Oktober 9th
Gorgeous Sweetie has given birth to 2 boys and 1 girl out of handsome Ch. Casein Calabria
Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet (2 CC) - Ch. Casein Calabria

Dan-L´s Sweet Juliet


Optigen A
FN Clear

GBCH Manchela Blue Lagoon Ch. Withiflor Otis Blue
Manchela Candleglow
Ch.Dan-L´s It`s About Time Ch.Ladlor Libido
Ch.Dan-L´s Time Out
Casein`s Calabria

Optigen A
Eyes clear

Bitcon Moonlight Minstrel CH.Bitcon Troubadour
Bitcon Sara Jane
Casein´s It´s Scandinavian Lochdene Cover Story
Ch. Blue Satin Daily News Blues

The babies:

Dan-L´s Airborne Star blue roan boy For sale for show only
Dan-L´s Airforce Star blue roan boy
Dan-L´s Airdew Star blue roan girl Charlotte Nissen

All babies are DNA (prcd) normal and cannot develop FN!!!

Dan-L´s Airborne Star - Jones 4 month

The puppies 8 weeks old - soooo short, compact and well up on the legs!!!

Dan-L´s Airborne Star
The boys were a little surpriced been outside in the garden!

Dan-L´s Airborne Star

Dan-L´s Airforce Star

Dan-L´s Airdew Star
The babies 4½ week old - short and compact, - 3 small tanks!



the girl - Dan-L´s Airdew Star

The Girl - Dan-L´s Airdew Star 1½ week
Just opened her eyes