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Stud Dog of the Year
Spaniel of the Year
Veteran of the Year
DCH.VDHCH.KLBCH.KBHW.98&99,2001&2002. DKKW02

Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex
The Top Winning Cocker EVER!
Born 25th of December 1994
HD:B2 - eyetest. clear
OptiGen Normal/Clear
Northworth Madman´s Return
HD:A black Optigen A1
GB.Nch Spinneyhill Sadler
HD:- black
GBch Quettadene Emblem black
Spinneyhill Shadow
Fin.Dk.Ech.Northworth Vulgar Taste
Int.Finch Leavenworth Hold That Tiger
Swenglish Turn Me Loose HD:B
Besg94Kisg94KbhW 94
Dan-l´s Dannefer Nefer Nefer
HD:A black
Int.Dk.D.Vdh.Hrch WFsg.
Dan-L´s Danfedder
HD:A2 red
Lochdene Skateboard
Helleborus Merrydanella HD:A
Hermonia v.d.Hohnhorst
HD:C black/tan
Vdhch.EusgAtkia Pucky-Woogie
Herba v.d.Hohnhorst HD:A
The Story of "Sveinar"

"Sveinar´s" mother - "Nefer" - had gone to Germany 4 month old to the Hohnhorst Kennel. I saw her later at the kennel 10 months old - untrimmed, longlegged, beautifully constructed, so happy and uncomplicated - what a wonderful youngster!! I asked her owner -frau Ingeborg Huth -, if I could borrow her - just for show - and we agreed, that after "Nefer´s" first litter - I could have her for 6 months . And my "Nefer" just won and won - 10 shows and 10 best bitch - I did send her back that autum in whelp and the following spring I had her back to complete her showcarrier - she took all together 7 titles in these 2 summers incl. the crown title:"International Champion".
Her owner thought, that I should have a litter with "Nefer" for my troubles - TROUBLES!!! - It had been a great pleasure for me to show "Nefer" - but of course I would like to have a litter. But - to which dog should I mate my lovely "Nefer"??? In Finland I found a black new superstar - Northworth Madmans Return - "Mathew". I phoned Nina - OK - I could mate to him. The only thing was, that "Mathew" was at a show in Oulo on that weekend, where "Nefer" should get mated. I had to send "Nefer" first to Helsinki and then to Oulo - where she got mated during the evening - at a hotelroom!!! - That weekend "Sveinar" was conceived and "Mathew" took BOB and 2nd. in group.
After celebrating Christmas evening with my parents, "Nefer" gave birth to a fat black puppy-dog at 1 o´clock in the morning and she had only one pup. I must admite, that I was disappointed - for 1 second !! I had hoped for red and black and tan - but after having a second look, I could tell for sure, That here was something special. He was so strong and compact, so full of muscles under this shinny black panzer.

He was the most gorgeous puppy, I had ever bred!!!

He grew up - refusing all attempts to get a short neck, flat feet, light bones,a long back, a straight front, a low tailset, bad movements, a bad mouth, light eyes, HD, etc. He showed the most delightful character and just loved to show off.

He became the perfect show-and petdog!!!!

Dan-L´s Dannefer Nefer Nefer
Northworth Madman´s Return
"Sveinar" - 10 weeks old
"Sveinar" - 10 month old winning his first BIS at allbreed CC-show in Finland.
"Sveinar" started his show carrier in Oulo at the very same show where he was conceived 1 year earlier by winning the CC - beaten by his father!!
"Sveinar" winning
at Spaniel Club CC-show
November 2000
"Sveinar" 13 months old winning
International DKK feb 1996
Rørmosevej 8
DK-4534 Hørve
Tlf. 59269495