Diva gave me 4 gorgeous babies - 1 boy and 3 girls all blue on sept. 5th
- while Mandy- INTCH etc Dan-L´s Keep On Swinging pleased me with 2 fat bebs
- 1 boy and 1 girl also blue!
see more under "puppies"


August 25th
I am more than happy to announce, that StoreMats - Dan-L´s Hard Talk had become
A huge thanks to Ditte who as usual did a great job with this handsome boy and in just 3 show won the 3
First out in Bremen 2x CC jun and then she went all the way to Leipzig,
where StoreMats yet again won the CC jun vdh&club and BEST JUNIOR MALE
We had decided to take the chance and entre StoreMats in intermed.class the one day - and he took his first CC(vdh)
Dittes own Dylan - DKCH SLW12 Dan-L´s Black Money - showed what brillant dog he is - and was
CC-vdh&club and CACIB - BEST OF BREED saturday
CC-vdh&club -BEST MALE sunday
Really a great show weekend for Ditte and her team
Im soooo very proud of the boys!!!


July 6th
This rainy and cold friday - I was off to int.Tvååker, Sweden together with Franco and Morgan.
What a cold day - but was very proud and happy with Franco´s acheivement
CC-CACIB under Jan Herngren, S and got 2 titles more under his belt:

BOB was put into the hands of Mrs. Elaine Thomas, Franco was BOS
Morgan was 4th in Championclass under Mrs. Elaine Thomas, UK


July 1st
I went to Gorzow in Poland bringing tibet Baret and Morgan.
Baret won BEST OF BREED and Morgan was 2nd Best bitch and both


Dan-L´s Rudy, Fear No Fight - 9 weeks in his new home at Kennel Paisley
BEST OF LUCK with this special little guy!!!


June 9th
Neumunster, Germany was calling and Franco and I went off on a very cold and windy morning:
the judgement was placed in the hands of Axel Komorowski, D - and Franco took CC vdh and club and became
Ditte was doing her very best with MiniMats and took BEST OF BREED and BIS 2
Handsome Dylan was CC(vdh) and res.CC (club)
Another great day for our showteam!!!

Franco and I having an intimate moment at ringside

Franco new German Champion (vdh)


May 28th
Simon - Dan-L´s Trasquanello won his 3rd CC just 4 days before his 2 years birthday .

Lots of congrats to proud owner - Kennel Stardew


May 13th
Sider is back home after 2½ Year abroad
He is very happy and so am I!!!!

Sider in a quiet moment and doing his favourite diciplin - playing with his toys!!!


May 5&6th
CACIB DKK Roskilde

Saturday I went to Roskilde to show gorgeous Dan-L´s Trasolo for his owner Maja Hybel.
Milo was a pleasure to show and we manage to take 2nd Best male res.CC &res.Cacib.
Next day we were in the ring again - and this time we took Milos 2nd CC and were over the moon!!!!
The 3 litterbrothers D.Trasgaia, D. Traquanello and Trasolo are now having each 2 CC´s before 2 years of age.
In Main Ring - we were sooo pleased with our breeders group as we went

Sandra/MiniMats - Maja/Milo - Helle/StoreMats - Ditte/Dylan
Thank you - GIRLS for your great help and support!!!

Maja, Milo and Helle - sooo proud!!!


April 29th
CACIB Lingen, D
Judge Mrs. Petra Bannach,D

Lone Wandel and I went to Cacib-show in Lingen with the car loaded with american and english cockers.
We had a great trip!!
Sljw12 Dan-L´s Talk The Talk won a strong Juniorclass and CC(vdh& club) BOB Junior
completed his Junior champion Club&VDH
and was shortlisted in the Junior Group!
Intch etc. Dan-L´s Keep On Swinging CACIB - BEST BITCH CC(vdh&club)
and took hereby her 16th!!! title.

