May 31st

Angel "Thelma" - Angie Blue v.RauhenHolz (HDA-OptiGen B1)
is mated to handsom "Trubbs" SU(U)CH DKUCH NORDJW04 A One´s Troubadour
(HDA - OptiGen A1)-
and has given birth to a gorgeous litter of blue roan babies
These puppies are not likely to develope PRA(prcd)

Thelma & Trubbs

Dan-L´s Never Say Never Again - "Kenzo" Blue roan boy 14.35 Lene Rechnagel
Dan-L´s  All Over Again - "Julie" Blue roan girl 15.10 Thelma´s devoted fam. Fritzemeier
Dan-L´s All Magic Again Blue roan boy 15.30 Fam. Sehested
Dan-L´s On The Road Again Blue roan boy 15.50 Fam. Tolstrup
Dan-L`s In Love Again Blue roan girl 16.10 Reserviert für Deutchland
Dan-L`s I Did It Again Blue roan boy 16.50 Henrik Møller&Gitte Nielsen
Dan-L´s All Sober Again Blue roan boy 17.30 Fam. Aagaard
The boys 6 weeks old

Dan-L´s Never Say Never Again - "Kenzo"

the girls 6 weeks old

Dan-L´s All Over Again

Dan-L´s In Love Again


Dan-L´s Blue Gabriel
This handsom and gentle boy is out of Trubbs and Thelma´s first litter