DKUCH Dan-L´s It´s About Time has on May 31st given birth to 3 boys and 3 girls
out of Multich. Midnight Train v.RauhenHolz

First photo of the babies
2 boys - 3 girls
Dan-L´s Tomfool 03.00 blue roan boy Unfortunately we have lost this little gentleman
Dan-L´s Miss Tomboy
3month 9,5 month
03.30 blue roan girl Grantz , Kennel Bascav,Germany
Dan-L´s Tomasine HDB
3 month
03.55 blue roan girl Hanne Borch,Kennel WaterBlue
Dan-L´s Tom Thumb 04.45 blue roan girl Fam. Andersen
Dan-L´s Miss Tomcat 07.00 blue roan boy Lisbeth Blom
Dan-L´s Tom Tiddler 07.30 blue roan boy Fam.Mydtskov

These puppies cannot be but Optigen A1 and should not develope PRA(prcd)

Midnight Train v. RauhenHolz
HDA, Eyes Clear, OptiGen A1
CH.Stocdale Dragoon Sonate Ch.Lynwater Tiger Moth
Lulu´s Back In Town from Duntarvie
Ch.Blue Pearl v. RauhenHolz Ch.Ramiro v. RauhenHolz
Ch.Ilonka v.RauhenHolz
Dan-L´s It´s About Time
HDA,Eyes Clear, OptiGen A1
CH.Ladlor Libido Ch.Bitcon Troubadour
Ladlor Love Train
CH.Dan-L´s Time Out Ch.Westerner Marching Ordre
MultiCh.Dan-L´s Dantomasine