MiniMats, Lone, Mandy , I and Judge Mrs. Petra Bannach,D


April 17th

Morgan got her babies - 3 girls and 2 boys !!!
Unfortunately we lost 1 red girl
- but we are very happy with the 2 boys and 2 girls - in the colours red and black.
Morgan is a perfect mum and puppies are doing very well.
see more here

Babies 1 day old


April 15th

Cuxhaven, D
Judge Mr. Axel Komorowski,D
Ditte went to Cuxhaven with a bounch of cockers in the baggage -
and what a blast she had!!!
Dan-L´s Trasgaia CC (club&vdh) winner
Ch. Dan-L´s Black Money CC(vdh &res.CC club)
FINALLY Sljw12 Dan-L´s Talk The Talk CC jun (vdh&club)

MiniMats BEST IN SHOW with a very proud Ditte!


Feb 19th
Puppies are expected!!!

INTCH DKCH HRCH SLCH Black Lords Infinity - Morgan has been mated to
BGB-SEAW11 BGGRCH NV08 Northworth Fear For Fight - Franco
Dan-L´s Never Stop Talking also been mated to Franco!!!!

Babies expected medium April in the colours red and black!


Feb 11th
I was in Fredericia at INT.DKK show and had with me Franco and Morgan:
Ditte was bringing MiniMats and Dylan.
....and WHAT A DAY WE HAD!!!
First out were Ditta and MiniMats winning a strong juniorclass and as the only took CK -
next was Dylan - I had the pleasure to show him and by winning
Franco was winning a tuff championclass and Morgan got CK i championclass.

DKUCH Dan-L´s Black Money and mr. Rune Fagerstrøm, SF

Thank you so very much to judge Mr. Rune Fagerstrøm, Finland for these wonderful results!
We did not manage to show Dylan in the group, as he was going on holiday with Ditte and Stefan, so they had to leave early for being in time for the boat to Bornholm!
lots and lots of warm congrats to Ditte!!!!!


The Year 2012 started out sooo very well!!!
January was a great month for the Dan-L cockers
the 29th I went to Spaniel Club CC-show and was soo pleased with the results under Mr. Jostein Halvorsen.
Dan-L´s Black Money won CC and BEST MALE

Bob Ch.Allerts Corona (½-sister to Dylan) - Dylle-Ville winning his 2nd CC and BOS!

Earlier in January clever Ditte Jørgensen went on a "small" European tour
with boyfriend Stefan and 5 cockers in the baggage!

January 15th Nurnberg, Germany
Judge Mr. Peter Beyersdorf
All 5 cockers were CLASS-WINNERS with CC
and the absolutely highlights were
Dittes own Dan-L´s Black Money - "Dylan" took CC-CACIB BOB and 2nd in group
and new black star Dan-L´s Talk The Talk - "MiniMats" was BOB Junior with CC (junior)

Mr. Beyersdorf - Team D&D winning BOB

Day after this wonderful girl and her team went to Ljubljana, Slovenia
and had great succes under mrs. A. Pokorn
Dylan was BEST MALE CC-CACIB - Slovenian Winner 2012 and qualifided for Crufts 2013
MiniMats was BEST JUNIOR MALE CC (junior) - Slovenian Junior Winner 2012 and qualifided for Crufts 2013
Ch. Black Lord Infinity - "Morgan" was CC - Res Cacib and NEW SLOVENIAN CHAMPION!


We proudly present

Huge CONGRATULATION to his devoted owner
Maja Kongsted Hybel - Kennel Art Nobels


My wonderful painting of Matson made by Martial Robin!!!!!


December was a very busy and succesful month!!
3rd of December I went to Verona, Italy
with me I had Morgan, Messi and Baret
Baret won CC-CACIB and BEST MALE
Morgan CC-CACIB and Best Bitch
Messi CC-CACIB and BOB
the Cacib made up Morgan INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION
so her full name will now be:

Morgan in the hands of Angela Francini BOS (thank you so very much, my gorgeous italian friend) - BOB Dan-L´s Trasgaia -Messi
(Unfortunately I had to leave before group - as I had to reach the international show in Wels,Austria the day after)

4th of December I was in Wels, Austria at international show under Mr.Axel Komorowski,D
Again Messi showed ,what stuff he is made of by winning

and this time we went into the group and left it as


17/18 December
I went to Vilnius, Lithauian for 2 international shows.
I had Messi and Morgan with me
1st day Messi was (again)
and in the group he took the
2nd place!!!

