Dan-L`s Ever So Sad - "Ever" &
NORDJW 04 DKUCH Dan-L´s Sad No Way - "Sadno"
GBSHCH ECH Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober - Baba Yaga v.d.AltenHallig
Born may the 15th 2003
"Ever" is OptiGen A1, HDA and "Sadno" OptiGen B1, HDA, 3CC

Ever and Sadno 7 weeks
"Ever"&"Sadno" - two extraordinary beautiful girls out of a super litter of 7, 6 girls and 1 boy - all of very high quality. sister Dan-L´s Sadly Not went to Kennel Galaksi/Cockergold (here) and also Dan-L´s Sad, But Bad is going to be shown. We were delighted, that we were able to do this mating - (it was NOT to much trouble to get 4 days in Madrid in March, it was wonderful!) and a warm Thank You to Antonio, his wife, Mercedes and Carlos for making this possible.
GBSHCH.ECH BOB Cruftwinner97 Cocker of the Year 2004 Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober
HD A Eyes clear
GBSHCH Palacecraig Go West Glowhill Apollo Seven
Palacecraig Be Fair
Lennoxgrove Victoria at Palacegraig Shelohn Surely Great of Lennoxgrove
Quettadene Angelica
DKUCH Baba Yaga v.d.AltenHallig
HDA Eyes Clear Optigen B
Benchmark Casablanca
3CC DK - 1CC S - 3 CC D
HD B1 Optigen C1
Multich.Studdog of the Year94 Benchmark Kickshaw Knob
HD B1 Eyes Clear
Multich.Benchmark Champagne
HD A Eyes Clear
Dan-L´s Blue Rain
HD A Eyes Clear Optigen A1
Stocdale Let´s Talk About Rain
HD A Eyes Clear
DKCh.Dan-L´s Danup-Town Ultimatine
Baba Yaga v.d.AltenHallig
GBSHCH ECH Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober
"Ever" is the bright and clever girl, very outgoing and a true little character. She is very short and compact with the best of head and sweet expression. She is very true to the english type.
She has been on her first CC- show and took 4.juniorcl and cq
"Sadno" - my dream girl.... probably the best particolour bitch I´ve bred, one of the best bitches in Denmark. She is an absolute darling in every way, the sweetest of character and gorgeous in construction - I love every bit of her.
So far she has been on 2 shows and took BIS 2 baby/puppy each time.
She has been to her first CC-show and won Juniorcl with cq.

Thanks Lewis and Copia for giving me this girls!!!

Sadno CC and NordJw04


Lewis, taken at my visit in march 2003