Since 1984 I´ve been breeding cocker spaniels at top level.
Sound, merry cockers close to the standard, who works in the field, having water passion and in the same time being a lovely pet for the Family -
that is my ideal for the breed.
Dan-L's Dananja De La Sisse, born 3/84 blue bitch.
(Helleborus Thundersmoke x LP1 Trubas Hedvig).

Tudlik, from my very first litter, was my first CC-winner of my own breeding, she was little shown but was always placed with CQ (certificate quality) both in Denmark and abroad.
She had a few litters and produced very nice puppies among these CH Dan-L's Danconradine and JWW91 DKCH VDHCH Dan-L´s Danmariette A La Mek Pek.


DKK International show November 1992

From left:
Intch.Dkch.Vdhch.Dch.Hrch.Wfsg Dan-L Danfedder (Red dog).
Dch.Vdhch.Bejsg93 Dan-L's Dantan Søren Brun (Choc/tan dog).
JWW91.Dkch.Vdhch Dan-L's Danmariette A La Mek Pek (Light Blue Bitch)
Dkch.Klbch Dan-L's Dantommy Tank (Blue dog).
Intch.Dkch.Vdhch.Klbch.Bejsg93.Kisg95 Dan-L's Dantomasine (Blue Bitch)

My first two cocker-boys!!!!!

I bought my first cocker 1976 - a black bitch - no pedigree -and shortly after her 16th birthday I had to put her to sleep - full of days........
My first boy came in febuary 1983 - LP1 LP2 Starkads Robby New Year (orange/white)-"Jokum"- he became my absolute favorite companion for 11 1/2 years - he wasn´t a great beauty, but he was the ideal sporting- and gun dog. Together we past more the 100 trials - tracking, field trial, retrieving, obedience, police dog test etc. and had many BESTS.

"Simon" - Helleborus Travelling Star (blue roan) came to Denmark in 1985 in the age of 2 years old. "Simon" became my first Champion and he thought me everything about mating- he could not figure out how to mate a bitch for the first 2 years I had him - I crawled on my knees, wearing out my jeans trying to make him to mate. After mating his first bitch, we had never problems and he became the proud father to many litters and produced CC-winners and Champions - "Simon" himself took the titles Danish and Germanchampion, Best particolour 1988 including Best in Show. "Simon" and "Jokum" are sadly missed.
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