Fantastic! Again and again!!!
Studdog of the Year
1998 & 1999

KBHW98,99,2001&2002 DKKW02 FINW05 NORW05

Dan-L`s Let`s Talk About Sex
born 25th of December 1994-
14th January 2009

Studdog of the Year 1998

Natisja Adonis (4CC), Natisja Ambrusios(CQ), Dan-L´s Magic Return(CQ)
Multich Dan-L´s Danfedder, Dan-L´s Black Man´s Return(CQ)
For some reasons I could not get enough of Sveinars Children to the finalphoto, that´s why You can find his gr-father pictured above.

Studdog of the Year 1999

Hejpa´s Charming All Girls(CQ), Dan-L´s Magic Return(CQ), Multich Dan-L´s Return My Tan
Natisja Celine(

These 2 years were absolutly great, we were winning so well with the classes and taking
1999 was unforgetable and I want hereby to thanks all my friends for letting me use their dogs in my classes - always Your dogs were in TOP-conditions, well trimmed and gorgeous represented - always the owners and handlers were ready in time (almost everytime!)! and very often they had to wait hours before entrying Big Ring.


BIS 1 INT.DKK Hillerød 1998

Natisja Adonis(4CC), Dan-L´s Black Man´s Return(CQ), Dan-L´sSomething To Talk About(1CC)
Multich.Dan-L`s Return My Tan, Dan-L´s Magic Return(CQ)
BIS 2 INT.DKK Hillerød 1999

Natisja Adonis(4CC), Pilula`s Nonous Neinar Chokolademand(3CC),
Multich Dan-L´s Return My Tan, Dan-L´s Wanna Make It Up(CQ)
BIS 1 INT.DKK Vissenbjerg 1999

Natisja Adonis(4CC), Pilula´s Nounus Neinar Chokolademand(3CC)
Dan-L´s Magic Return(
CQ), Dan-L´s Wanna Make I t Up(CQ)
Also we took BIS 1 stud-class at INT.DKK Herning in November 1999.

Hejpa`s Charming All Girls(CQ), Dan-L´s Magic Return(CQ)
Multich Dan-L´s Return My Tan, Natisja Celine(CQ)

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