A sixpack has been born!
September the 30st

Sadno´s beer litter
Dan-L´s Wintercoat -Pascal 16.00 blue roan boy Kirsten&Peter Holsøe
Dan-L´s Witchfinder - Adam 17.30 blue roan boy For sale
Dan-L´s White Tail - Melissa 19.00 blue roan girl Jane Jarefoss, S
Dan-L´s Winterkoninkske -Mischka HDA 19.50 blue roan girl Ingeborg Gerritsen, NL
Dan-L´s Winter Warmer -Henry 20.40 blue roan boy Caren Krebs, Tyskland
Dan-L´s Waggle Dance -Sally 22.00 blue roan girl Helle Knudsen

Dan-L´s Winter Warmer - Dan-L´s Witchfinder
10 weeks

Dan-L´s White Tail
10 weeks

The boys 7 weeks old


The girls 7 weeks


The boys 6 weeks old


The girls 6 weeks old - not as cooperative as the boys to day


Babies are having their first meal...4 weeks old
They are looking so great - short and cobby with superb heads.

1 week old
Wonderful puppies out of these amazing parents
So absolutely true to type
The mother

DKUCH NORDJW 04 Dan-L´s Sad-No Way
and the proud father

Paisley´s Time To Look Forward
These puppies should not ever develope PRA

Paisley´s Time To Look Forward
2 CC in Norway and 1CC in Denmark
HDA Eyes Clear OptiGen A1
Lynwater Look Me Up
HDA Eyes Clear
Lynwater Eilean
Lynwater Secrets Out
DKUCH Dan-L´s It`s About Time
HDA Eyes clear OptiGen A1
Ladlor Libido
HDB Eyes Clear
Dan-L´s Time Out
HDB Eyes Clear
Nordjw04 DKUCH
Dan-L´s Sad -No Way
HDA Eyes clear OptiGen B1
CH. Cruftwinner
Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober
HDA Eyes Clear
GBSCH Palacecraig Go West
Lennoxgrove Victoria at Palacegraig
DKUCH Best Junior 2002
Baba Yaga v.AltenHallig
HDA Eyes Clear OptiGen B
Benchmark Casablanca
Multiple CC-winner BOB and BIG plac.
Dan-L´s Blue Rain
HDA Eyes Clear OptiGen A1