In memoriam

Int.Dk.D.Vdh.Hrch.Wfsg90 Dan-L´s Danfedder - "Svimmel"
December the 10th 1987 - May the 22nd 2003

A Legend is no more

This morning my faithful and beloved friend during the last 15½ years past peaceful away. He leaves a tremendous gap, as he was such a great personality. He was the most gentle dog and yet he was the perfect boss in the kennel - he just needed to raise his head and the young ones did calm down. He and I have many, many great memories. He was my clever gundog ( field trial and working trial), my beautiful showdog, we took several BIS´s, group placements and titles in many countries incl. the crowntitle INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION (he was my first), my housedog and he slept in my bed for years. He was an extremely strong character - nothing could shake him, he was allways the same - he even survived the bombardment in Zagreb during the Civil war and the fire of our house - we were so happy, that he managed to come back to our new house.
He proved to be a very good studdog especially his 3 black daughters :
DKCH KlbCh Iorrendrills Miss One And Only ( trial), Int.Dk.D.Vdh.KlbCh.KbhW 94,BESG94 Dan-L´s Dannefer Nefer Nefer( trial) and Iorrendrills Dear Prudence(2 CC´s and trial) and of course his gr.son Multich.Dan-L´s Let´s Talk About Sex.

"Svimmel" is unforgettable and he will forever stay in our hearts!!

December 10th 1987 - May the 22nd 2003.
HD A2. Eye clear.
"Svimmel" - means dizzy - was born on a cold december night. From the very start he showed something special and he turned out to be a topdog both at home, at shows and in the field. He passed his field trial with 1.prize with a "stand in - handler" as I could not be present. In the showring he has many wins including BIS 1 and BIG placements and Best Solid of the Year. He is the gr.-father of "Sveinar" and sire of many CC-winners and CHAMPIONs both at home and abroad. Including red and black he sires CHOCOLATE.
"Svimmel" has in the age of fifthteen retired from buisness!!
"Svimmel" Best dog 1993
Lochdene Skateboard
1 CC black
GBCH Quettadene Emblem GBCH Sorbrook Christmas Knight
Quetadene Fascination
Lochdene Clarissa GBCH Sorbrook Beechnut
Lochdene Pipette
Helleborus Merrydanella
1 CC Black
hd A2
Cardamine Tan About Town Ashwell Galena
Cardamine Kiss of Gold
Helleborus Midnight Wonder Cardamine Kingmaker
Helleborus Tamitara