2nd day both Morgan and Messi were Res.Cacib-winners and we could go back to the hotel and relax!!!

December was also the month where I received the best new from India - Dan-L´s Chit Chatter had gained her Indian Champion Title and won 7 CC´s and 2 Cacibs at her first 7 shows.
Huge congrats to her owner Rajanikanth Kb and co-handler Jaisimha Kb.

October 14&15
I, again, went to Athen, Greece brought with me Lady (Ch. Kraglunds GoOn Little Return My Tan
(disposite declaration)), Messi and Baret
Baret won CC- CACIB - BEST OF BREED both days which made him up
So now his full name is:
Body Rock´s One Man Army

Baret in Athen May/11

BEST OF BREED - CC and Cacib went to Lady and she struck in the group which she WON!!!
Messi was CC-CACIB and Best Male!!

Lady on the move for winning the group!!!

On day 2 - Messi won CC-CACIB and BEST OF BREED
Lady was Res.Cacib
Due to our flight scedule we had to leave before the group.


October was also the month where I recieved to great news, that Dan-L´s Upside Down got her German Champion (VDH) title under her belt - and Im proud to announce, that she is the 6th of this combination to get a national title.
See more here about Pelle, brother Dexter and ½ brother Puutch (also Junior CC-winner)

DCH (VDH) Dan-L´s Upside Down


July and August were two spectaculary months!!!
Super Cocker Show was held on July the 24 ( we had the worst and coldest weather EVER) and the great winner was Ch. Elmelunds Daredevil and Ch. Kraglunds Go On Little Return My Tan was Runner Up!
Two fantastic dogs...!!!!
Huge congratulations to the owners Pia Elmelund and Per Villumsen.

Bis-Winner intch etc. Elmelunds Daredevil and Judge Jan Zdaril, Cz

We were soooo pleased with the visit of the famous Biker cocker Lola from Italy and her family.
they spend their holiday here in Denmark and I was honoured to be guiding a little for Romina, Domenico and Lola!

Romina, LOLA and Domenico!
Read more about famous LOLA on her very own homepage:

Thursday after SCS - I went to Vejen for the 4 day-international show (had entreed 3 shows) and with me for the shows, I had Franco and Mandy!
I was soo pleased with the results and the hightlight was Francos BEST OF BREED and CACIB under Mrs. Davida Brown from NZ.

New International Show Champion Franco!!!

Was indeed a fantastic day - with the visit of Domenico, Romina and LOLA at the show!!!

Right after the last show on the sunday
- Bitta Wöhliche and I packed the car and took off for 9 shows at Black Sea, Albena, Bulgaria -
with 5 dogs ( 2 australian shepperds, 1 tibetan spaniel and 2 cockers) in the car.
That was the start of the most fantastic show trip ever!!!!
It took us 36 hours of non-stop driving to reach Albena 2 o`clock tuesday morning
- where we found our hotel and went to bed.
Next day was first show - because of the heat the shows were planned as eveningshows and that meant for us, that the show began 2 or 4 o´clock in the afternoon and went on until 2-3 in the morning.
We were in bed around 4 o´clock in the morning every day.
We spend the mornings with relaxing, grooming the dogs and very little sunbathing.
We got fantastic results at the shows - my dogs Franco, Mandy and Baret won all together 21 titles and qualified for Crufts!

My 3 champions on the beach of Black Sea
Franco, Baret and Mandy!

Mandy BIG 3

The view from our hotel room

Fantastic Bitta and her gorgeous dogs and I at the beach

"1 car - 2 blond girls - 5 dogs - 12 days - 12 shows - 42 titles - 5500 km"
Vejen > Black Sea

July 13
We went to the World Dog Show in Paris July 8th-
in the luggage we had Franco, Mandy and Messi...
Have to be honest and tell, that we never expect great results from that kind of shows.
..but ....
we are very pleased with the results
Franco 2nd in Champion class
Messi 2nd Junior class
Mandy 4th Champion class

Actually the results turned out not to be important, as we met sooooo many good friends and we had sooo much fun.
It was really enjoyable, everybody was in a good mood and we enjoyed the company!!!!
Thanks - are great!!!!

