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Swedish Show Chamion
Danish Show Champion
Nordjw 04 A One´s Troubadour - "Trubbs"
GBshCH ECH Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober - WW03 SU(u)CH VDHCH BDSGR00 Blue Satin Forever A Ones
Born September the 25th 2003. OptiGen A1 Eyes clear HDA
CC-winner at 9 month 2 days of age.
3 CC taken before 14 month
Champion at 18 month and 8 days - BOB-winner
Produces quality puppies in the colour blue roan and chocolate roan
and TAN
Trubbs is retired from stud as he has become steril
thanks to the bitch and owner, that gave him HERPES -
A fatal infection, that makes males steril!

7 weeks - photo Ann Swärd

My pride!

A One´s Troubadour - What a name!!!! It certainly commits, when thinking of another great dog of the same name. I will do my very best to live up to this and I´m sure, that my little Trubbs will do his best for me all the way. He shows the most gentle nature, is very brave and has his own ideas of what´s fun. In construction he is well up on legs and super short, with the most handsom head. He is indeed a special little boy - and I have absolutely lost my heart to him

Ann - I´ll do my very best to give little Trubbs the best of life and Thank You for trusting me this little, gorgeous guy!

Trubbs 9 weeks old...........................................Trubbs CC-Winner at 9 month 2 days of age

"Trubbs" - 18 month old and Danish Show Champion
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One´s Teodora - A One´s Toreador - A One´s Elenora

WW03 SU(u)CH VDHCH Blue Satin Forever A Ones
GBshCH ECH Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober
Probably one of the best particolour pedigrees in Europe
GBshCH ECH Lennoxgrove Sadly Sober Cruftwinner 97 hd: a. eyes clear GBSHCH Palacecraig Go West Glowhill Apollo Seven
Palacecraig Be Fair
Lennoxgrove Victoria at Palacegraig Shelohn Surely Great of Lennoxgrove
Quettadene Angelica
VDHCH SU(u)CH BDsgr00 WW03 Blue Satin Forever A One's

OptiGen A1 hd: ua

DCH VDHCH SU(u)CH NORDV 03 Midnight Train vom RauhenHolz Cocker of the Years 1998-2003
Crufts CC Winner

OptiGen A1 hd: ua

LUXCH PORTCH Stocdale Dragon´s Sonata
LUXCH DCH VDHCH BDSGR 93 94 EUSGR94 Blue Pearl vom Rauhen Holz
NUCH Blue Satin Dazzling Diamonds
Dame of Blue Satin Hole In One -Chocolate roan
NUCH Carillo Corny Talk
Spaniel of the Year 1986
NUCH Blue Satin Better Days With Me
Trubbs 13 weeks
7 weeks photo Ann Swärd

Trubbs BOB-Puppy at his first