Tour de Norway
It was a pleasure getting invited to judging the Spaniel Club CC-Show in Trondheim, Norway and a huge THANK YOU the committee and exhibitors for making the day so great...even the sun was shinning all day.
<< Doing the Ami´ my BOB-winner 10 month old Chocolate bitch and below my BIS and res.BIS.
My husband and I made a few days of holiday in Norway and after leaving beautiful Trondheim we went to Lille Hammer and stayed 1 night at this hotel. At 1.15 PM we woke up from the noise of the fire alarm ( I have never heard a noise like that...choking!!!) We hurried out of the room and went to the reception, fortunately it was a false alarm.. only 1 fire truck and a few fireworkers had arrived.

Well, back to was hard to fell into sleep again. We were both a bit tired next morning, where we took of for Oslo.

wooow, what a tour - 70 km off road (almost) - you could almost touch the sky!!
Per is enjoying the view and a cigarette
Fantastic nature more or less made by man/hand!
Meeting the wild life of Norway!!!
Our view from the Hotel in Oslo living next to the Royal Castle.
>> My toy when travelling without a dog!!!
Below: Norwegians??? guardning the Castle!!!!