I can best describe this Years World Show with F-words:
Friends (many) - Fun (lots) - FUCKING chaos (Total)

I got photos taken of all 3 dogs by world famous David Dalton....hope to be able to present them soon!!!

Lots of warm congrats to Per Villumsens WORLD WINNER VETERAN 2011 and BOB veteran - The Kings Gr- daughter
Ch. Kraglunds Go On Little Return My Tan
to Lone Wandel´s black american JUNIOR WORLD WINNER 2011.


April 29th
I lost my fantastic, irreplaceable Matson
-he left us far to early.
I miss him so much.

We have one stunning black puppy male for sale...
Matson´s last son.....
Dan-L´s Hard Talk
out of Dan-L´s Never Stop Talking (daughter of THE KING!!!)
born march 9th 2011


June 18&19
INT.DKK Saturday
Spaniel Speciality Sunday
We were more than proud and please with the young boys wins at these 2 show days:
Saturday - Team D&D struck and took CC and 3rd BD -
Messi - Dan-L´s Trasgaia was 1st Juniorcl CK and brother Dan-L´s Trasolo 2nd CK.
Its years ago since I last have done a breeders group - so we were thrilled to get
BEST BREEDERS GROUP 4 in main ring.

Next day at Spaniel Club Show:
Messi - Dan-L´s Trasgaia showed what stuff he is made off:
1st junior ck - CC and BEST MALE
So proud of him!!!!
Yet again brother Milo - Dan-L´s Trasolo was 2nd ck.

Team D&D was 1st intermed. class. and Ditte was in the final showing Messi to perfection and

Here are some photos from the days....:

Dylan - Dan-L`s Black Money CC-winner in Dittes clever hands!


Franco - Ch. Northworth Fear For Fight!


Sweetie - Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet

BIS 4 Breeders Group
Dan-L´s Trasgaia - Dan-L`s Black Money - Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet - Dan-L´s Trasolo

Messi and Helle


3 youngsters:
Dan-L´s Trasgaia - Dan-L´s Trasolo - Dan-L´s Black Money
all cc-winners

Messi - CC - Best Male and BEST IN SHOW OPPOSITE!

June 5th
Team D&D - Dylan and Ditte went to INTERNATIONAL Show in Neumunster
and went all the way - last time out as junior -
1st Juniorclass - Junior CC and BEST MALE

Team D&D


May 14th&15th
I went to Athen, Greece...for 2 international shows!!!
With me in the bagage I had Franco, Mandy and Baret the tibet!!!
I had been looking so very much forward to this show - and the excitment was ever bigger,
when I met 2 great swedish - just as crazy as I - doggypeople on the airplane:
Marie Gabolin and Åke Cronander.
We lived almost door by door in the small village close to the showground.
Thanks, friends for fantastic company and great help!!!!

May 14th
Mandy - CH. Dan-L´s Keep On Swinging went all the way and took CC - CACIB - BOB and BOG 3 and the CACIB gave her the crowntitle:
Franco - Ch. Northworth Fear For Fight won CC-CACIB - BOS
Baret - Ch. Body Rocks One Man Army took CC-CACIB - BOB and BOG 4
I was sooo proud og him and my team!!!

next day...Franco took CC-CACIB - BOB and BOG 2
Mandy was CC-CACIB - BOS
and yet again Baret won CC-CACIB -BOB

Proud me - and Baret


Franco - BEST OF GROUP 2
Here are some photos from the weekend:

Franco BOB


Franco and Mandy
2x BOB and BOS

Mandy BOB

.......and we can all get a bit tired!!!


May 9th
Super Sider - CH. Dan-L´s Side Effect has been eyetested clear!!

Dortmund - shows are over and with pleasing results:

Franco - DKCH NUCH NW08 Northworth Fear For Fight won his class both days and got 4 CC´s
Sider - DKUCH SU(U)CH LUXCH Dan-L´s Side Effect also won his class both days and got 4 CC´s
and Mandy - DKUCH SU(U)CH SLOCHCH NORDW08 NORDJW 08 was 2nd 1st day and 1st secondday and took 3 CC´s and res.Cacib.

Lots of congrats to Pia Elmelund for flying THE KING`s and Matse Latse´s flag by winning BEST OF BREED and the CACIB with 2 different bitches.

Super Sider - DKUCH SU(U)CH LUXCH Dan-L´s Side Effect - almost 6 years old and in TOP condition!!

Morgan - Mogge Logge got her final CC and res. Cacib in Zadar, Croatia April 30th and completed her
Lots of warm THANK YOU´s to Maja for her spendid job with Morgan.

Morgan and Maja

On April 23 we went to DKK national all breed show with Franco and Sweetie
Sweetie pleased us by winning a strong openclas bitch and 3rd best bitch.
Franco went ALL THE WAY TO THE TOP!!!!!


Surely a very proud day for us!!!!!

Mr. Martin Croeser, Franco and I from the group win

We do have 1 gorgeous puppy male for sale.....

New from abroad....
Dan-L´s Inside Out has become DEUTSCHER CHAMPION (VDH)
he is the 5th out of same combination to get the championtitle under their belt...
he is brother to Ch.Dan-L´s Side Effect.
Lots of congrats to proud and devoted owner familien Jakob, Germany

Dexter - DCH (VDH) Dan-L´s Inside Out


April 17th

We went to DKK Nat. All Breed Show April 3rd and Franco took his very first step into the dansih show worls and did splendid by winning the CC and Best Dog and became DANSIH SHOW CHAMPION!!!
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet came 2nd with CK and the 2 yooung boys
Dan-L´s Black Money and Dan-L´s Trasgaia was 1st CK and 3rd CK in a strong Junior Class...
Im proud of these 2 gorgeous youngsters...

NUCH NV08 Northworth Fear For Fight

Dan-L´s Black Money
owned and loved by Ditte Hall Jørgensen

Dan-L´s Trasgaia
Devoted owner John Tryg

And more show results:

March 5 at Spaniel Club CC-show
Dan-L´s Trasolo ( litterbrother to Trasgaia) was out very first time in Juniorclass and took
CC and 2nd Best Dog

Dan-L´s Trasolo and proud owner Maja Hybel

Morgan - Black Lord Infinity - is having great succes in her homecountry Croatia in the hands of her breeder Maja Horvat - she has gain 3 CC for the croatian championship ( 4 needed and 2 from cacib show) and she has passes her FIELD TRIAL too.

Beautiful Morgan - Black Lord Infinity


Lissi and Matsons babies were born on March 10th
3 boys...2 blacks and 1 black and tan....
The boys out for first time 4 weeks old

Dan-L´s Hard Talk and Dan-L´s Talk The Talk

Dan-L´s Talk Show


February 6th

We feel blessed adding
"Franco" - Ch. Northworth Fear For Fight -
to our small stud and show team this spring and summer.
"Franco" is born 9.dec 2006 - HD A - Optigen Clear - Eyes Clear

We owe Elin and Leif - Kennel Skjerntun - a huge THANK YOU for trusting us this very special boy.

We will do our very best!!!!!

Read more about "Franco" on his own page.

Lissi - Dan-L´s Never Stop Talking is definitely in whelp....
Puppies expected medium March


January 18th

We came safe and sound into the Year 2011.

Lissi - Dan-L´s Never Stop Talking has now been mated to Matson - Multich. Paisley´s Rumour
and we do expect
sound and healthy black and black and tan babies mid March.

Dan-L´s Chit Chatter - 5 month
Matson - Lissi


The last show of 2010 was in Stockholm int. under Theres Johansson
Ditte and I had a great trip - and Stockholm was more than beautiful dressed in her coat of SNOW.
It took a little longer time to getting to Stockholm and back again, but we enjoyed the trip!

We are more than pleased with the results:

Dylan - Dan-L´s Black Money 1.Juniorcl and QUALIFIED for Crufts
Morgan - Black Lord Infinity - 2nd opencl. 4 Best Bitch
Matse.......BOB veteran and 3 Best Male...
86 entries.

Dylan - Dan-L´s Black Money - Qualified for Crufts


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